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Saturday, May 25, 2019


Why Artists Write, Why Writers Paint

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YOUNGSVILLE - Join author/artists Scott Woods and Helena Pittman for a lively discussion on writing and painting. The event takes place on Sunday, December 2nd at 1 p.m. at Domesticities, 4055 State Rte. 52 in Youngsville. WJFF's Valerie Mansi will facilitate the discussion.

Helena has written and illustrated 17 books for children and her best-selling book “A Grain of Rice” has just been published in a new edition by Penguin Random House. On the origins of this book on exponential progression, Helena writes “Math was never my strength, anything but! But I worked out the transactions up to one hundred doublings of the numbers. Kids would love this, I thought. I hadn't yet imagined the pictures the numbers would ultimately inspire me to conceptualize and draw—the book was published in black and white, its drawings in pencil. I was just taken with what the numbers did.”
Scott started his career illustrating boys' adventure novels for Simon and Shuster, then moved on to the film business in LA, animating for Amblin' Entertainment and DreamWorks. He spent his childhood summers in Callicoon Center and that landscape provided the inspiration for many of his later illustrations. Eventually the Catskills called him home and his recent book “We Hillfolk” describes his re-entry into country life, a real-life, grown-up boy's adventure. He is a portrait artist and painter whose work captures the charm of each subject.
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