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Sunday, June 16, 2019


Painting, dance, theater—oh my!

Callicoon Art Walk a lively celebration of the growing art and music scene

By Isabel Braverman - staff writer

By: Isabel Braverman | Democrat
Musician Sean Murray performs at the Callicoon Train Depot stage.
For the fifth year, the Callicoon Art Walk was a celebration of art in all its forms, from fine art to performance art, live music and dance. Over 100 artists and 40 locations participated in the event, which took place all around town.
Businesses displayed local artists' work so visitors could peruse. The Callicoon Train Depot served as the stage for musical acts throughout the day, including Barbara Gogan, Sara Hulse and Schlomo Franklin.
Adding to the atmosphere this year was a variety of performance art. NACL Theatre performed their street play “El Viento,” a stilt theatre performance produced by NACL Streets, directed by Tannis Kowalchuk, and featuring an ensemble of stilt walkers and actors.
The musical street theatre is about immigration and the crossing of borders.
The Callicoon Theater played short films from independent filmmakers, and there was also a pub crawl featuring libations from local breweries and distilleries. The event attracted a large crowd throughout the day and was a great way to bolster local business. Patti Moorhead from the Callicoon Brewery said it was one of the best days of the year for their business.
LAVA, a feminist acrobatic dance company, performed two pieces. The first was during the day and featured dancers Sarah East Johnson and Hilary Chapman. They did awe-inspiring partnered lifts and held signs that said “Keep Moving Forward” and “Listen.”
The finale concluded the day's festivities and featured three acts of dance. It kicked off with artist Raphaele Shirley's 100 Pink Smoke Flares art installation. During the smoke flares, Catskill Dance Company performed a piece. It was followed by the dancers from LAVA, and then fire spinning by Raina Bowers.
Event founder and organizer Irene Nikolai was happy with the great turnout. She said, “This event is crucial to bringing the artistic community together and having Callicoon serve as a magical backdrop for music and the arts! It was a great community effort with contribution of visiting artists. Positive and creative energy was felt by all participants and visitors.”
The event is put together by the Callicoon Business Association (CBA). Members of the CBA were on hand to provide information about the town and what they do. One member of the CBA, Krissy Smith, who is the new owner of the Callicoon Theater, was excited to see such a great event. She said, “The Art Walk committee put in a lot of hard work on this event and I think the day has been a real success. We've gotten a huge influx of people in town, the businesses are busy, the townspeople are enjoying their day, and that's what it's all about!”

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