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Monday, April 6, 2020

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Summing up

May 11, 2017

By Dick Riseling - columnist

I am going to take a leave of absence from this weekly column. It has been a privilege to share ideas with you to solve a problem about which I care very deeply.
I know that we share a common concern that our Earth is losing its ability to support human life. I am puzzled that so many hesitate to take sufficient action to stem the increasing speed and depth of this catastrophe.
So far, our religions have not been very helpful. It is perfectly clear that the great majority of our prevailing thinking and investing is counter to the health and beauty of the natural world.
Religion should always teach us that nature is the source of all life, arbiter of all that happens, and that our highest moral bonds are to be with it. Immediately, we become clear that to provide, protect and to celebrate the requirements of the natural world is our greatest obligation and our most spiritual practice. Our technological innovativeness is another very powerful part of the danger to life that we face. Revolutions in production and communication have overwhelmed protection of the natural world and our ability to deploy democratic and equitable governance.
The financialization of our economy and culture needs to be restructured. The Golden Rule - who has the gold, rules - deprives us of the conditions of the world and spirit that will help us sustain the struggle to save ourselves.
The USA needs to form a new constitution and a new organization of political jurisdictions, that provide for the welfare of the natural world in a way that sustains the viability of the human group without such destruction as is perpetrated now. Territorial water districts may be its defining principle in the next term. If we have several other generations, it will be some other principle - perhaps even an organi -zation of society that is both sustainable and truly democratic.
I am certain that water, wind and sun as well as the beauty of this place we call Sullivan County will give us great support in meeting the challenge that is before us.
Everything has been provided for us.

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