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Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Liberty - March 31

Mar 30, 2020

By Frank Kurpil - community correspondent

Liberty, Liberty, Liberty! I switched on the TV and was sitting with my green tea, I heard that lively insurance ad…singing, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty. I don't need insurance, but that was a great start for my day and nudged me to write a bit about our dear hometown, Liberty.
Before all these major health issues shut down our great momentum, I had been so uplifted when I read that John Liddle, our Deputy County Manager and new town resident, was having a meeting at the Senior Center. The topic was “Revitalizing Liberty”. Of course I thought half the town would be there. The table was surrounded by mostly town and county employees, county officials, Renaissance folks and other interested people.
Our Supervisor, Frank DeMayo as well as past Supervisors, Brian Rourke and Charlie Barbuti were also there. Mr. Liddle welcomed everyone and I was happy to see two young men with Main Street businesses, Dustin Pritzert of VIP CrossFit and Kyle Goldstein of A New Breath yoga studio, have been doing a great job of advertising.
So…the big story on Revitalizing Liberty is based on applying for a major competitive grant. It is up to our newly formed committees to get out extremely positive efforts to show the way our town can work together to submit the best picture of our town. We need to emphasize those things we have, like Walnut Mountain Park, the Skate Park, the Star, O&W Trails, our outreach to Veterans with a Village Vets home, our Chamber of Commerce, July 4th extravaganza, etc. So much needs to be addressed when it comes to ramping up Village codes, and knowing Supervisor DeMayo's ability to accomplish, I get a very positive feeling on that. I think this competition has much that can be done by addressing forms online, so that is being worked on. I will follow up with John Liddle to see where it all stands now.
Senior Class Volunteers
I have to comment so positively on last year's Senior Class volunteers who joined with Julie Burns and the Spirit of Liberty Group. They were so enthusiastic about helping, first in the clean-up at the Cemetery and then on Main Street. They worked in teams with great attitudes. When Spirit of Liberty had the grand 50th anniversary of the Star lighting, I was happy to see the same happy teens serving desserts and drinks at the school after so many local people cheered the lighting of the Star in the dark sky. That night Brian Rourke, then Supervisor, proclaimed the Star lighting to be an annual event. Latest news…The Star will be lit this week…our silent prayer in these times. I saw it will be dedicated to Linda Inman Bult who made sure the Star was lit for years before she passed.
Liberty library…Before all this health scare, I was chatting with Marjorie, director of Liberty Library at the temporary location on Sullivan Avenue Professional Building. She happily said they would be moving back to the newly enlarged building on North Main Street in another month or so and Sims Foster would be a guest speaker at the next Senior meeting. Time will tell if this will be delayed. Marge has posted some great things to pursue online. One was learning a new language. I may try that so I can surprise my Spanish friends.
I will try to cover the rest of Liberty in my next reports…Ferndale, Parksville, SwanLake. You can email me at
God Bless Liberty and God be with us in these tough days.

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