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Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Down the Decades

March 31, 2020 Edition

110 Years Ago - 1910

Callicoon Center, Mar. 25 — “Down on the Farm,” a rural comedy drama, was presented at Steinhauser's Hall a week ago Wednesday by local talent for the benefit of the band, with grand success. The participants have been urged to take the show out of town. We understand more

Garden Guru

Lesser known berries.

With spring fast approaching, it is time to start talking about berry bushes. We all have our favorites whether it is blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or even grapes (that fall into the berry category), but what about honeyberries?
So you have never heard of a honeyberry, I am not more


A Cautionary Tale

The Spanish flu epidemic that came to light in 1918 and killed perhaps as many as 100 million people worldwide before it ran its course, remains a confusing and misunderstood chapter in the history of mankind. Even its name—the Spanish Flu—is shrouded in mystery, and yet the entire tragic more

Bethel Corner


BETHEL: The Corner Suzanne White 583-4808
Birthday wishes to Alma Krasniqi, Halley Hiatt, Amanda Motl, Dylan Herfield, Joanna Greenwald, Jenna Widman-Berman, Bill Pammar, Leo Glass, Bernie Deutsch, Paul Tomasulo, Parker Raynor, Sara Halprin, Zoe Valdez, and more

About Books

April 3, 2020

The following books are on book retailers' shelves (and libraries' shelves, too), and have been for just a few days (since before America turned into a continent-sized petrie dish for pandemic). They are all gathering dust, there, one supposes—though Amazon is busy vacuuming up orders, I believe. more

Making Sense Out of Dollars

“A” is for Annuities

Part 1 of 8
An annuity is a contractually executed, relatively low-risk investment product, where the insured (usually, an individual) pays a life insurance company a lump-sum premium at the start of the contract. That money is to be paid back to the insured in fixed, incremental amounts, over more

Kenoza Lake

Kenoza Lake - March 27

Greetings to all. I hope and pray that this column finds you doing well, staying well and practicing social distancing. I heard on the radio with all the electronic tools that we have at our disposal, that it is really not social distancing, but physical distancing. Good point, as we work to more

Hope for the Day

Peace in the Storm

Only a few short weeks ago we were all living our normal lives. Then we learned about a serious disease shutting down parts of China that was quickly spreading to other countries. Now coronavirus is here, and our lives are being turned upside down.
During times of calamity and the perilous days more


Woodridge - January 17

Woodridge lost a treasure recently with the passing of Robert Longo, who was born in 1921 in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. He was one of ten children, part of a large and loving, but financially struggling family.
Upon graduation from high school in 1939 Bob decided to get a job to help with the more


January 21

It's been awhile since I have written. The holidays arrived, we were busy and then the weeks somehow got away from me and one week turned into another and then another.
So here we are, into the New Year, 2014, and I am back. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and that the New Year more


Smallwood-Mongaup Valley - Marck 27

You will hear it quite often said these days that the viral pandemic storming across America and the world is unique in human history: that no one could ever have foretold a pandemic like this one because no one has ever experienced such a one as this before. This is true only if we believe our more


Jeffersonville - March 13

Those of you that know me know that I have been an advocate for the dairy farmers for a very long time. In fact my brother and his family owned a dairy farm on Swiss Hill that they moved upstate several years ago, and they are still farming.
My husband and I are fortunate to live on top of a more

Lake Huntington

Lake Huntington - March 31

My hands are so dry from washing them, they can bleed as long as I do not catch the virus. If you are a regular reader you know I am on Facebook a lot. I saw something that was put on by Milanville General Store's Vanessa DeGori. It's a picture of a beautiful bright sunflower. It says “Remember more

White Sulphur Springs

White Sulphur Springs - March 27

News is at a premium more so since many events are canceled or postponed. Please contact me with your news at 807-1782. Another way of letting our community stay in the “loop.”
Congratulations to Trooper John Picard Jr. who graduated from the New York State Police Academy on Wednesday, March 18. more

Older & Wiser

Medicare Coverage of Services and Pets and Seniors

Older and Wiser Column
Medicare Coverage of Services
Effective January 21, 2020, Medicare will cover acupuncture services for people with chronic lower back pain lasting 12 weeks or longer and not related to other conditions. Medicare may cover up to 12 visits in 90 days; an more


Monticello - November 16

This will be my last column for the Democrat for Monticello.
Good Luck to the three new members who were installed at the Monticello Elks Club and they are: Kyle McNair, Deborah Walker and Rosemarie Paty.
The Roast Beef dinner that was recently held by the Monticello Kiwanians seemed to be more


Narrowsburg - January 15

In one of my 2018 “Narrowsburg News” columns, I requested information on a house in the Luxton Lake section of town. I had just bought the circa 1860s farmhouse, which was abandoned for many decades, and was starting the process of renovating it. I had heard tales it was called “Sleepy Hollow” more

Library Directors Corner

Please be patient

I think I can speak for every librarian in Sullivan County when I say we are passionate about our work. The closure of our libraries is difficult for everyone. But, we are working harder than ever to do our jobs and serve our communities. We don't take our responsibilities lightly.
Right now, more

Give Us Paws

A hairy matter

You're really lucky to be human: you get to choose what you wear. Longer days and warmer weather make us want to change our wardrobe and get the lighter, brighter attire ready to wear. Pets? They each get one coat, with underwear that sheds in bits and pieces, all over the place. And no fur-bearing more

EMS Coordinator

EMS - May 11

The requirements to be a paramedic are intense. It is a career choice for the brave at heart and not without consequences. Paramedicine is the highest level of EMS training. A paramedic can perform advanced life support skills such as initiating an IV, administering medications and advanced more

Looking Back: At Vietnam

The Biggest Battles of Vietnam The Siege of Khe Sahn Pt. 1

Throughout the Vietnam war there were hundreds of battles with operational names, mostly unknown to the public. There were a few, however, that can still be remembered even after 50 years. “Tet” was by far one the biggest and most publicized, but another, just preceding Tet, was the more


Highland - March 31, 2020

More on what's open and what's closed. I think that there are many organizations and businesses that have stepped up during this pandemic and Peck's Market is surely one.
I have gone there a few times and there was a decent amount of stock available including produce, milk and bread. I spoke more

Jewish Culture

Sleep a lot

I don't have much to say, my dear readers. We are all in a state of shock of how quickly we lost our normal pace of daily living. We all have no idea of when and how all this will end. It's very normal to be fearful. Uncertainty itself creates fear.
One thing I could say which I don't see more


Liberty - March 31

Liberty, Liberty, Liberty! I switched on the TV and was sitting with my green tea, I heard that lively insurance ad…singing, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty. I don't need insurance, but that was a great start for my day and nudged me to write a bit about our dear hometown, Liberty.
Before all these more

Theater Review

SCDW Opens 71st Season with rousing “Valentine Cabaret” at re-designed Sullivan County Museum

The Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop opened its 71st season (wow!) with a rousing “Valentine Cabaret” at a redesigned Sullivan County Museum rear auditorium in Hurleyville, with three shows on February 14, 15 and 16.
Seventy-one consecutive years of dramatic plays and musicals is quite a record more

The Job Coach

Why do you want to work here?

Why do you want to work here?
In a previous article, I talked about answering the question, “what is your greatest weakness?” As you may recall, this is a traditional interview question - a common question that you can anticipate getting at some point during an interview. And because you know more

Veterans Voice

My personal experiences …

Vietnam ended for me during May 1969 when I was seriously wounded on “Hamburger Hill.” Hill 937 was located in the Ashau Valley, a stronghold and Headquarters for the North Vietnam Army, located along the Ho Chi Minh trail, by means of Cambodia and Laos zigzagging along the western border of more

Greening Sullivan

Summing up

I am going to take a leave of absence from this weekly column. It has been a privilege to share ideas with you to solve a problem about which I care very deeply.
I know that we share a common concern that our Earth is losing its ability to support human life. I am puzzled that so many hesitate more

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