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Friday, May 29, 2020


Census count equals money and services

Mar 26, 2020

To the editor:
Every ten years the census plays a major role in determining the legislative representation, money, and services Sullivan County is eligible to receive from federal and state government. This includes funding for road and bridge repairs, school and safety net programs, support for firefighting and policing, community renewal and disaster recovery assistance.
Unfortunately, Sullivan County has a history of chronic under counting that has it ranked as second to last in census participation for all NY. If this undercounting continues in the 2020 census, Sullivan County stands to lose even more monetary aid and legislative representation over the next ten years.
We can reverse this death spiral trend. In March letters were mailed to all residents to reply to the census online. In early April, letters containing the census form will be mailed to all residences that did not respond online. Other “non-response” follow up measures, including mobile assistance outreach vehicles and telephoning, will start in mid-April, with door to door canvassing of non-responding residences from mid-May through July 31, after which compiling of the census count should start.
The census establishes our strength and clout in Washington. The form takes 10 minutes or less to fill out and is available in many languages. If we exert a maximum effort to ensure everyone participates, the 2020 count of Sullivan County's population will accurately reflect the legislative representation (federal, state and county), monetary aid and services we deserve. Working together we can get this job done.

Star D. Hesse

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