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Friday, May 29, 2020


We appreciate you

Mar 24, 2020

To the editor:
I want to make sure we thank all those people who will be working with the public for the next weeks or months during this pandemic.
There are of course Police and Firemen but also Postal Workers, UPS and FedEx employees, workers in supermarkets, pharmacies, bus drivers, utility workers, food service workers and their suppliers, doctors, nurses, medical transport and on and on and on including those at this newspaper.
We hear that most workers should work from home and most retail will eventually close down for a time but some workers will be asked to remain on the job, coming in contact with the general public and possibly getting sick just trying to keep us safe and fed and informed.
Worse yet they will perhaps bring these illnesses back into their homes, exposing their family and loved ones.
So I will attempt to stay home, and you should, too, so that we do not take a chance of exposing ourselves or those who will be working to keep us safe, fed and secure.
Those who must work for us are taking a big risk, and I thank them for their courage and commitment. We all appreciate what you are doing. Thank you.

Bill Godfrey
High View

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