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Friday, July 10, 2020


Always here to listen

May 14, 2020

To the editor:
I live in the western part of the Town of Bethel. Even though residents of the Town of Bethel can use the Town of Bethel transfer station (formerly known as and a.k.a. “the dump”), in fact, it is much more convenient for me to use the Sullivan County transfer station that is located in Cochecton.
I am a firm believer in recycling. Some could even say that I am almost an extreme recycler, as I separate all of the Otto household trash. Almost every Saturday morning, I get the trash organized and ready for the weekly trip to the Cochecton Transfer Station.
When the COVID-19 crisis lockdown began in mid-March, I expressed my concern to Rob Doherty, my county Chairman for District One. He first worked to keep the Cochecton Transfer Station open on Saturday. Then, two weeks ago, a sign went up saying the transfer station would be closed on Saturdays and open on Fridays. “Say it ain't so!”
What about all the weekend people that use the transfer station? What about folks who work during the week? Rob told me to hang tight and see what he could do. I am super happy and grateful to report that as of last Saturday, May 9th; the Cochecton Transfer Station is back to being open on Saturdays (as well as the normal Wednesday).
The men that work there are terrific, always helpful and cheerful. I believe that just like myself, you too may get a great sense of satisfaction when you recycle. Thank you Chairman Doherty for keeping the Cochecton Transfer Station open on Saturday.
Our beautiful countryside will have less litter. Thanks for listening to your constituent and thanks for making it happen.

Susan Brown Otto

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