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Friday, July 10, 2020


No more cuts to public schools

May 14, 2020

To the editor:
Google Hangouts. Telephone. Email. Regular mail. Google Classroom. Learning has been an adventure for all of us over this past month and a half. But throughout it all, there is a consistent message that I keep trying to send to my students: I AM STILL HERE FOR YOU.
My work is by no means unique. Educators throughout Sullivan County have been doing the same. Why? Because we want our students to know that we're still here for them, that we want them to succeed academically, and that we're going to get through this pandemic.
I won't deny that there have been challenges along the way, but they don't compare to what we are facing ahead of us.
Potential cuts to public education are making headlines everywhere. My school, Tri-Valley Central School, as well as every other school in Sullivan County, hasn't been immune to that.
We faced numerous challenges before this public health crisis. Program cuts and a lack of mental health services are just two issues that our local schools grapple with every day. Making cuts now will only set us back as we seek to recover quickly from this crisis we find ourselves in.
Finding solutions needs to be an all hands-on deck ordeal. Federal stimulus funding for schools would be a big help. So would asking New York's billionaires and ultra-millionaires to step up and pay their fair share toward public education.
We will recover from this pandemic. And when we do, I have complete faith in my colleagues across our state and across our country that we will get America's children back on track. But just as we're going to need health care, transportation, and other public services to do it, we're going to need a robust public education system, not one that is decimated by cuts.
Please don't cut more from the great equalizer that is public education. We're going to need it now more than ever before.

Matt Haynes

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