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Friday, July 10, 2020


No clue to WWJD

May 5, 2020

To the editor:
In response to WWJD by Jennifer Young:
It's not bad enough that the cry babies have come out of hibernation for the next 6 months but Jennifer doesn't have a clue as to what Jesus would do.
“Other religions” stone their women to death in public, treat women like garbage and demean them; they get no pass from Jesus for they do not love thy neighbor. Religions that shout death to others, he wouldn't give respect for they go against the Ten Commandments and they don't believe in him.
She forgets this nation was built on Christian-Judeo principles, that elective abortions go against the 5th, “Thou shall not Kill”. She's happy that liberal-progressive-democrats brought back infanticide and “kill at will” abortions. Jesus is appalled because Jesus is pro-life.
Court Justices that are pro-constitution, it's about time. How about accountability on those women that lie, tried to defame another person with their lies, oh that's ok with Jennifer though I know Jesus doesn't approve of this.
I didn't know the Northeast is Liberal? Add in progressive's and their agenda of “get Trump out at any cost” has wasted $$$millions of our tax money, they've wasted massive time with NO results and do nothing for the country.
Guns are severely regulated against the law-abiding, not against criminals and democrats have no idea what “common-sense” is with any issue. Liberals are finding out what their common-sense gun laws are about since they too are buying guns now and have to wait ten days to take possession of them as they don't understand this.
Jennifer has no clue to WWJD, doesn't know Jesus IS Wise nor knows that bad things she is for comes from Satan. She should re-visit Christian beliefs. To say “IF Jesus cared” shows no clue to who Jesus is!
Save us, dump the democrats in November!

Don Dittmer
Lake Huntington

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