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Friday, May 24, 2019


We will vote and get through this

Nov 5, 2018

To the editor:
I want to compliment the Democrat and Steve White for his thoughtful and “on point” arguments on many a sensitive topic. I particularly want to comment on Mr. White's letter entitled “There will be blood” that appeared in the November 2 edition.
Mr. Trump's bigotry and hate mongering frightens me as well, and has given permission to many to blame, accuse.... Perhaps there has been an upswing in the economy, but I believe it's “in spite of” not “because of” the current administration.
A climate has been created, not unlike the Third Reich, where “hate” abounds like a “cancer wound”, where being anyone who is not white and not Christian means you are not American.
I just completed a novel by Jay Frankston entitled ‘El Sereno', a work of fiction historically framed before, during and following the Spanish Civil War. I became deeply involved in the reading, and, at times, could not tell the difference between the Franco Regime and our president's attempt to become such a “regime”.
What I actually want to tell, Steve, I am on your side and so are many others. We will vote and get through this.

Geri Schwarz
Mongaup Valley

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