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Friday, July 10, 2020


Self-serving liar

May 28, 2020

To the editor:
At the end of his May 5 letter John Pasquale signs off, adding the letters, “BS,” which not only probably cites an educational degree but doubles as an accurate description of the letter's content.
After several paragraphs in which he expands on his professional qualifications, Pasquale parrots the same falsehood often cited by Donald Trump that the media is “feeding us the usual hype” (fake news). If anything the mainstream press, in its zeal to come off as “objective” has often failed to expose Trump for the self-serving liar that he is.
My view of the press' role is that of the premier guardian of our democracy, and should not simply report on what elected officials say and do, but help the public to understand the ramifications of such actions. The media should ask probing, sometimes skeptical questions, and not just powder puff queries like those from Fox “News.”
Pasquale's example of “hype” is when the media often raises the issue of youngsters that are infected or die from the Covid-19 pandemic. After all, Pasquale argues, statistically far fewer young people are adversely affected, so why keep bringing them up? He goes on to denounce mandating that children remain at home or wear face masks and gloves in public since they're at far less risk than older, more susceptible individuals!
As with most of Pasquale's letters he attempts to sanctify his ridiculous and often mean-spirited statements by citing passages from scripture, but in doing so, it provides evidence as to how far he strays from biblical teachings. I don't expect that should Pasquale read my response it will convince him to change his thinking, but hopefully it will help to convince others to join the cause against the miserable Trump cult that threatens our continuation as a free nation and even that of our natural world.

Marshall Rubin

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