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Friday, May 24, 2019


What We're Voting For

Nov 1, 2018

To the editor:
Those of us who live in the United States are among the most blessed in history: we live in a democracy and regularly have the right to vote. To not do so allows others to make decisions for you and themselves.
Granted, we're inundated with information (and misinformation), making it difficult to decide what's best and what's not. However, there are some things that effect us personally: these we should address.
For instance, some important questions might be, “Have I saved enough money for my whole life?” “How about medical coverage?” Years ago, it wasn't uncommon for people to just die when they couldn't afford to live.
Now today, Social Security and Medicare (entitlements) supplement dwindling resources. But, remember those tax breaks last year that were to be financially helpful to all of us? Next question, “How much financial benefit did you personally receive?” Most of this tax refund went to the wealthy, resulting in a huge federal deficit. Also, this tax break is likely to be repeated, causing a deeper deficit, which will “make it impossible” to continue providing entitlement benefits.
Are you prepared for the decisions that will effect you and your family to be made by others for you?
Other questions to consider: are you in favor of …
- young children being separated from their families and kept in cages?
- our president meeting in private with foreign leaders, and his administration for these dictators?
- our president encouraging violence and hatred, and our journalists portrayed as “enemies of the people,” thus endangering their lives?
- labeling women and other protestors as “mobs”?
- or Democrats as “Dims”?
Whatever your thoughts on any of these or other situations, be sure to vote. Your opinion counts!

Kay Rosenberger

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