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Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Simple Summer Job

To the editor:
In the summer of 1969 I had just graduated from high school, was working at a summer job and planning on taking some of August off to have a break before leaving for college. Then I heard they were hiring kids to work the concession stands at a music “festival” on nearby Yasgur's farm. Little did I know what a big deal it would become! The remarkable thing about that weekend was, despite the rain, mud, scarcity of food, and appalling port o'johns, there was a spirit of cooperation, helpfulness and peace. It was about the adventure and the music.
I've been following the ongoing controversy and grumbling over the apparent competing 50th celebrations. Fact: the 1969 festival can never be duplicated, but, an anniversary celebration is certainly in order. I just hope that the attendees at any of the events will remember the spirit of the “Aquarian Exposition in White Lake NY”. Please keep the drinking to a minimum. Get a natural high from the beautiful Sullivan county scenery, air, and sights. Make it about the peace and the music.

Janice Guttzeit Hauser
Sicklerville, NJ

Action needed!

To the editor:
Recently, the Assemblywoman of this area proposed the creation of a commission to address the housing needs of the mental health population.
Commission? Another forum? No. What is required to address this issue is action!
How about collecting the data needed to identify how many housing units would be needed, then obtaining funding for this and identify a provider via an RFP that can do the job.
Solutions, action, not commissions and forums.

Ralph John Savarese

Stick to facts

To the editor:
The Bill Lucas “Hate Trump” Cartoons(??) have resurfaced after a short but welcome absence.
I suspect someone took away his crayons but, sadly, Bill found them again.
Bill, please stick to facts instead of fiction and attend a drawing class.

Fred Niessen
Pleasant Valley

Misuse and Abuse

To the editor:
What a complete misuse and abuse of Center for Discovery state funds and Catskill Mountainkeeper donations regarding their pre-emptive lawsuit against a development that hasn't even been reviewed yet by the Town of Thompson.
Catskill Mountainkeeper should be ashamed of itself for lending its name and credibility to this not-in-my-backyard overreach by the Center. It's not the first time these two organizations have teamed up, but it is the first time they've done so for nefarious reasons.

Chuck Petersheim

The weight of a voice

To the editor:
I am directing this letter to Ms. Denise Connolly of Smallwood.
Thanks to the Electoral College, to continue your theme, states with low populations — like North Dakota, Alaska and West Virginia — carry more weight than more populous ones. This means low-population states are overrepresented in presidential elections, while populous ones are underrepresented.
Here in New York, we have one electoral vote per 677,240 people, while Wyoming — the least populous state in the country — has one electoral vote per 195,000 people. This means that in presidential elections, an individual Wyomingite carries 3.5 times as much weight as an individual New Yorker. Are you genuinely happy about this state of affairs?

Rebekah Creshkoff

Concern about interference

To the editor:
I had to laugh and shake my head seeing Bill Lucas's latest anti-Trump cartoon (July 9th) He is still pushing the phony Trump/Russian collusion, even though FOUR separate investigations have found NO COLLUSION.
I would like to remind Lucas and other readers that the Obama administration had received multiple warnings from national security officials back in 2014 that Russia was stepping up their intelligence operations and “disinformation” networks that could disrupt our elections. Servers needed to be secured against hacking.
Not only wasn't that done, but Hillary Clinton was using an ILLEGAL server that was far from being secure against hacking, had in fact used it to share CLASSIFIED documents and there is proof that not only Russia hacked into her server, but China, N. Korea and possibly other countries as well.
There is also proof that not one vote was changed in the 2016 election because of any interference from another country.
Thanks to the Electoral College system, voters across America had a voice in that election, unlike in the 2018 mid-term elections where just a few very populated counties got to choose who won.
Americans should be very concerned about interference in our political process by foreign countries but also from platforms like Google and Facebook. Plenty of proof that these two and others are purposely using social media to influence people to vote for liberal democrats while censoring republican/conservative views.

Denise Connolly

Monticello Mismanagement

To the editor:
‘I'm worried'; ‘Board members confused', ‘looking for support from other municipalities' & ‘sell it' aren't good sounding phrases. Sounds like a call for a goverment bailout, a children-losing on a failed-school-budget or just plain mismanagement!
Voted to go over the 2% cap, their responsibility is to keep costs down, but to suggest a 7% tax increase is ludicrous; does any board member show ‘responsibility', did anyone on the board do any work to cut out the waste & pork before taking away things ‘for' the taxpayers?
No raises for elected or appointed officials, good, because you don't deserve any. Since you can't make it work then a cut in your pay seems right instead of making the taxpayers and public suffer, don't ya think?
You say you're not reducing the police force, but you won't be filling 4 vacant positions. If you're not going to replace them then you are reducing the force under rising crime problems! Another people's loss plus you're waiting to see if the PBA will sue. How about a foreman that's a superintendent?
The parks, place for the people/children, gets tossed. Fixing roads, something for all the people, gets tossed. The Stroebele Center, something for the people/seniors will close, but they will move the money making court to another building while a loss for the people exists. Dillon Park pool, for/loss for the people, will close or be sold to be able to open and etc.
How does a board take away so much from the taxpayers who pay for, use and expect these services and not punish themselves for failure? Cost of living & taxes have gone up not down.
How about the taxpayers take some things away from you? You wouldn't like that now would you. Remember who you work for!

Don Dittmer
Lake Huntington

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