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Thursday, April 18, 2019


Ready to work together

To the editor:
Thank you for pointing out the need to have open dialogue among business and community members of Rock Hill. We couldn't agree more.
Our group opposes the location of the cell tower, but supports the need for better cell service โ€” our objection has been a lack of transparency about the timing and process and, had we not pleaded, a lack of opportunity to work toward a mutually agreeable solution that would not sacrifice one of the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine.
We, as Rock Hill property owners, come to our lake for peace and tranquility and we carefully manage impacts to our nearly 100 year old lake environment (for example, there are no gas motor boats allowed, we need permission to cut down trees, we have rules about dock dimensions, etc.).
Unfortunately, those with adjacent property to the proposed cell tower site were notified just prior to a planning board hearing, during our โ€œoff-season,โ€ when our Board of Directors and many of our home owners were away. On top of that, the property for the proposed site is owned by the Town of Thompson Supervisor, who had plenty of time to be in communication with our community (through our Board of Directors and at our annual community meeting), yet did not open dialogue with us.
We have felt backed into a corner with limited options until we collectively spoke up and raised legitimate opposition to the current plan. We 100% want to work together to find a cell service solution, but are aligned to continue our opposition if cooperation isn't tenable. The cell tower should be located in a non-residential area or a location that minimizes residential impact โ€” not in clear and obstructive view of an entire community that covets the nature we (and those before us) have worked hard to preserve.
Note: I am a descendant of the Lord family, for whom the lake/reservoir was named over a century ago.

Judy King
Wanaksink Lake

The Bassetts - A Dynamic Duo

To the editor:
I was delighted to see the article honoring the late civil rights activist and humanitarian, Dr. Emmett Bassett (SC Democrat, 3/26/19 pg. 1B) but I was puzzled that there was only one oblique reference to his wife, soulmate, partner and fellow activist extraordinaire Priscilla Bassett. Throughout their 60 plus years together, Priscilla and Emmett worked together tirelessly promoting civil rights, civil liberties, universal healthcare, peace and equal justice for all.
When Emmett could no longer walk in protest marches, Priscilla pushed him in a wheelchair so they could continue in their life's work together. After his death and now in her 91st year, Priscilla continues to champion the causes that she and Emmett worked to bring to fruition. She remains an active member of the Senior Legislative Action Committee of Sullivan County, a grassroots political action group she helped resurrect to promote many vitally needed, social safety net programs like the NY Health Act.
The NY Health Act will provide affordable, universal health insurance for all New Yorkers, regardless of their age, income, existing health conditions, employment or immigration status. NY Health is a silver bullet for what ails our current healthcare system. The efforts of Priscilla Bassett and others like her will ensure NY Health becomes a reality.
Priscilla was at the March 13th SUNY Sullivan event honoring her late husband's legacy. It is very possible that she chose to stay out of the limelight to have the focus of the day remain on Emmett and his amazing legacy. But Priscilla deserves and has earned equal recognition in her own right for her extraordinary lifetime of service to others. Thank you, Priscilla, for keeping up the good fight and inspiring others to do the same.

Star D. Hesse

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