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Sunday, October 21, 2018


Antonio Delgado: Do the right thing - apologize for your Anti American lyrics

To the editor:
Why would anybody who loves America want to vote for a congressional candidate who doesn't have the common decency and guts to apologize for his incendiary, race-baiting anti - white rap lyrics from his past? Imagine if Faso made a video making fun of Blacks, which of course he never did! Game over right then and there! So how the heck does Delgado have the brazen nerve not to apologize for his hate filled, anti American rap lyrics from his past in which he says “God bless Iraq” (our enemy in war), uses the n - word, and disparages white people?
The hypocritical double standard whereby he gets a pass is nauseating. Why would any lover of America want to vote for somebody who blesses the killers of our brave troops? Don't vote for Delgado the divider and hater, help bring us together, vote for Faso. Like Kanye West said, race-baiting Black politicians like Delgado want to keep Blacks down and harp on hatred for their own benefit. Vote for Faso, vote for coming together and solving our problems with respect and kindness, not racist stereotyping like Delgado rap lyrics.

Dr. Phillip Jacobs

Thoughts on Highland Compressor

To the editor:
While I appreciate Isabel Braverman's continued interest in journalism, I was disappointed the Democrat ran a clearly biased article concerning the Highland gas compressor. While Ms. Braverman's stint with the Democrat's local news rival allowed for more of a slant and bias in their ‘reporting', the Democrat has done well over the years by sustaining a more robust journalistic standard. Having two people (and the same two as typical) comment on a topic that's used to engage thousands hardly ranks a controversy.
My guess is the emissions from idling traffic on concert night at Bethel Woods far exceeds the compressor in local health impacts.

Charles Petersheim

Critical time to Vote!

To the editor:
I knew it would happen! Mitch McConnell has just announced that cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will have to be enacted due to the burgeoning deficit. He chose to blame the deficit on the millions of beneficiaries who, for years paid into these vital programs. Actually this giant shortfall is due to the Trump tax bill that largely empties the treasury through favorable tax breaks for the very wealthy and greedy corporations. This upcoming election is our best hope to restore some sanity by voting in a Democrat for the 19th Congressional District.
We have a Trump yes-man in Congressman, John Faso who can't be relied upon to do the right thing. He already lied when promising to preserve Obamacare, voting instead for the Trump proposal that would have decimated the program, offering nothing in its place. We should replace these corporate-owned Republicans with persons who are on our side, and by electing Democrat, Antonio Delgado we can do our share to return Congress to a semblance of sanity and humanity. Vote as though your life depends on it!

Marshall Rubin

Classmates Reunited

To the editor:
The Roscoe Central School Class of 1963 celebrated its 55th class reunion on September 28, 29 and 30, 2018. It started with a gathering of classmates at the Courtyard Restaurant on Friday night with a buffet.
Twenty-three attended the dinner at the Rockland House on Saturday night including 3 of our teachers, Nellie Burnham, Marge Gorton and Jean Knickerbocker. Our kindergarten teacher, Viola Katz DiMarzio, was unable to attend. We were also her first kindergarten class. On Sunday morning, we again joined for breakfast at the Roscoe Diner.
Attending were: Jim Ackerly, Peggy Bowers Cumiskey, Susan Flynn Kirchner, Alan Howard, Tom Mealie, Peter Pomeroy, Linda Stadel Cortright, Lulu Belle Thomas Cosgrove and Kathy Vantran DeRosia. Also attending were Wayne Cumiskey, Ralph Kirchner, Cathie Mealie, Alan Cortright, Dick Cosgrove, Ed DeRosia, Beverly and Joe Hesse, Roy Gorton and Judie and Dick Smith.
We were all enjoying ourselves and forgot to take a group picture.

Judie DV Smith

A clear choice

To the editor:
I am voting for Congressional Candidate Antonio Delgado because he shares my family's values. He was born and raised in Schenectady to blue-collar hard-working parents. He understands the challenges of families from our communities.
Delgado is in favor of universal health care which can relieve us of the fear of catastrophic medical costs which have bankrupted many. He knows well the value of education that was instilled in him by his parents who wanted better - as we all do - for their children.
Delgado is a Harvard graduate, and Rhodes Scholar, who can offer us solutions to the current serious problems that we face. Many of our communities are already - or will be soon - facing the impacts of fiercer storms and flooding from our rivers and streams. He's in favor of environmental protections for all of us while balanced with the need for economic growth.
Delgado and his wife and children live in the Hudson Valley. His wife was raised in Woodstock and his in-laws are residents of Ulster County. He is a family man, raised to respect others and to be a man of staunch integrity.
This is why I will be voting for Antonio Delgado in the 19th Congressional District.

Jo Galante Cicale

The Time is Now

To the editor:
We are in trouble. The nation has been intentionally divided. The planet's climate is barreling toward catastrophe. The economy seems healthy but is propped up by tax cuts creating debt that borrows from our future to benefit the very rich. This is no time to whistle past the graveyard. This is a time to stand up and act! And the most important act right now is to vote.
Antonio Delgado is our Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in the 19th Congressional District. Jen Metzger is the Democratic candidate for New York State Senate in the 42nd. They are impressive, educated, dedicated public servants who will steer the government back towards sanity. They will fight for affordable healthcare for all, good paying local jobs, fair tax reform that actually benefits middle class households, and for a realistic plan to deal with climate change before it's too late.
This is absolutely the most important midterm election of our lifetimes because one party control of all three branches of government is always considered a bad idea by Americans and is proving disastrous right now. Democrats believe in everyone having the right and ability to vote. Republicans strive to disenfranchise and gerrymander our voting rights away so they can maintain power.
We need every vote now to counter their undemocratic, un-American plan to concentrate power in the hands of a wealthy few. Our democratic form of government only works if everyone participates. Our power is our votes. Please be sure to vote on November 6, 2018 for Antonio Delgado and Jen Metzger. Staying home must not be an option. Right now we are heading in a dangerous direction. It is up to citizens like us to turn this thing around and make America GOOD again.

Allan Rubin


Annie Rabbitt's extremist views

To the editor:
State Senate candidate Annie Rabbitt didn't accomplish much during her ten years in the legislature. She never wrote a bill that became law, but she did compile a voting record that many people will find disturbing. Women who want to make important medical decisions without government interference will be alarmed by what they see.
Rabbitt is an extremist when it comes to reproductive rights. She doesn't believe a woman should be permitted to terminate her pregnancy even if it's the result of rape or threatens her own life.
In 2012 she sponsored a bill based on a Mississippi law that treats doctors as criminals if they don't force women to undergo unnecessary and invasive medical procedures before having an abortion. Fortunately Rabbitt's bill found almost no support in the legislature and never became law.
Faced with the real possibility that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade, women and healthcare professionals are working hard to protect reproductive rights at the state level. Rabbitt's opponent, Jen Metzger, strongly supports the Reproductive Health Act, which would do just that. Not Rabbitt. She would prefer to impose Mississippi values on New York state.

Bruce Ferguson
Callicoon Center

Abortion is fear based

To the editor:
Last Friday, columnist Steve White gave his turn for his opinion on life. It was a sad one-sided point of view void of faith or hope. Let me tell you my experience. I was born to teenage parents in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
My paternal grandfather that I never met conned my mother into going to Cuba for an abortion twice but she just made it a little vacation and chose to give me up to Catholic Services.
My birth parents broke up as a result of all the stress. However 7 years later they married, but where was their baby boy now?
Adopted and in NY.
While in my 20s, by the grace of God, through mostly very natural circumstances, God brought us together despite the fact none of us was actively looking to be reunited.
I have 3-full blood sisters and 2 sets of parents that I love very much. Abortion is a fear-based decision, adoption and raising a child are faith-based decisions.
Also 3 people are affected by a pregnancy - the woman, the baby and the father.
Think it through - murder, suicide, child abuse or neglect are illegal, but abortion is legal because of a High Court ruling that 1 of the 3 individuals gets to make the choice?
I give therapy to babies that were born pre-mature and have come home from the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) with heart monitors, IVs, feeding and breathing tubes and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on medical and social services to save and help this child develop all because mom wants the baby.
But if mom does not want the baby within her, he or she is not a person of value?
Read Jeremiah 1:5 because God values the baby in the womb.
God bless America, One nation under God, In God we trust.

John “JP” Pasquale
Livingston Manor

Change is Coming

To the editor:
Change is coming on election day, November 6th when the Democratic Party regains control of the House of Representatives and very possibly the United States Senate. There will then be a check put on an unhinged, narcissistic, pathological lying, vulgar clown who occupies the White House and who has disgraced the office of the Presidency and made the United States the laughing stock of the world.
Shame on the Republican Party who controls Congress and who puts party before country and condones, defends, and enables such reprehensible behavior by Donald Trump. It is for this reason and not solely on political idealogy that will bring about change.
Americans want decency, decorum, and integrity in their political leaders. They want a President who speaks and conducts himself with civility like a President and leader of the free world should.
On November 6th and then in 2020, as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west “Change is Coming.”

David Gillman

Is Faso really against women?

To the editor:
If you believe the media all Republicans are against women. I have read multiple Letters to the editor in various newspapers that use the same statistics to prove Faso's voting is anti-women. Let me explain how this is misused by politicians. Let's say a politician or entire party wants you to believe the other party is against apples. The "pro- apple" politicians write up a Bill that is called "The Advancement of Apples Protection Bill.”
Then they proceed to add to it 1 or 2 lines that have nothing to do with apples but rather the Bill includes funding for a bridge in Kansas and a new legislation for tax payer funded late term abortion. So any good candidate, Senator or Assemblyperson will know that those 2 lines are in that Bill and vote against it. So the party that is so called "pro apples" has a win-win and can say “look that candidate/senator/assemblyperson is anti-apples!” Then the media broadcasts this to you and me. Please do not be manipulated into voting poorly by these shallow tactics. Use the mind your loving heavenly Father has given you.
God bless America, One nation under God, In God we trust.

John “JP” Pasquale
Livingston Manor

Metzger for State Senate

To the editor:
Jen Metzger is among the more refreshing people running for office these days, in her case NY State Senate, her work and interests covering something for everyone.
She has pushed for, and implemented energy saving measures for local municipalities, saving them money and, at the same time, saving money for you and me, and tapping into more sustainable energy sources than coal and oil.
Jen is pushing for more equitable school funding, which would not only improve education but also save money for you and me with lowered property taxes.
And keep an eye out for more affordable healthcare if Jen is elected to the State Senate.
Jen Metzger has the vision, the experience (15 years in various roles of Rosendale town government), and the energy to improve our lives. As important, she has shown the rare quality of being able to work with opposing factions, not for political gain, but for progress.
I will be voting for Jen Metzger for NY State Senate this year on November 6.

Lee Reich
New Paltz

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