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Saturday, March 28, 2020


Sis or Bro

To the editor:
If it's a daughter or a son
doesn't matter either one
Love inside is just the same
Treat them with equality
Answer questions A to Z
Especially from where they came
A daughter's parents give much care
Sermons times non-stop
Brother also does hear and follows his dad who is a Cop
Raising children today is a job
Can't compare to years ago
Then they would do what mom told them to
always a yes, not a no.
Sis or Bro and more as they grow
Be a leader, protect your dear home
Lots of love you must give
For as long as you live
Never leave kiddies alone.

Catherine LoBosco

Vote as if your life depends on it

To the editor:
For once I'm in enthusiastic agreement when Ed Townsend urged in his Mar. 23 column that shoppers refrain from panic buying. I only wish that he and many others concur with one of my main assertions: Donald Trump is largely to blame for the veracity and breakneck rise in the coronavirus onslaught in the United States. In 2018 Trump disbanded the fine team of scientists and doctors assembled during the Obama administration that successfully fought three pandemics, including the ebola outbreak. No businesses were shut down, schools remained open and few, if any deaths occurred. We have now been left largely defenseless.
Late last year Trump was warned of the need to prepare for a pandemic, but he didn't. Once knowledge of the virus became internationally known, Trump went before one of his brain-dead rallies and declared the virus to be a Democratic Party hoax. Then as cases began to climb Trump downplayed its growing significance, still while doing little more than closing our borders after it was too late. He continuously fanned his ego by appearing on news briefs, spewing outright lies that other, better educated scientists felt compelled to correct. All this while Trump did little to provide the desperately needed medical supplies, including the all-important testing kits.
When Trump and his GOP enablers finally came to realize that a huge infusion of cash was needed to deal with the emergency including payments to those who were out of work, the GOP emphasis was mainly on aiding corporations, rather than our workers and first-line defenders. Trump and other Republican office-holders are now asking that the elderly “sacrifice” (presumably be prepared to give up their lives) in order that others may benefit. As I write, Congress has agreed on a huge compromise financial stimulus package, sadly still with lots of cash going to the airline and pleasure cruise industries, while Trump is calling for all to soon leave their safe home environments and return to work, this so he can run on his “fix” of the economy.
When election time rolls around, vote as though your lives depend on it. Say “no” to Trump and any candidates who won't condemn his recklessness.

Marshall Rubin

Census count equals money and services

To the editor:
Every ten years the census plays a major role in determining the legislative representation, money, and services Sullivan County is eligible to receive from federal and state government. This includes funding for road and bridge repairs, school and safety net programs, support for firefighting and policing, community renewal and disaster recovery assistance.
Unfortunately, Sullivan County has a history of chronic under counting that has it ranked as second to last in census participation for all NY. If this undercounting continues in the 2020 census, Sullivan County stands to lose even more monetary aid and legislative representation over the next ten years.
We can reverse this death spiral trend. In March letters were mailed to all residents to reply to the census online. In early April, letters containing the census form will be mailed to all residences that did not respond online. Other “non-response” follow up measures, including mobile assistance outreach vehicles and telephoning, will start in mid-April, with door to door canvassing of non-responding residences from mid-May through July 31, after which compiling of the census count should start.
The census establishes our strength and clout in Washington. The form takes 10 minutes or less to fill out and is available in many languages. If we exert a maximum effort to ensure everyone participates, the 2020 count of Sullivan County's population will accurately reflect the legislative representation (federal, state and county), monetary aid and services we deserve. Working together we can get this job done.

Star D. Hesse

“Just Kidding”

To the editor:
Today, in a sweeping about-face, President Trump apologized for mishandling the coronavirus in the critical early months. He acknowledged that he got it wrong on February 26 when he said that the number of coronavirus cases in the US was going down and would soon be “close to zero”. There were only 60 cases in the country when he said that, but the number was rapidly rising. As of March 24 there were over 43,000 cases, and that number is doubling every two days. Trump also admitted he was wrong to blame the media for making coronavirus “look bad” and for denying that he had any responsibility for the shortage of testing kits, a shortage which continues to hamper efforts to combat the disease.
Finally the president stunned reporters when he uncharacteristically set aside his concern for the stock market and expressed compassion for the millions of Americans whose lives have been upended by the pandemic.
Just kidding. None of this ever happened. Never will.

Bruce Ferguson
Callicoon Center

Speak truth, not hysteria

To the editor:
I was watching TV this past Sunday morning wanting to stay up to date on the national and state coronavirus pandemic. All of our focus right now should be on pulling together and battling this serious and widespread contagion. The coronavirus pandemic is fundamentally changing all of our lives, our incomes, our way of life and our health and safety.
That's why I was very surprised to see a very negative attack ad by Republican candidate Michael Martucci against State Senator Jen Metzger, NYS Senate District 42. Not only did I find it inappropriate in this difficult time, I found it focused on scare tactics rather than a serious presentation of an important issue--the bail reform law that went into effect in January, 2020.
Is Candidate Martucci saying he supports a bail system that is unjust in that it penalizes the poor and advantages people of means? Does he support that people able to pay bail and guilty of the very same misdemeanor, nonviolent offence get to go free while a poor person doesn't? That's what Martucci's attack ad means in practical terms.
Senator Metzger has been working with her colleagues on some reasonable changes to the law which we should commend her for. More importantly at this moment of global pandemic, she has been doing the hard, important work all of our state and local leaders have been doing. She's been getting information out about COVID-19, working to highlight the good happening, and herself delivering food and volunteering at the food pantry! It seems that during a health crisis, we should be focused on supporting each other and not playing scare tactics and petty politics.
To me discussing these issues in a non-hysterical, calm way is what's appropriate in this difficult time. I would ask Candidate Martucci to revise his approach. This should be a time of truth, not misrepresentation. It's a time when we should be able to believe both our current representatives and those who vie to replace them.
Speak truth, not hysteria.

Jeffrey C. Allison

Thank you to our emergency medical services

To the editor:
In a recent Letter to the Editor, Bill Godfrey thanked all those who will be working with the public during the pandemic. Well, he thanked almost everybody.
I read through the list several times looking for “emergency medical services” but I could not find the reference. The closest was “medical transport”. I will assume that Mr. Godfrey had the best intentions and this is not the first time we have been forgotten.
Even Governor Cuomo failed to include us in his list of essential services. The Paramedics and EMTs of your local paid and volunteer ambulance services are not simply “medical transport” if that was where we were to be included. We are the first people to contact sick and injured patients. We stabilize and treat them and only after that, do we transport them to the hospital.
On the way to the hospital we continue evaluate and treat the patient. This has always been a stressful job since many times a patient's life is in our hands. Responding to calls now is even more intense as we must deal with Covid-19 “up close and personal”.
We ask all patients to bear with us as we follow the protocols outlined by the Centers for Disease and the New York State Department of Health. These protocols are designed to protect both responders and patients. Once again, thanks to all those who must continue to work during the pandemic including those in Emergency Medical Services.

Ralph Bressler

We appreciate you

To the editor:
I want to make sure we thank all those people who will be working with the public for the next weeks or months during this pandemic.
There are of course Police and Firemen but also Postal Workers, UPS and FedEx employees, workers in supermarkets, pharmacies, bus drivers, utility workers, food service workers and their suppliers, doctors, nurses, medical transport and on and on and on including those at this newspaper.
We hear that most workers should work from home and most retail will eventually close down for a time but some workers will be asked to remain on the job, coming in contact with the general public and possibly getting sick just trying to keep us safe and fed and informed.
Worse yet they will perhaps bring these illnesses back into their homes, exposing their family and loved ones.
So I will attempt to stay home, and you should, too, so that we do not take a chance of exposing ourselves or those who will be working to keep us safe, fed and secure.
Those who must work for us are taking a big risk, and I thank them for their courage and commitment. We all appreciate what you are doing. Thank you.

Bill Godfrey
High View

End of his luck?

To the editor:
Trump's base has been unmoved by the Russian interference in the 2016 election, unmoved by his lying about the payoff to a porn star, unmoved by his extorting a “favor” from a foreign leader, unmoved by his appointment of unqualified persons to important posts, unmoved by his real but exaggerated xenophobia, unmoved, so far, by the upcoming trillion dollar deficit caused mostly by his tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy. And of course, unmoved by the obvious wishful-lies he can't help but use, like he can't help breathing.
But he may have reached the end of his luck. As one of his earliest moves as president he cut the funding to the CDC, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This is the agency that would have looked into preparing for an outbreak, as they did when the Ebola outbreak occurred during the Obama administration.
And in 2018 he disbanded the National Security office charged with dealing with pandemic. Trump claims that we have all the tests for the corona virus we need. Can even Fox News spin that in face of the almost complete lack of tests available to Americans?

Roy Tedoff
Fremont Center

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