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Thursday, November 23, 2017


What's disrespectful about kneeling?

To the editor:
Regarding Don Dittmer's Nov. 14 response to my letter I offer a counter-rebuttal. Dittmer refers to protest-kneeling by NFL players as “disgraceful,” yet the Flag stands to protect our right to engage in such peaceful demonstrations. His disdain for such activities seems to indicate that it is he who doesn't respect the Flag and all it stands for.
There is no legal requirement that the NFL set aside time for reciting and standing for the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. When we attend movies, plays, and concerts, notice that the Pledge and National Anthem aren't present. Why then are they present at NFL games, especially since the league exists for providing public entertainment and making profits?
Given that the act of kneeling at church ceremonies and burials is considered respectful, why, at football games does Dittmer considered it disrespectful? Dittmer's praise for Donald Trump and his alleged accomplishments is without merit. Trump has NEVER given of himself for the good of our nation. He never served in any public capacity, including the military. His entire adult life was engaged in amassing money, property, and power—much through the financial backing of his father. Unlike millions of taxpayers who pay their fair share, Trump boasted as to his having found ways to AVOID paying taxes. That's patriotic? He recently did pay out a $25 million fine for defrauding many who bought into his Trump University scheme. Remember too, that Trump still won't provide his federal tax statements for public scrutiny—even though he said he would do so.
Trump boasted that if he were to commit murder on a busy Manhattan street, his followers would continue to back him. In the case of Don Dittmer and others, Trump was probably correct!

Marshall Rubin

Taking a knee Mr. Rubin

To the editor:
Mr. Rubin wants to pick on President Trump for taking up time on the NFL's taking a knee instead of focusing on Puerto Rico, where we have Agencies, and Governor Cuomo, to do those tasks as well as in the USVI and the states, though Rubin only speaks of Puerto Rico.
The Anti-America kneeling that Colin started in the NFL, based on the treatment of and the oppression of black people, which his mother says was about police brutality, morphed in to several different issues as the players don't know what they were protesting about just that they have to do it to belong. This includes the Raiders sacrificing their own white QB, receiving a broken back for his anti-protest views.
Mr. Rubin doesn't see the importance that our country has come together in support of America and against this disgraceful ‘kneeling' at our Anthem, Flag and Country to bring the NFL to its knees in stadiums that we taxpayers supplied! The team's owners and sponsors are feeling the backlash!
Rubin goes on to attack Trump about his Vietnam military avoidance, meanwhile the multi-thousands of Vietnam draft-dodgers that left the country to avoid serving and all the other politicians' non-military discrepancies he doesn't mention.
Trump is strengthening our Military, honoring our Vets, fixing the VA, working for Peace and Financial Equality around the world, putting up with a lame House and lazy Senate here besides all the nit-picking whiners and lying media while putting America First.
The real thugs, liars, scammers, sellers of America's Uranium, rigged elections, paid cash for hostages, made a bad Iran deal and much more were replaced with Trump!
You want to take-a-knee? Go to a cemetery/church but not at our Anthem, our Flag or our Country!
America is united, with Trump, against this disgraceful NFL protest!

Don Dittmer
Lake Huntington

Village commits to quit

To the editor:
I am writing to congratulate the Village of Wurtsboro for recently adopting a tobacco free parks and playground policy. As a life-long resident of Mamakating I am thrilled to see the Village supporting this important program.
As adults we have a responsibility to protect all children from harm....our children should not be subjected to secondhand smoke, or find their playgrounds littered with toxic cigarette butts.
Parks, playgrounds and other recreational areas should be places that people can go to enjoy the outdoors, breathe clean air and participate in healthy activities. Smoking just does not fit in.
Many thanks also to the local NYS Tobacco Free Program for encouraging our towns to adopt smoke-free laws in outdoor areas. Their work on behalf of our communities is to be commended!

Judy Longo

XMAS cheer

To the editor:
We're all so excited
Feeling delighted
Holiday feelings are here
I opened the light and started to write
Can't believe XMAS is here
So lucky to be able to see festivities getting all ready
I got an invite to spend Xmas night
With Aunt Cath and Aunt Mela and Betty
Let's decorate our house to the gate
Lights inviting you in
Not far to go you'll see mistletoe
Those feelings start to begin Xmas cheer
Popcorn a poppin'
Go Xmas shoppin'
You'll get in that festive mood
That Xmas candy
Keeps it real handy
Bring home that holiday food

Cathy LoBosco

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