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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


NRA School of Future

To the editor:
I read that more children have been shot down in our schools in the last 2 years than all our military in the Middle East conflicts together and not by foreign terrorists but by other white kids!
Looks like we either outfit our kids in military gear or wait for them to be old enough to vote their NRA owned leaders out themselves.
No other civilized country allows such unfettered access to guns and we pay the price. Even individual states like Connecticut show the way with sensible gun safety measures but the NRA needs to sell more guns and have Trump, et al, on their side. Looks like until some of these “leaders” lose a kid THEY care about, things aren't likely to change.
As a father and grandfather, I say no more “hope & prayers” we need new leaders with guts NOW.
But how many more kids need to die until we get them?

Bill Lucas

Debate or Insultive Rant

To the editor:
Want a debate on the 2nd Amendment, great, just don't go on a name-calling rant of everything , stick to the one subject, as long as our opinions count and you're ready to accept common-sense, let's go, but we aren't FREAKS as you want to label us Mr. Rubin!
Nurses, judges, firemen, politicians, editors, bankers, church goers, farmers, business owners, bakers, veterans and cashiers young & old are just some of the people that take gun safety, shooting for recreation and protection, as a use of good and as our right seriously aren't Freaks because you don't agree or aren't trustable!
Your claim that we don't care when some lunatic, criminal or mental dysfunctional person attacks, murders, bombs or shoots our fellow humans, our children is unsubstantiated! Every time those freaks go out and kill people with a gun, a truck or something not meant to kill we mourn, we grieve, we hate it that they weren't stopped before they did their evil deed by someone like a law-abiding gun owner! We usually can't by law, laws that those freaks break! Stop being lenient, more Psychiatric & Jail Time not probation only!
Your rant call for debate, a whine on things gov't has done over time and different presidents, but like Bill Lucas, you only pick on President Trump! Fake news & guns in every home have been going on for decades without Trump. A religion that allows for rapes of 12 year old girls, the No. Korean war that's been going on for 5+ decades, Assad's gassing/killing his own people where's your anger there?
Texting while driving has killed more school kids than shooters have; but you call us freaks?
I'll go to my grave judged by God; you'll go to your cold grave for judging /offending others wrongly.

Don Dittmer
Lake Huntington

Get Involved

To the editor:
If you're dissatisfied with the current state of politics, feeling like maybe your voice is just one crying in the wilderness, you're not alone. Don't despair, get involved. Check out the candidates running for office, locally and nationally, and support those that represent the issues that concern you, whether it's health care, taxes, gun control and education or making sure your social security is there when you need it. To make the best choice, you need to know your candidate.
Democratic Congressional candidate Gareth Rhodes, traveling to all 163 towns in NY's 19th district, will visit Callicoon on Tuesday, May 29th. He'll be at the Callicoon Brewery from 5 to 7.
NY State's Democratic Primary is June 26th. Change is possible, be informed, make your voice heard, vote.

Zeke Boyle

Dissolve the Village of Monticello

To the editor:
Politics, like life and comedy are often all about timing. When I ran for Mayor of Monticello a few years back, I wanted to be the last Mayor of the Village of Monticello. For all intents and purposes the reality of a separate political entity from The Town of Thompson was a hindrance from any hope for revival of what was once an amazing village.
I am almost 65 now, and Monticello has been my home since birth. For some of us “old timers” the memories of what was make it difficult to imagine what might be. The positive developments throughout the Town has only magnified the stagnant state of the Village. I don't blame any one official or party...but this is the reality of the situation.
By becoming one entity as a greater Town of Thompson I believe only good things for all can occur. Toward that end I would propose a new Municipal Complex, Town and Justice Offices, a long needed new Police Headquarters to be constructed at the “Rhulen” site on Broadway and St. John St. Monticello is the County Seat, and it should certainly be thought of as the Town Center as well.
Thank you Mayor Doug Solomon for your service and love of the Village as both Mayor and past police chief. Hopefully your successor will do a fine job, and be noted as the last Mayor of the Village of Monticello.

David Rosenberg
Monticello, NY

Trumpworld vs Decency

To the editor:
As an old Navy vet from the Vietnam era it's doubly troubling to see how Trump's lack of character and decency infects his whole staff. While I don't always degree with McCain on policy issues, he endured unimaginable POW hardships and is a true hero. Trump, on the other hand, is a self centered, classic chicken-hawk who only cares about military sacrifice as it relates to “wins” he may be able to take credit for.
Trump's example is a stain on our image in the world.
But does it matter?

William Lucas

FYI from the Kauneonga Lake Fire District

To the editor:
We would like to clarify a statement made by Jack Danchak, president of the Federation of Sportsman Clubs of Sullivan County in his column dated April 20, 2018. Mr Danchak said that he hoped we resolve out financial problems. We do not have any financial problems, Mr Danchak, we just take our oaths seriously. Each of our fire district commissioners take an oath to protect our tax payers. That is what we have done by adopting a rental agreement for our firehall. The rental rates are included in the agreement. We feel it is not right to expect our taxpayers to shoulder the costs associated with the use of our firehall by others. We apolgize if we have offended anyone simply by withholding our oath.

Kauneonga Lake F.D. Board of Commissioner
Kauneonga Lake

Something is Terribly Wrong

To the editor:
The ongoing solar nightmare has taken some incredibly bad turns.
Firstly, the purpose of the planning board is to advise the town board on matters concerning its citizens. Their advice was not taken on the proposed moratorium on solar development. Why?
Secondly - The solar panels are toxic. This was discussed recently on Fox News in their discussion of the San Diego development. They contain PVC which breaks down into toxic substances like dioxin. If you do not know what dioxin is think Agent Orange. That is why PVC piping cannot be used for transport of drinking water.
Thirdly - The loss of future revenue for the town. This could be in the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. If, as I've heard, that solar arrays should not affect property values is totally ludicrous. Future real estate development (maybe in the near future) will be totally lost. This would bring in much needed revenue. Nobody is going to like looking at a solar farm from their homes up on the hillside overlooking.
Fourthly - The solar panels - Part II. We were told that the proposed solar panels would be tested for toxicity by a company in Minnesota. The truth of the matter is they were tested in Shanghai, China. Are people really expected to believe the veracity of these tests? After all this same country gave us lead-based paints on our children's toys and caused neurological damage in far too many. A decision to accept the results of this testing is almost unconscionable, but what's worse is the possible danger to the drinking water in the hanlet of Hortonville in the future. Something must be done. The testing should be done here.

A concerned citizen,
Robert Guinan

Robert Guinan

#1 in my Life

To the editor:
A beautiful Mom, #1 in my life,
an outgoing person ~to Dad a wife.
She cries so much to all of us,
Always worrying & making a fuss.
Styling and smiling, all her years,
Still looks fantastic, could it be the beers?
Turning heads since I was a child,
her stilettos & hats driving everyone wild.
“All eyes on her,” never me.
Sitting in a booth, Renee, Cathy & Lee.
Born & raised in Bklyn,
moved upstate,
Met a wonderful guy & went on a date.
The love of my life, his name is Rudy.
Everyone else just calls him “cutie.”
My mom deserves everything good.
The five of us do all that we could,
I'll close for now & say goodbye.
We love you mom & that's no lie!
Your Daughter xoxox

Renee Wenger
Livingston Manor

Response to gun control

To the editor:
This is a rebuttal to both Amy Rothstein of Pine Plains who is against a national reciprocal concealed weapon carry permit and Marshal Rubin of Youngsville who thinks the main stream media is truthful. Rothstein would have it that a legal gun owner from say Vermont steps foot in NY State and then suddenly she is a felon; absolutely ridiculous! The purpose of a national reciprocal carry permit is to protect the legal gun owner from State-to -State so that in one state she is a law abiding citizen and remains that when simply crossing into another state with that hand gun rather than suddenly becoming a criminal who can spend years in prison. Rubin thinks the media is unbiased rather than anti-Trump/anti-Republican; also ridiculous! Although I don't think the politicians are truthful either and we need investigative, unbiased news that reports truth rather than fake news and media hype by bullying and mud slinging at only conservatives and republicans which is exactly what happened when Bush was president and is now 1,000 times worse. So respectfully I ask you all to turn off your fake news and take your thoughts captive and protect your minds by seeking God first via prayer, Bible reading, listening 99.7 FM or the Christian music stations around 88-89 FM, or listening to Christian Preachers such as Joel Olsteen, Creflo Dollar, Greg Laurie, Ben Courson on TV, YouTube, podcasts or even better find a good bible teaching church this Sunday.
God bless America, One nation under God, In God we trust.

John “JP” Pasquale
Livingston Manor

Mamma's Day

To the editor:
Another year we celebrate our dearest mom our favorite date,
Families all happy and meet,
Even our neighbors across the street,
Us who have our moms god bless,
Full of smiles and happiness for those who have to look above,
Also send a prayer of love.
Mamma's Day it's ours too.
Tell her how much she means to you.
All just have one Momma Mia,
Look into her eyes,
Just love you will!

Catherine LoBosco

A Mother's Day Tribute

To the editor:
The first face we see as we open our eyes,
The first arms to hold us quieting our cries.
The first arms to reach out as we take our first steps, and all through our lives, teaching us how to do our best.
One day is not enough to honor our Mothers.
Make every day that special day above all others!

Eileen Barwick

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