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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Favoring a woman's right to choose

To the editor:
John Pasquale's June 23 letter provides the usual litany of anti-abortion rhetoric so often repeated ad nauseam, largely by extremist right-wing Republican male politicians. I favor a woman's right to choose because it's a decision almost always taken seriously through consultation with a doctor, and I assume no right to judge their actions.
In the recent past, Pasquale wrote more than once in support of Donald Trump, a Johnny-come-lately to the anti-abortion movement. Now we have Trump, and the GOP's proposed replacement for Obamacare that would slash over $850 billion from the medicaid program, that funds 50 percent of all birth deliveries in the United States! So, not only is Pasquale against safe, legal abortions, but he's also against - via his backing of Trump - the major program that provides the funds enabling women to give birth to and nurture healthy babies!
Let's get it straight. Given the GOP's traditional hostility toward those who struggle every day to make ends meet, when Republican politicians vote to put a clamp on women's health issues, they do so, not out of concern for the sanctity of life, but rather their desire to assert control over women's minds and bodies.
I'm hoping that someday, Pasquale will grasp what Jesus stood and died for: universal love, peace, equality, humility, dignity, compassion and truth. Jesus never praised the greedy, the violent, and the bigoted - traits that far too many of today's GOP politicians, including Trump have readily adopted. If Pasquale can rise above the hatred as preached by today's Republicans, I'd be the first to welcome him and announce that here for all to see and admire is a MENSCH !

Marshall Rubin

In support of the Western Sullivan Transfer station

To the editor:
The Democratic Club of Cochecton hereby wishes to express our strong objections to forcing closure of the Western Sullivan Transfer Station in Cochecton. If the county discontinues compensation for the associated costs to paving the access road and winter snow plowing, that cost will be the burden on Cochecton taxpayers. As you are well aware, this facility is used by many residents from outside of the town's boundaries. Closing the facility will place an undue burden on Sullivan County residents, too. Being forced to travel a long distance to Monticello or Liberty may convince some that ROADSIDE DISPOSAL is a risk worth taking. The Town of Cochecton takes pride in keeping roads up to safe travel standards. Therefore, the elimination of the County's contribution places a critical burden on our town taxpayers to maintain the busy road use to the Transfer Station.
We note, with pride our Democratic Club was the first group in a long time to contract for litter pickup with the NYS Department of Transportation by adopting two miles, (up and down is four miles) of NYS Rte 17B from the entrance way to the Fosterdale traffic light. The county has invested heavily in an effort to attract visitors. Encouraging residents to dispose of their trash responsibly and conveniently is good for all.

Peggy Richardson-Secretary

‘Bing, Bang, Bong, BOOM'

To the editor:
Father's Day passed and
a lot of the rest
Soon 4th of July and I'll do my best
A day and a nite full of such fun
The bangs and the bongs
Wake up everyone
Some lay out dinner
Or a restaurant to eat
Our pals or our families
We're all sure to meet
Some attend parties
As soon as it's dark
Fireworks start blasting
The doggies all bark
Sky all lit up red, white and blue
Smile and be happy
Let your love seep through
4th of July I hope and I pray
You'll all have a safe and wonderful day
Make your plans now
I will be here soon
Get ready for Freddie and the Big Bang Bong Boom

Cathy LoBosco

Pro life is the way

To the editor:
In spite of the Hyde Amendment some of our NY state politicians still want to go backwards with the abortion on demand ideal by passing this bill with the deceptive name via the Reproductive Health Act.
Maybe you received the blue and yellow mailer that has scowling photos of our president, vice president and state senator, as if they are against women.
Abortion is being used in place of contraception by many, with no regard for the life that took a man and a woman to form within the womb of that desperate young woman who turns to Planned Parenthood or similar organizations for help.
May I suggest supporting First Way in Monticello and Sullivan County Pregnancy Support Center in Liberty. Please try to step out of your political party and your prejudice and hear me.
When a couple is hoping and trying to have a baby and they finally get pregnant, the ultrasound photos are framed and everyone celebrates, but if the woman does not want the baby within her then no consent or discussion with the male partner is required, and this woman has an abortion.
Because it is her body?
Well the baby growing in her is not her body. Who will protect the baby inside of her who is the most innocent of all?
I tell you I will. I am an occupational therapist, volunteer EMT and firefighter. My whole purpose in life is saving and healing. I will peacefully stand against any candidate or organization that supports abortion.
And for all of you who support abortion, I lovingly ask you to stop and think about the cause you rally for, step out of the media hype and dig down deeper spiritually.
God bless America, One nation under God, In God we trust

John "JP" Pasquale
Livingston Manor

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