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Saturday, April 29, 2017


Congrats to Lopez-Janove

To the editor:
The Sullivan County Human Rights Commission wishes to congratulate its Executive Director, Lorraine Lopez-Janove, on her appointment to the Board of the New York Civil Liberties Union, the Lower Hudson Valley Chapter. The NYCLU works to protect and defend the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, the U.S. and New York State Constitutions, including freedom of speech and religion, and the right to privacy, equality and due process of law. The NYCLU provides educational programs on civil rights and civil liberties, advocates for the passage of legislation that defends civil rights and liberties, monitors the actions of local governments, and fields complaints of possible civil liberties violations.
Lopez-Janove has a long history of working for human rights and civil rights. She was a Senior Associate at New York University's Metro Center; the Statewide Manager of the New York State Education Department's Regional Student Support Centers and NY 21st Century Community Learning Centers. She taught at Fallsburg CSD, and while teaching at Orange/Ulster BOCES, she coordinated and taught classes to incarcerated young adults in jail, and adult males in federal prison.
The Sullivan County Human Rights Commission is a county-wide program concerned with eliminating discrimination and prejudice, and fostering mutual understanding and self-respect among all racial, religious, age and ethnic groups in Sullivan County. The Commission meets the second Thursday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in the Legislative Hearing Room of the Government Center in Monticello. The meetings are open to the public.

Kathie Aberman

Schumer and social security

To the editor:
Mention Schumer's name that he wants to do something, of course everyone listens since it's usually not good, though he's been in office for over 36 years, a scream for term limits!
We didn't get a COLA in 2015, 2016 nor 2017 since Congress said prices on stuff didn't go up. I don't know where they shop / buy but where I go everything's been going up! We weren't supposed to get a decrease either but I did for the last three years because of the way Social Security calculates things and averages down instead of up to the next dollar. Medicare DID go up every year as did the deductible.
Instead of using this (found) money to dole out to everyone at a one-time payout, while the fund is going bankrupt, this money would be better used to shore up the fund! If Schumer really wanted to do something FOR Social Security he would put back all the money that Congress has stolen out of it over the years at the tune of $800 billion, which was just reported!
Schumer might even un-tax Social Security too, even though it depends each year if you'll pay tax on it or not but it's the point, since it's a tax in the first place! Schumer could suggest so many things but this one-time taxable item I say is not it! How about a decrease in Congress' pay? How about everyone in Congress gets the same healthcare that The People have to get BY MANDATE or PAY a fine? How about things like that? How about term-limits now?
No, nothing that would really help out. Then again we are talking Schumer here. He's still whining over our President, no wonder he came up with a bad idea!

Don Dittmer
Lake Huntington

The smoking issue again

To the editor:
Cigarettes or alcohol? Every so often it's about one or the other and taxes!
This time it's about age. Someone pointed out an 18 year old can go in the Armed Forces and learn several ways to kill a person without a gun. They can drive a car, they can hunt with firearms, they can be parents, they can VOTE! They can move out of the home, but they can't buy alcohol or cigarettes!
This smells bad, like the duck poop in Bethel in summer!
In the name of “clean air!” Are you serious? Sounds like climate change? It's not about clean air or for health reasons. Look around, here we are in openness, so the air is clean from the movement, health, we don't know, as we all know people that never smoked that died of lung cancer and we know people that smoked for 80 years and died of something non-related, that story is still in the making.
This leaves money or control. If you stop selling any taxable item to any large group the state loses TAX money!
To make up the loss the state will have to raise the price again! FYI - I'm an ex-smoker with an on/off cycle every three years!
NO facts were stated.
That leaves control! Government is always trying to take control of our lives and our Rights! It leaves you to “DO you trust your children that you have raised” to make smart decisions in their lives or not? Do they have the right to do what they want to do, or try, like we all did/do?
Eighteen - 21 year olds are mad politically, how will you make them feel by another control? They are our kids; did we raise them right or not?
Do they get to make choices?

Don Dittmer
Lake Huntington

Limited development

To the editor:
Sullivan County now wants to develop Route 17 between Monticello and Liberty. I think its important that it be emphasized that S.C. only wants non-Hasidic development. When Hasidics try and develop properties, the locals go beserk and demand a building moratorium.
Also Sullivan County is enamored with a new 575 acre high-end education community. I wonder if a high-end 575 acre Yeshiva education center was being proposed, if Sullivan County would be as happy.

Harry Tabor

Plead the 5th

To the editor:
Donald Trump should not feel compelled to release his tax returns, since he has a Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Marshall Rubin

Immigrants are needed

To the editor:
If we lose our immigration population, we will probably starve to death or drown in our own garbage. A friend of mine has a lot of contact with upstate farmers who have large operations. One farmer told him that without some immigrants he would probably have to shut down his operation. He hires them to do his milking and other farm chores because he cannot find local people to do his work. I am sure this happens elsewhere where there is a lot of physical work to be done.
A lot of Americans do not really want to work. Some are so addicted to cell phones, I-pads, and other electronic games that they don't have time for anything else. Some have no desire or inclination to work because of lack of ambition and the ease of getting public assistance. Some people just don't want to get their hands dirty.
Instead of spending millions of dollars trying to determine if there is life on a planet light years away, more money should be spent for the Earth, where we know there is life, at least for the time being. This money could be spent to help small businesses. I know of several local craftsman who had to give yp their businesses because of expenditures not directly involved in their daily operations. If these businesses could be retained, there may be more jobs available.
There should be some type of program to illustrate and educate people for hands on work as well as techbology and clerical work along with public relations jobs. Perhaps by using these programs people may learn that getting dirty hands isn't so bad as well as discovering that there is more to life than cell phones, I-pads, and electronic games.
The preceding thoughts and ideas are mine. I hope I didn't offend anyone who has different thoughts.

Paul Hubert

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