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Sunday, July 15, 2018


Response to ‘bleeding hearts'

To the editor:
Reading the letters to the editor of the Democrat about the sob stories of separation of children from their mommies & daddies of immigrants illegally entering this country is disgusting. These “bleeding hearts” just don't get it!
First of all nobody would like to see families separated. But we have laws in our great country (USA) that must be followed, obeyed and enforced and thank God we have a President that is doing just that.
These parents knew illegal entry in the United States may result in a jail sentence. Why would these parents bring their children with them when they knew it was illegal and they may be separated?
It was said that some of these people were not even parents of the children they brought here, they used the children to get a way to enter this country and then abandoned them.
We must protect Americans first and then see if we can help the rest of the world. I say, send the parents and their children back from where they came from. And again, thank you President Trump for enforcing our laws and keeping us safe!

Karen Kegel

Policies over personalities

To the editor:
I would like to respond to Sylvia Crowley's request (Letters to the Editor 7/2/18) She asked "voters for Trump, are you proud of Trump who separates little children from their parents?”
First, I want to ask her if she was proud of Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama who did the same thing? The reason for separation was to help stop human trafficking of children. There were a large percentage of young children and teens being brought here by adults who were no relation to them. These children had been abused along the way and were headed for more abuse. This still goes on and the Trump administration is trying to stop it. When President Trump said the children would no longer be separated and would stay with their parents in the holding centers, then the outcry changed to children shouldn't be in those places with adults. Which is it then? Some people won't be satisfied until we have no borders at all and unvetted people, drug dealers and other criminals among them, can just come on into our country.
Illegals are forcing their children to cross dangerous terrain. Many pay thousands of dollars to “coyotes” to bring them across the border. Women and children are being raped by these men. Children are being stuffed into car trunks. Talk about abuse and long lasting psychological problems! And that has nothing to do with President Trump as Ms. Crowley's letter states. Blame the parents and the other adults bringing the children here illegally. They know they will be separated.
Until Congress finally gets its act together and both parties work together to pass a new immigration system (one based on MERIT like Australia has would be good!) and the dangerous "chain migration" and "lottery system” abolished and our borders protected, then many problems caused by people coming here illegally will be solved.
Come to America legally or not at all. And there is nothing racist about those eight words.
Finally, Ms. Crowley asks how can we support the President because she thinks he is ”a cruel egomaniac who loves only himself”. Speaking for myself (not the millions of others who support him) I don't agree with her assumption. I don't have to like his personality to like his policies and I do like his policies.
He is putting America and Americans first. What a great concept. Think about that!

Denise Connolly

Exciting Fourth of July

To the editor:
If it rains or it pours
and we must stay indoors
It's still the 4th of July
Party inside open curtains real wide
Watch fireworks up in the sky
It's exciting inviting family and friends
Soon the sun will shine thru
Grab all the kiddies put on their middies
Let them bring Winnie the Pooh
Just once a year push aside all the fear
Everyone jumping with joy
Give each a peck - hug round the neck
A smoochie for each girl and boy

C. LoBosco

Evaluation for the future

To the editor:
My question to the voters for Trump; are you proud of Trump who separates little children from their parents?
A psychological evaluation should be administered to the next presidental hopefuls - then the American people will know the mindfulness of that person.
How can you support Trump? This President, D. J. Trump, is a cruel egomaniac who loves only himself.
These kids separated by mommy & daddy will suffer all their lives because of Trump.
Think about it!

Sylvia Crowley

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