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Saturday, June 23, 2018


Remember that old tv show?

To the editor:
SUNY Delhi on 5/24 Delaware County Democrat Man of the Year Award was given to David Truscott who issued a call for gun control. Truscott's 3 part plan to reduce the number of guns is not sound. He suggests “all guns with less than a 24 “ barrel be banned”, Well there goes my Henry Youth .22. He does not want us hiding guns under our carseats; like most legal gun owners I would not do that anyway! The second part is to “ban guns that discharge more than one shot every 60 seconds, with a 6 bullet limit". I dropped a deer last fall twice using 2 bullets in under 2 seconds with my bolt action rifle. How long would I go to jail for? How can an older female gun owner defend herself with 1 bullet every 60 seconds? Does Sherriff Andy Taylor/Griffith stand by and hand her 1 bullet at a time like he did with Deputy Barney Fife (remember that old TV show)? Then what do they do when they use all 6 and the criminal has 13 bullets? Thirdly he wants a buyback program, allowing only “conforming guns”; who decides that, him?
The Sandy Hook, Columbine shooters could have been stopped long before they illegally obtained their guns or by adequate school security. The former 2 and Parkland shooter all showed violent and mental health red flags that were not dealt with. Unfortunately our USA has changed since I was a boy in the 1970s, kids today won't learn Christmas carols in school, church attendance is at 25% in the North East. We now have a generation of godless young adults who feel unloved and play violent video games all day. We need the love of God displayed publicly. I am all for gun safety but let's start with making laws that actually stop these psychopath school shooters and by enforcing the current gun laws before making new ones that only criminalize your friends and neighbors.
God bless America, One nation under God, In God we trust.

John “JP” Pasquale
Livingston Manor

Look at all resources

To the editor:
Some people have taken me the wrong way; I AGREE with the Sheriff & DA that we must do what we can to protect all the children, teachers and staff in all the schools. I don't think Law Enforcement in school is the only avenue available nor should we have a ‘school to prison' concept going on.
School is for learning, no one should have to worry about being arrested before the end of the day. Teachers & students need to focus on learning while being kept safe.
The Sheriff says ‘We need to look ahead and see all that we can do. We have to do everything that we can to be responsible for our children, teachers and families'. YES we should, so why aren't they mentioning hiring our Veterans or returning Military, who are very well trained in the use of firearms, have tactical training and what you need to stop any/all threats plus much more?
To lower costs, they now want to go from ‘Well Trained Sworn Cops' to, without a lot of fanfare on training, to hire retired cops through a 211 waiver which is more involved than the Sheriff stated. It has a lot to do with their benefits.
These retirees do lapse some in training as the last few years they are given a light duty load and then the time off already. IF they didn't apply for their pistol permits when they retired they will have to go through that process all over as well. This is one of those, I consider stupid laws, common-sense gun laws that when a cop retires from carrying after 10 - 20+ years they have to apply for a new carry permit as a civilian, they can't just go from the badge to a permit, lapsed training.

Don Dittmer
Lake Huntington

Get out and Vote!

To the editor:
A note to my fellow Democrats and Would-Be-Democrats about the upcoming NYS Primary for 19th Congressional District candidates on Tuesday, June 26th. We are incredibly fortunate in having a rich field of excellent Democratic candidates running for Republican John Faso's seat. If you believe our country can do better - much better - in fighting for what's right and good and decent - please, please be sure to vote in this Primary. Check out the candidates and choose the one you think is best (and most likely to win against Faso). This is a superb group of caring, courageous, knowledgeable, upright people with progressive ideals that will surely be good for our country - much better than the ugly, hateful, hurtful and short-sighted ideas that abound these days. You can do something to make our country better - you can VOTE! It's not hard! - It's a great privilege and a right, hard-won by our forefathers (and mothers.) Don't be a fool and let it slip by you. Help to make our country decent again! Vote Democratic! (And take someone with you - get them to vote, too.)
Personally I will be voting for Gareth Rhodes - just endorsed by the New York Times: “He offers the combination of intelligence, enthusiasm and empathy that is desperately needed in Washington today.” That's my kinda guy!
Bottom line here: Be sure to VOTE!! - Tuesday - June 26th.

Joan Rosenfelt
Pond Eddy

Hinchey's Legacy

To the editor:
This year's Democratic primary has made me think a lot about the man who once served us with great distinction, Congressman Maurice Hinchey. In the late 1990's, while working at the AFL-CIO in Washington, I was among a group of building trades folks who were meeting with him to get his support for legislation. At the end of our pitch, we offered to host a fundraiser for him. Hinchey didn't miss a beat. He looked each of us in the eye and said very calmly: "Let me be very clear. If I decide to support this bill it will be because I believe it is in the best interest of our Country and of my constituents. It will not be because you might make a contribution to my next election." That was a lesson I have never forgotten.
In my opinion, Mr. Hinchey's huge footprints have yet to be filled but I believe this is the year, that we can change that. Like Maurice Hinchey, Gareth Rhodes tells the truth—about himself and about his position on issues. And does so without worrying about whether it will get him elected.. Also like Hinchey, Rhodes is funding his campaign with small, individual contributions, not personal wealth or corporate money.
Please take a closer look at Gareth Rhodes and what he stands for: Medicare for All, good jobs, fully funded public education, help for our farmers and our environment. If you do, I think you too will vote for him on June 26th.

Mary Ellen Boyd
Livingston Manor

Wedding Wonder

To the editor:
Watching that wedding in England oh my.
Those gals and those gents and those hats passing by.
So excited to see how they all celebrate.
Waiting so long for that special date.
Some from New York, celebration and such.
Enjoyed that long trys were thrilled so darn much.
The beautiful bride, her mind in a cloud.
As she tends to see that unbelieveable crowd, her soon to be husband, so classy and fine.
Treasures his lady, he states she's all mine.
Like a fairytale or a true to life dream.
We all cannot join you, but bless our t.v. screen.

Catherine LoBosco

To All Dads here and anywhere

To the editor:
This time of year is so darn sad. A while back I lost my dad.
Celebration in each home, Mom and I feel so alone.
To all you folks so happy here, we wish you luck from us rite here.
The years we spent with dad were great.
A super loving giving mate, visits from the family, he always loved the company.
While he's here folks hold on tight.
With your days real close at nite, my tribute to dads and love shining thru.
Have a wonderful day from my family to you!

Catherine LoBosco

Agree Not To Agree

To the editor:
In response to two opinion letters in the Democrat recently that take issue with my opinions, I say your welcome to yours as I remain steadfastly behind mine.
As for our obscene levels of U.S. gun deaths and how the NRA's steamrolling drive to sell more and more guns intimidates and paralyzes our leaders from even minimal research and meaningful debate on safety measures to save lives, I would defer to the Parkland surviving students who sum up the issues and our way forward so well (despite the NRA's lame efforts to discredit these victims).
As for “opinions”, I don't remember ever advocating for “bigger” government, but shouldn't we expect competent and ethical government which would exclude unqualified family members enriching themselves with “Pay for Play” deals (remember when that was “corrupt”?) and Trump's ethically challenged “swamp” types such as Price, Pruitt, Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Zinke, Ross, Cohen, etc, etc.
As for the president, I will continue to patriotically comment on how unstable, unqualified, patently dishonest and dangerous he has always been and the constant con-job he pulls on his supporters who he never cared about before. Why does he shamelessly invent conspiracies (his “Spygate” or Obama “wire-tap”) to divert valid and constitutional investigations and then have his Fox & Nunes type toadies embarrassingly try to spin them? Why all these diversions and threats if he and his gang are innocent? Although all the Mueller indictments and Trump team's proven lies about their Russian contacts would indicate there's valid reasons for this investigation.
But those letter writers are welcome to Trump if a banana republic is what you voted for.
PS: I invite readers to Google the common traits of 3rd World Dictators for a good profile of Trump.

Bill Lucas

My birthday

To the editor:
What a day to be born!
Celebrating from dusk to dawn.
Roman Candles all in a row,
waiting for the word - let them go!
I'm a Yankee Doodle dandy - no doubt about it, a proud Americian from the “get go.”
Join me in the celebration.
Let's look forward to the day in appreciation!
God Bless America!

Eileen Barkwick

Fighting for what's right

To the editor:
I am writing to ask my fellow Democrats in Congressional District 19 to vote for Patrick Ryan for Congress on June 26th.
The Democratic party has been fortunate in fielding so many very qualified candidates who desire to represent us in Congress. The decision of who to support in the upcoming primary is a difficult one. I am convinced that Pat's poise, his “can do” attitude and his willingness to fight for what is right makes him the clear choice and I believe he has the best chance of winning in the fall.
I encourage all Democrat Primary voters to take some time and do some research on our candidates and weigh their qualifications and I think in the end you will agree that the best choice is Patrick Ryan.

Charlie Barbuti

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