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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Hey! Whoo!

To the editor:
August may add to this
Summer's on its way
Leaving us no need to cuss here, to do or say
“Hey! Whoo!” the months just flew
The best was in the past
Weekend fun was never done
Vacations all would last
School kids you would hear complain
Goin' back so soon
Just got out you'd hear them shout
Sure flew the month of June
“Hey Whoo” they come and go
That's the way it goes
Be careful, safe, a happy face
As life just flows and flows

Cathy LoBosco


To the editor:
Was walking up the road a piece
Ones grandma hands up high
On the other side she stood
Traffic whizzing by
I couldn't crossed as I tried
No one looked her way
Finally a man saw me
He made grandma's day
As I approached the woman
Couldn't speak or try
Tears rolled down her cheeks
Hard for her to cry
Helped her get into my car
Took her some M.D.
Doctor said it's much too late
He was so proud of me
If you see someone in distress
Try to lend a hand
May be luckier thankful
That feeling is so grand

Cathy LoBosco

“We're all one”

To the editor:
Are you aware what soon will be here?
Perhaps four celebrations
Labor Day, Hashanah, Yon Kippur Too, Independance Day throughout the nation
We all have our way to enjoy our special day
Waiting all year to arrive
Put aside all the sadness
Concentrate on the gladness
Thankful for all those alive
Have fun and be merry
Take a ride of the ferry
Clear your mind and enjoy every minute
War of words just erase it
Stand up and face it
Que Sera, Que Sera
“We're all in it”

Cathy LoBosco

SUNY Sullivan library demoted

To the editor:
There is a project underway at SUNY Sullivan initiated by the college president which will undermine the quality of education at SCCC. The library is being removed from its rightful central location, 26,000 books (about half the library collection) are being sold or given away, and the empty space filled with offices that have to do with administration not education. Remember that you and I paid for these books through our county and state taxes. The tragedy of this is that the quality of education for our students at a learning institution depends on two central pillars, the library and the teaching faculty. At SCCC one pillar, the library is being undermined, scattered, and depleted. What is to be gained educationally? Nothing.
The SCCC president says digital is in. In attempting to support his project in misstatements to our newspapers he claimed only 450 books were checked out last year. In reality 2 to 3 times that many went out. In reality the record shows a rather steady number of books checked out over the last several years. In talking to the librarians and some of the teachers in June I found that neither they nor the public were asked for their advice on this project. What kind of leadership is this?
Let's raise our voices and turn this around. Contact the SCCC President and the Director of SUNY libraries in Albany.

Tim Shera


Fake News per Journalist

To the editor:
Two columns, same writer. Media is me (07-03-18) and News you hate (07-24-18).
Writer tells us we don't know how to write, then we do and says that she's had her share of critics some warranted meaning she hasn't written as well as she says we don't and she reports fake news. A career of writing and has received ‘ugly' from the readers.
What being a journalist is about and that she goes to bed terrified someone with a gun will burst in and kill her & her family. Why a gun and not any other weapon like a hammer, baseball bat or etc? Because it's the hype that media instills in the public against guns with their opinionated political one-sided agenda.
Next column goes on to tell us about what she thinks is fake news, again her ‘media' opinion. In both columns she mentions reporting the ‘truth' in only one line as real news. Her idea of what fake news is isn't real but a journalist's rendition of it.
My outlook is Fake news has been around for decades and is the alleged truth that is reported by the media. It's not the real truth; it is what they, while adding in their biased opinions, want you to think is the truth.
IF they would report the real facts and the real truth without putting in their 2 cents or opinions then they wouldn't be reporting fake news. Then there would be no reason to be in fear of reprisal none the less being killed over it. From what I've written I get some bad reviews including no return address letters that aren't that friendly.
Fake news isn't news we don't want to hear nor hate, it's non-truthful-opinionated news being pushed as truth that's been going on for decades! The First Amendment isn't for Fake News!

Don Dittmer
Lake Huntington

Lake Huntington

Debate over issues, not insults

To the editor:
I am writing in reply to the 7-31 opinion piece by Ed Townsend. He wrote, “Let's return to true debate over issues and give Americans gutter free politics.” I agree. But his piece is not a good start. While calling for a return to debate over issues he gets personal. He insults Democrats. He contends that Democrats are not as patriotic as Republicans. He contends that antipathy toward President Trump is related to less patriotism. He also writes that those who want to substantially change our country don't love it.
Patriotism is not Republican or Democratic, left or right, red or blue. It has nothing to do with how you feel about who is president. It has nothing to do with wanting change. Patriotism is love of our democratic institutions and the freedoms we enjoy. It is love of our land, our mountains, lakes and rivers. It is respect and tolerance for each other despite our differences, because we are all American, we are all in this together.
We need to work together and listen to each other and compromise to get anything accomplished in our country. Don't be afraid of people with different ideas. Don't insult them.

Martha Crowner


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