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Saturday, August 19, 2017


Help volunteer Fire/EMS

To the editor:
I was encouraged by 2 articles (last week) Ann Steimle's EMS column on 8/8 and how Aileen Gunther is working to get funding and medical support for volunteer fire fighters. I thank both of you.
Volunteer firefighters are exposed to various dangers especially cancer causing agents while on scenes. But believe it or not, it is not dying or being injured / sick that I struggle with, I know God will care for me and my family.
I am most negatively affected by the calls like the car accident where one person died and the other passenger is fine, or the call where a person you know died during their sleep and the family, wants you to do CPR like in the movies and yell "clear" and "shock" their loved one back to life, or seeing young adults you knew from your town as kids getting Narcan for opiod abuse.
However it is the calls like "mild back pain" at 1 a.m. or the activated (false) alarm at 3 a.m. or the "common cold" call Sunday afternoon that causes me to question continuing as a volunteer EMT/fire fighter.
I have a professional career and my own business as an occupational therapist, and a family with normal problems that go along with normal life. Who needs to get cancer because of firefighting, or hurt your back carrying a victim down the stairs, or have PTSD or depression because you are around death regularly, then not be properly covered or helped by the state and community you serve. And meanwhile millions of strong able-bodied men who won't work let alone volunteer, relax at home and collect public assistance. God help us. Something has got to give.
God bless America, One Nation under God, In God we trust.

John “JP” Pasquale
Livingston Manor

Thank you from the bottom of our heart

To the editor:
I want to thank all the good people of Callicoon, Hankins, and Long Eddy, for giving the Franciscans a home in Sullivan County. Through the years, you have shown your love, concern and help during the past 122 years of the Franciscan presence.
Many of the former pastors of Holy Cross and St. Patrick planned to come to Callicoon and thank you in a personal way, but that was not possible. Fr. Damian Kehr, OFM, the first Franciscan pastor in Callicoon, traveled by foot and train to bring the Faith to so many in the Delaware Valley. This continued through the years as the Friars founded parishes in many locations in Sullivan County. You and your ancestors have made all that possible. Thank you!
I can't forget the beautiful former St. Joseph Seminary on Aroma Hill. It was built of brick faced with bluestone quarried and cut on the grounds. Most of the workers were from Callicoon and Sullivan County. It was dedicated on May 30, 1911. The beautiful bluestone building was added to the National Register of Historical Places on July 8, 1993. Thank you!
Callicoon is a name known throughout the Franciscan World. Franciscan Missionaries, Pastors, and Educators have begun their Franciscan life in your great little town. Thank you!
For 17 years as the pastor of Holy Cross, I have admired the faith and loyalty of the people of Callicoon and Sullivan County. It has been my honor, as all the former pastors, to be a part of your joys and sorrows, and of your lives. You have truly been my family for so many years. Thank you!
The Franciscan spirit will live on in Delaware Valley. We pray that our Franciscan presence has, and will enrich your spiritual lives, and St. Francis and the God he served so well, will look after you and protect you. God bless you all, Catholic, Non-Catholic, we couldn't have done it without you!

Fr. Ignatius Smith, OFM
Loudonville, NY

Condemn the violence!

To the editor:
Donald Trump just came down strongly against the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, yet didn't condemn the combination of white supremacists, KKK members, nazis, and alt-right followers who precipitated the outbreak. But I'm not surprised since Trump apparently didn't want to say, or do something that would upset a large swath of his, and the GOP's voter base.

Marshall Rubin

To President Trump

To the editor:
Before you go to bed each night, repeat the following: "I am the President. I am NOT the King!" "I am the President, I am NOT the King!" (Say this three or more times ... until it begins to make sense.) Continue: "The People of this country deserve my respect ... even those who did not vote for me." (Once is enough for this sentence). Continue: "I represent (only) ONE of the three branches of the Government of this great land." Continue: "I REPRESENT the People, I do not RULE them." Continue: "Tomorrow I will try to have something positive / constructive to say instead of bragging about my election and the size of my hands. I will work to bring dignity to the Highest Office In The Land."
You, sir, could have that posted on your ceiling over the bed so you won't forget about it. WE THE PEOPLE Need You!! Please work to make us a better country by respecting opposing views. Not everyone is a "loser"!

Jim Newton
Livingston Manor

Faso on protecting river communities

To the editor:
While there are many issues facing Congress that we have a hard time agreeing on, Republicans and Democrats can come together on important efforts that benefit our region. Just recently, funding for a new program that will leverage private dollars to complete local conservation projects received strong bipartisan support in the House Appropriations Committee. The Delaware River Basin Restoration Program was established at the end of last year by Congress, and this year we are working to secure funding to support grants to local communities for projects like stream restoration to clean up our water and prevent harmful flooding.
This non-regulatory program is exactly the kind of effort Congress should be supporting. By promoting partnership between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and private partners throughout the region, the restoration program ensures there is local input and control over how these conservation efforts are carried out.
Groups like the Upper Delaware River Tailwaters Coalition, Trout Unlimited, and Friends of the Upper Delaware River, are already investing their resources in protecting the streams, rivers, and natural resources of our region through cost-effective efforts that employ local engineers and planners. Leveraging these private investments through a matching grant program will expand the great efforts taking place and provide even more opportunities to improve our surroundings.
Protecting our water is essential to building and sustaining a strong economy and good quality of life in our region. I am proud to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to advocate for funding for the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program so we can support important local efforts here in the Upper Delaware River.

Congressman John J. Faso

RE: Highland Compressor Station/Application ID: 3-483400147/00001

Editor's note: The following letter was sent to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
To the editor:

Dear Ms. Gaidasz:
I am a member of the Town of Bethel Green Committee. We oppose Millennium's proposed compressor station in neighboring Highland. For several years we have made great efforts to reduce our emissions, following DECs own Climate Smart Communities program, successfully. Currently, our town emits about 273 tons of CO2, annually. This compressor station will emit annually 105,000 tons of CO2.
What are we doing? I know the wheels of progress turn slowly but this is unacceptably counterproductive. I am outraged that all of the hard work, research, and mitigation efforts undertaken by so many will have been for less than naught if the DEC allows this industrial assault.
I am proud of New York's ban on fracking, but we can't enable the fossil fuel industry in its death spiral attempts to turn The United States of America into an extraction nation. Our existing natural gas infrastructure is sufficient to supply Americans with this resource; expansion projects are only about exports. Nothing could be more unpatriotic than to poison our communities to produce energy for sale abroad.
Can't we ever learn from past mistakes? While it's quaint that here the oil companies still bother to divide communities with military style propaganda campaigns and promises of a few good jobs instead of simply killing people, ask yourself, how has energy extraction worked out for the third world?
Why isn't everyone in West Virginia set for life, instead of dying impoverished in the aftermath of the coal boom? Resource extraction comes with a well documented boom / bust cycle, leaving locals to deal with the devastation left behind.
We need power, and we have the technology to produce it without destroying ourselves. All we need is leadership. Where are you? We need to stop subsidizing and sacrificing our communities to this industry that enriches the few and harms everyone.

Jennifer Young

Voter Fraud?

To the editor:
In his August 1 column, Mr. Townsend states that “progressives are terrified” about the idea of investigating voter fraud. He further says that those on the left “loathe scrutiny, and honorable men and women revealing the truth.” Insults aside, I have no problem with investigating voter fraud - but that is a a job for the states as the states regulate elections, not the federal government. (I thought Republicans wanted LESS government, not more.)
The only reason this “blue-ribbon voter fraud panel” is even in existence is because Trump could not believe that he could possibly lose the popular vote. To soothe his fragile ego, he had to pretend that it was a result of massive voter fraud. I've heard of sore losers, but sore winners? That's a new one.
I'm not terrified about investigating voter fraud. I'm terrified at the concentration of massive amounts of data on citizens coming into the possession of one pair of hands. The founding fathers were very smart men, and they set up the system of checks and balances for a very good reason - they knew that too much power in one place led to very bad things. We would be wise to remember that.

Elizabeth McAllister

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