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Thursday, July 19, 2018


History repeats itself

To the editor:
The Nazis rose to power in 1932 with 38 percent of the vote. Have you heard the expression that history repeats itself?
Since political correctness has fallen from grace may I be blunt? I am so tired of liberal bashing. Let's stop being so nice. Stop trying to reason with ignorance, start calling it out, and crush it. We have elected a narcissist idiot who is the antithesis of progressive American values. We must continue to progress, because the alternative is to digress(what we're doing now), which leads to extinction. One science Republicans believe in, demographics, predicts they will lose; in desperation they have overlooked the assistance of and yes, colluded with, Putin against the Democrats. This is treason.
Of 17 you chose your champion. Do not dare try to claim the moral high ground, ever again. It is lost to you now, though how you ever claimed it in the first place is beyond me.
Consider the words of Brian Kahn in his 2011 book, Real Common Sense: “From the American Revolution through the Abolition Movement and Civil War, from child labor to women's right to vote, with Social Security, civil rights, Medicare, and laws to protect our environment, conservatives of the time stood firmly on the wrong side of history. Again and again, they put privilege and property rights above universal freedom, economic and social justice, and human equality.” If you'd prefer that none of these things had come to pass, maybe you should do the rest of us a favor and self deport.
This dewey eyed snowflake cordially invites you to put that in your pipe and smoke it.
It's not to late to repent, we liberals forgive, we know that hate is unhealthy. Join us and let's please stop embarrassing ourselves.

Jennifer Young

Roche's Garage to continue doing business

To the editor:
This year marks the 75th anniversary for Roche's Garage and General Motors as an automobile dealer. Founded by Jim Roche in 1929, continued by his sons, Mick and Rease, and now myself.
As the third generation of leadership, contrary to local rumors, I have no intention of allowing the business to close. I returned to the garage to ensure that this business would celebrate our 100th anniversary and beyond in Callicoon repairing vehicles and providing jobs and economic benefits to our locality.
Monday July 16, 2018 will be our last day as a GMC truck dealer. I would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. We are not closing, we are changing directions.
Roche's has always been a service first business, we will continue, doing what we have always done best. We fix cars and trucks! I have been studying our business, and the business centers that lose money year after year are being eliminated.
I write this with a heavy heart, but an eye on the future. The costs associated as a franchised auto dealer, selling a small volume of very expensive trucks is crippling. The same was true for a full-service gas station, it works when selling coffee, beer and lottery tickets; it does not work as a stand-alone business center.
Yes, while the building is the correct color scheme for Dollar General, we are not going to become one. That was my favorite rumor! We repair broken cars and perform services to prevent cars from breaking.
When they do break we have the knowledge and experience necessary, tow trucks, a body shop, thousands of parts and years and years of accumulated special tools for today's newest vehicles and classic cars from yesteryear.
On behalf of our mechanics and staff, we look forward to servicing the motoring public well into the future. Visit us on the web at or stop in person. See ya soon!

Thomas Roche

Going bananas

To the editor:
In response to June Donohue's column 7/6/18: I never throw my apple cores or banana peels on the road. It is important to be sure the toss is far enough not to attract wildlife to the road. Who knew throwing organic was littering? I learned something legal by reading the July 6 Democrat.
Actually, it is refreshing to know it is healthy biodegradables being found, not candy wrappers or fast food bags. There is quite a bit of road frontage in front of my house that I keep clean. I find plenty of bottles and butts, but any food is gone or only bits remaining when I pick up.

Richard Stein

Crying over spilt milk

To the editor:
After reading the stories on the decline of farms one would conclude that we are in danger of having a food shortage in the USA. In fact what I see the opposite is true. We have an epidemic of obesity in this country. The decline of farm stories are just another example of fake news being spewed out by a lazy media these days.

Walter O'Brien

NRA are good people

To the editor:
Some think the National Rifle Association is intent on harming America and selling guns to everyone; that's only true in the small minds that live in clouds of delusion!
The NRA doesn't sell guns like Walmart and K-mart do as did the Sears catalog! The NRA promotes Training, Marksmanship, Education, Responsible gun ownership, protecting Constitutional Rights and common-sense laws and are the leaders in promoting gun & hunter safety.
Our award winning ‘Eddie the Eagle GunSafe' program for kids & ‘Refuse to be a Victim' seminars have saved countless lives!
Formed (1871) continues to promote marksmanship, gun use training to our Military, Police and our Citizens correctly & safely; is the oldest pro-gun rights & gun-safety organization with over 6 million members.
A gun, an inanimate object; can't pull its own trigger, can't load itself & can't aim itself. It needs a human operator!
With all hurtful crime, the gun's just hardware; it's the person that uses the gun, hammer, knife, baseball bat or the like. If someone's intent on killing or doing harm, THEY WILL!
This is a mental issue! Normal people don't go around shooting other people; law-abiding citizens will shoot to defend others from someone attacking/shooting them! NRA people will ‘Defend not Offend!'
Gun Free Zones, obeyed only by the Law-Abiding, are not common-sense law, are where schools are, where Gabby Gifford's was shot having no police protection and where mass shootings are! GFZ's are Free Killing Zones! That's law that doesn't work, yet it still exists!
According to an article in the National Review, Obama & Holder let thousands of guns get into Mexican Cartels hands that are still killing innocent people known as ‘Fast n Furious'! Weapons type used in school shootings today!
Where law-abiding carry, criminals don't!
NRA is common-sense, gun safety & good people! You might even know one or two!

Don Dittmer
Lake Huntington

Another view on the farm crisis

To the editor:
Mr. O'Brien of Liberty, I'd like to thank you for your letter of July 13. It gives me an opportunity to educate you and others about your incorrect opinions.
People don't get obese from eating food from a farm. They get sick and obese from eating the processed food and additives that our food companies and Congress have allowed to be sold to us.
Did you ever read a label on the food you eat? By the time the boxed food is packaged it hardly has any value for your body. These foods are not filling (empty calories), and people need more and more food to feel satisfied.
People are getting obese and increasing our population of diabetics from the large bottles of soda they are consuming. Even the ones marked “diet” are a detriment to our health and the amounts that are being consumed is staggering. People are getting sick because farmers are going out of business, and we are forced to eat fruits and vegetables from other countries that are sprayed with harmful pesticides and feces filled water; because our companies do not have to tell us that they are irradiating our food, and now to be able to buy products that are not irradiated, we have to look for the “non-GMO' label that of course raises the cost. People are obese because sugar is a main ingredient in packaged food and drinks. Did you ever stand in a coffee shop and watch people empty the sugar jar into their coffee?
And with that said, think of all the new fast food and coffee/donut places that have opened here. Poor people are the least healthy and the most obese because of all the snacks that are available, full of salt and sugar and cheaper than healthy food. I strongly suggest that you watch a documentary called “What the Health” and educate yourself before you sound off on the media on a subject you obviously know nothing about.
We are not in danger of a food shortage, but a shortage of healthy food that we can afford. It is a terrible thing that our farms are going out of business. Our farmers are people who work hard for very little.
I'm not talking about the company farms, the ones that will be using GMO seed so that your foods can be on the shelves longer without rotting. Chemical companies like Monsanto are already in charge of our food, using their products to alter our food.
Farming has been the backbone of our country - they have the original values that formed this country. They are disappearing and so are our values. It is sad that a man of no values, our President, has opened the faucet to allow people with your values and misinformation to spew your unknowledgeable negativity all over us.
Thank you Democrat for adding your view to this letter.

Pamela Zaitchick
Glen Wild

High Speed Internet

To the editor:
In the Tuesday 7/10 issue you had an article about high speed internet. While I know people who have problems I am on the opposite side of that coin. Not only is my internet fast, it is much faster than the Comcast account I have in Florida. Up here with Spectrum I have better internet, better TV, and better phone service. And when I had a problem they were at my doorstep the next morning. Call me mister lucky.

Leslie Shenkel

Rocky's Refuge

To the editor:
We recently had an abundance of cats in Swan Lake, and had difficulty getting help until we reached out to Rocky's Refuge. Virginia immediately made arrangements to have the cats trapped, neutered and spayed and either adopted or returned them to the location they came from. Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Nebzydoski, the animals are taken care of at a very reduced rate.
I can't say enough about this organization and, if you want to make a donation to an organization that spends all of its money on the animals, this is the place to donate to. Your donation is tax deductible. Middletown pays $25 towards the cost of each spay and neuter. It would be wonderful if Sullivan County could do the same.
They also run a seasonal flea market on Saturdays at 185 Lake Street and if you have items to donate, it's certainly a worthwhile cause. For more information, Virginia can be reached at 607-498-5445 or at
We are extremely grateful for their help.

Nancy Levine
Swan Lake

Response to ‘bleeding hearts'

To the editor:
Reading the letters to the editor of the Democrat about the sob stories of separation of children from their mommies & daddies of immigrants illegally entering this country is disgusting. These “bleeding hearts” just don't get it!
First of all nobody would like to see families separated. But we have laws in our great country (USA) that must be followed, obeyed and enforced and thank God we have a President that is doing just that.
These parents knew illegal entry in the United States may result in a jail sentence. Why would these parents bring their children with them when they knew it was illegal and they may be separated?
It was said that some of these people were not even parents of the children they brought here, they used the children to get a way to enter this country and then abandoned them.
We must protect Americans first and then see if we can help the rest of the world. I say, send the parents and their children back from where they came from. And again, thank you President Trump for enforcing our laws and keeping us safe!

Karen Kegel

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