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Wednesday, January 22, 2020


What to say?

To the editor:
A few issues ago, a Democrat reader dared other readers to find and report five lies Donald Trump has uttered.
An alert and industrious reader replied (1-10-20) with five (5) researched and documented verifiable, provable, irrefutable, undeniable, substantive, oft-reported lies by the president.
The intrepid first reader shot back (1-14): these are not lies; they are exaggerations.
What does one make of such a response? Where does one go? What to say? Here's a possibility: You cannot make this stuff up.

Bill Duncan

Thank You Senator Metzger

To the editor:
State Senator Jen Metzger is working hard for Sullivan County; let me count the ways!
She urged the state Public Service Commission to reject NYSEG's (New York State Electric and Gas Corp) request to increase your electric bill by 23%. This would add $10.20 per month to your bill on average. NYSEG wants to do this to increase their profits by 9.5%! She also took the company to task for poor ‘preventive maintenance' which resulted in many power outages. She opposed the company's closure of its walk-in office in Liberty, saying it presents difficulties for the poor and elderly. There will be a public hearing on the proposed rate hike on March 2nd.
In Sullivan County some 2,789 residents don't have high-speed internet. Jen is aiming to fix that with Bill #S5696 which moves to construct broadband and fiber optics in rural areas. She affirms that “Our children's education and every kind of business depends upon (high-speed internet), whether it's a farm or a small bed and breakfast.”
Senator Metzger did an amazing service for the people in the Roscoe School District of Liberty. Due to a late tax filing they owed the state $1.4 million. Bill #S2611 removed the debt and was signed by the Senate, Assembly and the Governor. Breathe a sigh of relief and thank Senator Metzger!

Doris Chorny


To the editor:
Kudos to the newly elected members of the Sullivan County Legislature now being chaired by local businessman Rob Doherty, and to the Executive Committee, who rescinded the proposed land deal in Rock Hill last Thursday which would have been the site of a new visitors center. The resolution will now be voted on by the full board.
The former legislators agreed to buy the land valued at $80,000 for a staggering $400,000! During the last election, the voters spoke loud and clear to all the candidates and the deal was rescinded by a vote of 7 to-1 this past week when the new legislators met for the first time after the elections-so an election promise was finally kept.
Plans are now underway to accommodate the needs of the Visitors Association. I would rather the Visitors Association do more to promote and bring much needed resources to our local businesses and organizations in our small river towns rather than build a $4.5 million dollar center.

Paula Campbell

Starting to see the light?

To the editor:
It is nice to see some conservatives (The Lincoln Project) and Evangelicals (Christianity Today, Mark Galli) finally acknowledge what has been obvious for a while, that their embrace of the most hateful, divisive, incompetent, immoral and corrupt president in history might impose serious harm to their credibility, reputed principles and political longevity. Despite being the beneficiaries of this lawless GOP regime's subversion of our constitution, these patriots have stood for democracy, and I applaud them.
But it should be more well-known than it apparently is that nearly everything we have done as a country, that has made us great, has been a result of progressive activism, from both parties, once upon a time. I invite the conservative readership to please opine on this.
From Abolition to Suffrage, child labor, unions, Anti-Trust, The New Deal, education standards, veterans benefits, welfare, environmental protections, national parks, desegregation, minimum wage, Roe v. Wade, the Voting Rights Act, Social Security and Medicare, Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Affordable Care Act, gay rights, etc. Also, Prohibition. That one was a mistake. Point is every time, we dragged conservatives along, kicking and screaming. What have conservatives done?
Not much in my lifetime but indecent war profiteering, pioneering shameless corporate ownership of Congress, constant reincarnations of long debunked trickle- down economics featuring obscene tax cuts, subsidies and deregulation benefiting an oligarchy that profits regardless of our exploding federal deficit and resulting recessions. Also repeated assaults on gains we have made for social justice. We are in an emergency. We cannot afford to go backwards anymore.
Onward: Our greed has made us pathetic stewards of nature. We've made moderate strides to protect pets, but our farm (now mostly factory) animals, and the people tasked to raise them, really need us to reexamine our humanity.

Jennifer Young

Why even have street lights?

To the editor:
The Town of Bethel will meet once more to move forward on converting all street lights in the town to LED. I am all for “greenness” but over in our part of town there is only one street light, at the intersection of 17B and Burr Rd. Why is it there?
The Incandescence has no practical application except for locals sighting their 22 calibers. So I ask, Why does the town of Bethel even have street lights? Perhaps so the deer can find a crosswalk?
Bethel would more so qualify as a “Green” award winner if we just turned off the street lights (wherever they are)?

Joseph Pawlick

Trump just exaggerates a little

To the editor:
Ever hear someone say, “[I'm] So hungry I could eat a horse,” “When I get home my parents will kill me,” “I laughed my head off,” or “It's raining cats and dogs?” All exaggerations.
The Five Lies attributed to President Trump by Rebekah Creshkoff (1-10-20) are just that. Exaggerations that really didn't hurt anyone.
How about “You can keep your doctor and rates will go down” or “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky”?
Compare Trump's [lies?] with all he's accomplished in three years despite The Democrats' opposition. Three years and millions of dollars wasted on impeachment investigations that went nowhere.
A robust economy, tax cuts, cuts in regulations resulting in low unemployment, energy independence, rebuilding the military, record stock market figure, trade deals that favors the USA for a change, the list goes on and on.
No credit by the news media. Fox News is one of the only news channels that does.
Thank God we have a President with the backbone to tell it how it is and doesn't go around the world apologizing for America's greatness.

Fred Niessen
Pleasant Valley

Fix, Don't Scrap Bail Reforms

To the editor:
Kudos to State Senators James Skoufis and Jen Metzger for supporting ways to address bail reform problems without throwing the baby out with the bath water. For centuries, a different standard of justice has been available to the well to do. It is arrogance to presume only poor defendants pose a risk to public safety. Restraints on violent offenders must apply to all, regardless of their income. The reforms Mr. Skoufis suggests ensure public safety, while continuing work to level the judicial playing field. A list of criteria might help make the dangerous defendant designation a more uniform, less arbitrary process, adding protection for defendants appearing before judges who may come from a more prosecutorial background. Removing aspects of the two-tiered justice system that grossly discriminates against poor defendants is long overdue. These reforms are a good start but much more needs to be done, and the sooner the better for everyone.

Star D. Hesse

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