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Saturday, May 25, 2019



Guest editorial for May 24, 2019

One of our country's foremost national holidays is Memorial Day…and that holiday is this Monday!
But then again every day should be Memorial Day. It's a time to honor and commemorate fallen U.S. service members. It has been said, and rightfully so, that more than 1 million Americans who have more


The facts of life

To the editor:
In Roe vs Wade the US Supreme Court decision allowed “right to abortion” based on “right to privacy”. This decision hinged on the Court's unresolved “…difficult questions of when life begins…” Furthermore, the Court stated “If personhood (for the unborn) is established the more

Inside Out

Our mental health desert

Deaths of despair sound like something you'd expect in Victorian novels or far-off places plagued by war and famine.
It's 2019. Deaths of despair— defined as deaths from suicide or drug overdose— are right here and very much a problem. Sullivan County's “deaths of despair” rate is 46 per more


LIFELINES: Welcome to the Palace
Our action-packed trip to Europe continued as our plane landed in Vienna, Austria. Dear husband John, along with our daughter Liz, her husband Peter, and our beautiful granddaughter Adeline got into a nice Mercedes van to take us to the Hotel Imperial, the more

Long Ago

To live in peace

As I celebrated Memorial Day I was drawn back in memory to the end of World War II.
I had returned home in May, 1945 to help Papa in the Demo­crat office. Help was hard to get and there were no young men available.
A gigantic plan to cross the English Channel and land on the French more

The Way I See It

B.A.T.S. In Liberty

There has been a lot of news on the creation of a Veteran's home located at 15 Dixon Street Liberty, New York. This home was donated to the New Beginnings Community Worship Center of Liberty. The Congregation thought of what would be the best possible use for this generous donation made by the more

Sense of Direction

Back from Florida

During my second week in Sarasota, I did accomplish one of my main goals which was to get together with Mary Jane Miller, a former trapeze artist who, as I mentioned in my last column is now over 90. As it turns out, she is 97, still drives and is so active that we had to wait until our second more

Here & There

A Day Of Honor

We hope Memorial Day had a special meaning to you?
We saw yesterday many Memorial Day events at cemeteries where veterans and spiritual leaders spoke.
Many communities hosted parades honoring the military, however, in many communities around the country these events have been more

Guest Editorial

Investing in our region

Orange County is one of the fastest-growing counties in New York state and, for more than a decade, we have been seeing a boom in economic activity.
But we've reached a fork in the road. We must invest in our infrastructure and expand the Route 17 corridor to ensure our quality of life and more


As I see it …

For the last several weeks, I have been writing articles primarily against Mr. Trump. It has gotten to a point that I will simply be saying the same thing again. It is interesting to note that the folks who write in do not respond to the fundamental questions that I have raised in regard to the more

Cooking in the Country

Garden and tips

This week I am alloting some time over this nice three-day weekend to start my very own herb garden! Herbs are one of my favorite things, and can really transform a dish or drink and make it taste so fresh.
I am so excited to connect with nature. Get ready for mint mojitos, and some fine pesto more

My Turn

Peter Florance

I hadn't seen him in well over a year. Not because I didn't want to but sometimes life interferes, takes you in different directions. Regardless, I have always had a warm spot in my heart for him. So it was with great sadness when I learned of his passing. This was a special person who made the more

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