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Thursday, July 20, 2017



Life jacket? Wear it!

A man died on the Delaware River last weekend in an apparent drowning while on a canoe trip with his friends and family. He was not wearing a Personal Floatation Device (PFD), a.k.a. a life jacket. Pending autopsy results, it will be the first confirmed drowning case in our area of the Upper more


How to fix healthcare

To the editor:
Thirty-two of 33 developed nations have universal health care, with the United States the lone exception. The cost to us is 50 to 100 percent higher per capita than these other countries, yet the World Health Organization ranks the US at 37 out of 199 in health care outcome. With more

Inside Out

The 7 Steps to Waking a Tween Body at Rest

Science class should have prepared me for this stage of parenting. We learned Newton's law in physics: a body at rest tends to stay until an external force acts upon it.
What they didn't tell us was that said body would be our tween children and said external force would one day be us. Nor did more


Finding Delights

I have been spending the week in New York City having adventures with my darling three-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter Adeline. We've been having quite a time of it!
Online I discovered Mommy Poppins at, a great website for anyone looking to find activities for their more

Long Ago

Happy Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated the 70th birthday of my son, Tim Robisch. It doesn't seem possible that he is 70. When I was a child growing up in the 30s someone 70 was really old. Yet here he is - strong, vital and the heart and spirit of his family. My feelings are so strong I don't know whether to more

The Way I See It

B.A.T.S. In Liberty

There has been a lot of news on the creation of a Veteran's home located at 15 Dixon Street Liberty, New York. This home was donated to the New Beginnings Community Worship Center of Liberty. The Congregation thought of what would be the best possible use for this generous donation made by the more

Sense of Direction

Good times

I missed the first two Wednesday night Callicoon Center Band concerts which start at 8. I can hear them starting to tune up shortly after 7 from my house across the brook.
There are ten of them, ending on August 30th so I will try to get to as many of the remaining ones as I can.
I had more

Here & There

How Many Have Been Taken To The Woodshed?

The headline in our column this week might not be understood by some but to the older folks in our society they know that the term "taken to the woodshed", used many years ago, meant you were going to get a spanking.
Well who would have ever thought that the leading topic at a recent graduation more

Guest Editorial

Please recycle

Garbage is viewed as something that has to be thrown away because it's unwanted or worthless. It's material that takes up space, smells bad, attracts pests and spreads disease. Unfortunately, we generate lots of this undesirable stuff - on average, New Yorkers produce over 4.4 more


As I see it …

For the last several weeks, I have been writing articles primarily against Mr. Trump. It has gotten to a point that I will simply be saying the same thing again. It is interesting to note that the folks who write in do not respond to the fundamental questions that I have raised in regard to the more

Cooking in the Country

Summer bean salad

We all have one... a favorite summer bean salad recipe. This one takes the cake for me though, and it comes from my aunt Laurie on my father's side.
She got the recipe from my grandmother Shirley, who was a marvelous cook. I remember feasting on this one night, during one of my many sleepovers more

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