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Friday, May 29, 2020

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Rant and Rave

Dec 30, 2019

By Anne Foland - columnist

There are two words in the English language which are similar in spelling but opposite in meaning. Those words are rant and rave.
My rant concerns the postal service and its' failure to serve. Where I live the post office is known as “the swamp”. Luckily our area has an auxiliary office where the service is great.
For an example if 20 people were in line at the main office only one person would be serving.
Four other employees are clearly visible sitting at desks through an open door. Why is there only one worker bee while there are four supervisor bees? Clearly thee is something amiss.
Last week after completing my marathon of baking cookies for my family I hoped to get all of them shipped in time for Christmas enjoyment.
Service at the Scotchtown branch of the postal service was excellent and I decided to ship the cookies at the two-day rate despite the additional expense. In all five packages of cookies cost me $72.36. None of the packages arrived on time and, as I write this, one package is still missing. Today I will attempt to locate my missing cookies and find out what happened.
In sharp contrast to my feelings about the lost cookies I offer my joy at spending Christmas with so many members of the family. We gathered at the home of my granddaughter and her husband for a wonderful day. It was a joy to see so many of my family members including four of my great-grandchildren.
The house glowed with decorations and Christmas spirit. My granddaughter had planned a delicious meal and all of us arrived early for the celebration.
It is our custom to open our gifts by rank. Adults receive their gifts first while the children wait for theirs on pins and needles.
I cannot even describe all the gifts I received including my favorite--gift cards for future shopping. I was astonished with the generosity of my family. I told my daughter Elaine that the love I invested in their childhood had returned a marvelous harvest. Many of the gifts were useful immediately and I look forward to those gift cards for outings with Anne Marie. The love on that day was almost visible in the air. It was definitely a keepsake moment. Many of my friends shared the same experience with their families.
I still have to solve my postal problem but I go cloaked in love and concern. Hopefully the problem can be resolved and our Christmas celebration will continue.
I hope all of your holidays were joyful and crowned with love for one another. On to 2020.

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