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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Bethel taxidermist would like help finding ‘King'

Nov 10, 2019

By Fred Stabbert III - publisher

A deer's horns are alive when they are growing and said to be “in the velvet.” This picture shows King last summer as his horns were in velvet and he was growing his impressive rack.
BETHEL - Bethel taxidermist Fernando Neves has not only mounted trophies for his hunter's walls - he also raises them.
In a fenced-in yard behind his taxidermist studio at the corner of Route 17B and Donaldson Rd., Neves has worked on growing trophy whitetails for about 15 years. He has raised many trophies and sold them to outfitters in New York who then charge hunters a fee for hunting the animals.
But late this summer, one of Neves' prized deer, nicknamed ‘King,' got out.
“A few dogs got in the pen and the deer kept crashing into the corner of the fence until they got out,” Neves said.
“I got them all back but him.
“He's still running around in Bethel,” he said.
Neves has been on a serious mission to locate the trophy whitetail, which he estimates would score about 200 Boone & Crocket.
The eight-year-old buck will be fairly easy to identify, for besides the 21-point massive rack, King has a yellow tag with the No. 4 on it in his left ear and two metal tags, one in each ear, with ID numbers on it.
Neves has ridden the roads of Bethel - Hurd, Pucky Huddle, Dr. Duggan and others - in search of his buck.
Many of his friends have called him to say they saw King, but Neves has yet to spot him.
He thought he saw him last week on Pucky Huddle.
“I saw this huge buck in the swamp over there,” Neves said. “But it wasn't him.
“If by chance anyone does shoot him, I would appreciate it if they contact me,” Neves said. “I have a lot of money invested in him.”
Neves is quite attached to King. “I bottle fed him when he was a baby.”

If you see or accidentally shoot King, Please call Fernando Neves at 845-583-7814 or

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