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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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Grodins upstage Groundhog:

Monticello's Ryan and Sarah Grodin prevail on balmy Belleayre

Feb 7, 2019

By Richard A. Ross - reporter/photographer

Monticello's Sarah Grodin evinced the fastest time at Belleayre Mt. on February 4 in the Giant Slalom races.
BELLEAYRE -- Just two days after Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow for only the 19th time in the 133 years of the Groundhog Day extravaganza, the mercury shot up from last week's sub-zero readings to a balmy 52 degrees.
According to the rodent's radar that no-shadow occurrence augurs an early spring. Following last week's Polar Vortex, the temperate slopes on Belleayre Mountain on February 4 would seem to have given some credence to the groundhog's prognostications.
That said, according to the Stormfax Weather Data Almanac, the toothy teller has been right only 39 percent of the time so we won't count winter as gone quite yet. The warm temperatures were great for photographers and onlookers but a bit troublesome for skiers who encountered vastly different conditions on their giant slalom runs from the colder top of the mountain to its more moderate mid-course readings.
Edges were very useful up top but the softer snow down below led to a significant number of falls and DNF's (did not finish).

Monticello's Ryan Grodin was the boys' top finisher unseating teammate Shane Bittinger who had won every race thus far this season. Sarah Grodin was tops among girls leading one to consider the family victory affair as Grodin-Day supplanting Groundhog Day with more impressive, relevant and certifiable outcomes.
A couple of runs at Holiday Mountain will precede the upcoming Sectionals to be held at Hunter Mountain on February 12.

Team results: Monticello (M) 10:56.80; Kingston (K) 13:12.75; Fallsburg/Tri-Valley (F-TV) DNF; Liberty (L) DNF; Onteora (O) DNF; Rondout Valley (RV) DNF
Individual results: 1. Sarah Grodin (M) 1:07.06; 2. Julia Strauss (O) 1:10.36; 3. Julia Johnston (L) 1:10.78; 4. Jessica Blakesley (M) 1:11.88; 5. Tierney Byron (O) 1:15.06; 6. Kaitlyn Miller (M) 1:15.72; 7. Harly Taylor (M) 1:16.59; 8. Carly Bigando (K) 1:18.07; 9. Analie Ingalsbe (O) 1:18,08; 10. Sarah Shamah (M) 1:20.32; 11. Vera Hrab (RV) 1:21.38; 12. Taylor Tyler (SW) 1:21.69; 13. Lucia Kennedy (SW) 1:23.08; 14. Baylee Szekeres (RV) 1:23.70; 15. Emily Schmidt (F-TV) 1:24.83.
Team results: Monticello (M) 9:00.26; Tri-Valley (T-V) 9:25.45; Kingston (K) 9:36.34; Onteora (O) 10:06.25; Sullivan West 11:03.49; Fallsburg DNF; Liberty DNF; Rondout Valley DNF
Individual results: 1. Ryan Grodin (M) 1:01.91; 2. Sean Reynolds (K) 1:02.06; 3. John Strauss (O) 1:04.15; 4. Brendan Pavese (T-V) 1:04.94; 5. Kyle Foss (M) 1:05.13; 6. Jack Rein (M) 1:05.70; 7. Owen Martin (O) 1:08.32; 8. Austin Hartman (T-V) 1:09.74; 9. Raffaele Legnini (O) 1:09.79; 10. Oliver Rands (O) 1:10.00; 11. Nick Deising (K) 1:12.19; 12. Chris Pitula (M) 1:12.25; 13. Jonathon Schmidt (T-V) 1:12.53; 14. Joe Schulte (T-V) 1:12.56; 15. Ned Van Loan (K) 1:14.98.

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