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The day started with more than a half hour’s drive to Honesdale, and a plan to get something framed, pick up an order at the bike shop, mail a package, buy a spool of thread, repair a garden … more
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to love salmon. It’s definitely an acquired taste. My father and I love it, and my mother and husband are not big fans. I guess not everyone can be … more
If you suffer from seasonal allergies like my wife, Vicki, does, then this year has been a doozie so far. To try to provide some natural relief, we went looking for some bee pollen this past weekend … more
Last week we celebrated one of the most popular food items in our country. Sorry to disappoint you, but it was not the McRib nor the newly introduced “Grandma McFlurry.” Just to bring you … more
When my husband was a kid, his friends used to call him Jamsey. In fact they continued to call him that when they all became adults. Although   some of them flat out refused to grow up, I … more
1. Are you trying to take over the world? No, I am not trying to take over the world. As an AI language model…I don’t have intentions, desires, or consciousness…The goal of … more
Folks, I’d like to take a few minutes to talk with you about your mulch. First, let me say that I’m pro-mulch. Have been most of my adult life. Some of my best friends use mulch. But … more
The Bicycle Ballyhoo began in ‘75 in an elevator at The Hotel Bretton Hall on 86th and Broadway, when Didier Bacri turned to me and said, “You should get a bicycle.” And I did. … more
I’ve realized that the older I become, the more I am turning into my mother. As a kid, I was very anti anything that tasted like or resembled an egg. At every birthday party, my mother would … more
Well, No Mow May paid dividends this year. Last week I caught a swarm of bees in the bee trap I had set up at the store. I’ve now moved them to my bee yard in my garden at home and hopefully … more
Most of you probably recognize that line from the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” In the film, a tornado touches down in Kansas and sends Dorothy and her little dog Toto on a soul-searching … more
People who know me well are aware that I feel I must have at least one banana a day or I cannot function. So when my friend John Bale, who now lives in Conneticut, saw a truck full of bananas turn … more
The Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association (SCVA) is pouring its heart into promoting our award-winning destination to locals, neighbors, and both regional and domestic audiences. Over the past … more
In 1960, when I was four, the word ‘memorial’ had no meaning. Put it with ‘day’ and it meant, parade. Memorial Day Parade. What was it for? A clue may have been found in … more
I’m often asked why I keep writing about the Catskills. Why I share stories about those days when tens of thousands of folks would be drawn out of the city and up to the mountains on the … more
The dictionary defines a humdinger as “a remarkable or outstanding thing of its kind.” Well, this is the time of the year, when in our neck of the woods, we welcome back the humdingers of … more
It’s time of year in nature when babies are born and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) wants you to learn, “If You Care, Leave It There”. The DEC … more
Sometimes you don’t get along with a health practitioner and you have to change to a different one. Such was the case last week when I went for my tri-weekly exam and immunotherapy infusion. … more
The burn ban is finally over and now I can start cleaning my yard so that I will be able to mow as we get toward the end of May. My lawn is about eight to ten inches high right now and of course I … more
If you need a physical embodiment of the passage of time you do not have to look any further than the cell phone. Specifically, I can gauge the passing of the years by examining the development of … more
In my last column, I wrote about funny people in my life. One of them was my sister-in-law, Marion. I thought of another saying of hers that I forgot to include. Since she was a hair dresser, people … more
  I want to preface this by saying that I rarely keep plants alive. This could be why my husband purchased myself a self-watering herb garden planter. However, this has been my fifth year in a … more
It’s rare to have a best day these days, especially if you are me. But I had one this past Saturday, at JURNI’s Mother’s Day Health and Wellness fair. JURNI, located in Cocheton, NY … more
Many of us take for granted how lucky we are to live in an area that offers scenic beauty as we drive on our roads. That thought came to mind last week when I was stuck in traffic as I was leaving … more
Lately I have been absolutely obsessed with all things ramps, including ramp pesto. If you haven’t tried them already, I highly suggest it. Their season will only last for about two more weeks! … more
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