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Ramona's Ramblings
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A friend called, “Everyone’s grousing about the UPS box that went missing from Main Street Callicoon!” he shouts before adding, “And I think you should find out what … more
R: I understand you wrote to Elvis.   A: Yes R: How old were you? A: I’m gonna say I was nine or ten years-old. R: And how did you find his address? A: I … more
I was going to do a piece on July 4th and how fireworks, thrilling as they may be, also disturb nesting birds, domestic pets and many young children, including myself when I was a wee one. And then I … more
While balancing a large garden salad on my lap, an even larger word salad was tossed from my laptop in a single breath. And it went like this:   “I am a trans-masculine fem, … more
The day started with more than a half hour’s drive to Honesdale, and a plan to get something framed, pick up an order at the bike shop, mail a package, buy a spool of thread, repair a garden … more
1. Are you trying to take over the world? No, I am not trying to take over the world. As an AI language model…I don’t have intentions, desires, or consciousness…The goal of … more
The Bicycle Ballyhoo began in ‘75 in an elevator at The Hotel Bretton Hall on 86th and Broadway, when Didier Bacri turned to me and said, “You should get a bicycle.” And I did. … more
In 1960, when I was four, the word ‘memorial’ had no meaning. Put it with ‘day’ and it meant, parade. Memorial Day Parade. What was it for? A clue may have been found in … more
Sometimes you don’t get along with a health practitioner and you have to change to a different one. Such was the case last week when I went for my tri-weekly exam and immunotherapy infusion. … more
It’s rare to have a best day these days, especially if you are me. But I had one this past Saturday, at JURNI’s Mother’s Day Health and Wellness fair. JURNI, located in Cocheton, NY … more
I’m trying not to use the word “believe” anymore as in “I believe…” What does it matter what I believe? What I believe is not important, and may or may not be the … more
We all know her…or shall I say knew her? She was a beauty. Even in her old age. Stoic throughout the years. A trouper with immense tenacity holding up to life’s hardships. We all … more
I spent the night in Cochecton, NY. Not at a hotel, but rather at JURNI located at 420 Bernas Road, a new healing center open round the clock seven days a week. Co-owned by local entrepreneurs, … more
We all know people who argue with the word, no. It’s hard enough standing up to those types, even harder when you, yourself, have trouble saying “no” to begin with. Here’s a … more
Power outages and earthquakes are not something we typically get around here. Oh sorry, outages? Yes! Earthquakes? Not really, so let’s just start with the latest power outage. Andre and I … more
The job of record producer was always to keep intact the integrity of the artist while at the same time defining their sound. In the 70s, different producers had different approaches, all hopefully … more
The first Keytruda infusion went okay with one exception. The IV nurse, Nancy, got a little nervous. After installing the IV, she quickly pulled it out, bandaged me, and then ran out of the room … more
Today is the first official day of spring, even though it seems we’ve been having spring all winter. Who can complain? Certainly, not me! Seeing that it is spring, I thought to do something … more
My friend hides her garlic and other valuables in the back seat of her car hoping that no one will break in and steal them. It’s like hiding your valuables in your shoe at the beach. Well, not … more
“Do you hear that noise?” asks my husband as we drive along the Robert Casey Highway, him pointing toward the car’s hood as if giving me a clue. “No,” I say in all … more
It was March ‘76 and my new friend Patti and I were going to see a band whose leader, Clifford Carter, Patti knew from college, The University of Miami’s Music School. Thanks to Patti, … more
Though I could only type twenty-eight words per minute, my mother had the bright idea to send me to secretarial school. I attended a Katharine Gibbs-like school right up the street from where we … more
Formed in ‘71, the band New York Dolls were forerunners of the punk scene along with T. Rex, the Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop and the Stooges. By ‘74, the Dolls had released two … more
Jag is short for Jaguar of which there are two kinds, cats and cars. The ‘cat’ was Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. The car, his collectable E-type lime green Jaguar. Truth: Driving … more
Wintertime…a time to dream of warmer days. Some of us can afford to buy those warmer days by jetting to the South of France. I only wish I could. However, most of us hunker down in our snow … more
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