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2021-22 All Sullivan County Track and Field teams

Posted 7/22/22

SULLIVAN COUNTY – Student athletes are busy enjoying their summers, honing their skills and spending time with friends and family while waiting to leave for college or back to high school. …

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2021-22 All Sullivan County Track and Field teams


SULLIVAN COUNTY – Student athletes are busy enjoying their summers, honing their skills and spending time with friends and family while waiting to leave for college or back to high school. For those that are moving on to the next chapter, as well as those returning, there were many great performances from this spring season. So many, in fact, that we here at the Democrat had to wait until July to get the full list together.

And here it is, the 2021-22 All Sullivan County Team for Track and Field.

Boys 1st Team All Sullivan County

Tahir Denton (M) 110m Hurdles

Tim Dirie (L) 400m Hurdles

Jujuan Swasey (M) 100m, 300m

Evan Waterton (M) 400m, 800m, 1600m, 3000m S.C., 3200m

Jadden Bryant (M) Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump

Dylan Sager (SW) Pole Vault

Chris Campanelli (SW) Shot Put, Discus

Collin Mentnech (TV) Javelin

Brandon Kaplan (TV) Hammer Throw

Quenten Liciaga (M) Pentathalon

Monticello 4x100

Monticello 4x400

Tri-Valley 4x800

Boys 2nd Team All Sullivan County

Shawn Coles (L) 110m Hurdles

Tahir Denton (M) 400m Hurdles

Rohan Patrick (M) 100m, 200m

Gabe Desrochers (L) 400m, 800m

Adam Furman (TV) 1600m, 3200m

Caleb Edwards (TV) 3000m S.C.

Tarrell Spencer (SW) Long Jump, Triple Jump

Jamar Jackson (M) High Jump

Dominick Furlipa (E) Pole Vault

Brandon Kaplan (TV) Shot Put

Armaan Butler (TV) Discus, Hammer Throw

Talan Scanna (TV) Javelin

Noah Jucha (TV) Pentathalon

Liberty 4x100m

Liberty 4x400m

Monticello 4x800m

Boys Honorable Mentions

Hurdles: Trai Kaufmann (E), Jefferson Gallo, Edwin Morales (F), Christian Corces, Jesse Corces, Josie Galeas, Quenten Liciaga, Elijah Rausch (M), Peter March, Dylan Sager (SW), Nick Bender, Adam Furman, Noah Jucha, Nick Jucha, Brandon Schultz (TV)

Sprints: Donovan Hart, Nazir Lopez (F), Gabe Desrochers, Tim Dirie, Wayne Kratz (L), Joey Park (LM/R), Jadon Swasey, Enrique Gonzalez (M), Aoleces Jiminez, Tarrell Spencer (SW), Noah Edwards, Brandon Kaplan (TV)

Mid Distance: Erick Llanos (L), Daniel Aiello, Osei Helper (LM/R), DeAndre Armour, Enrique Golzalez, Edwardo Salinas (M), Dylan Sager (SW), Craig Costa, Adam Furman, Dayne Wall (TV)

Distance: Carlos Campos-Castro (L), Zach Dertinger (LM/R), Frankie Giorgianni (M), Dylan Sager, Karl Swanson, Landon Volpe (SW), Craig Costa, Van Furman, Thomas Houghtaling (TV)

Vertical Jumps: Trai Kaufmann (E), Andrew Gaebel (LM/R), Enderson Abraham, Raphael Liciaga, Quenten Liciaga, David Williams (M), Danny Shami (SW), Nick Bender, Kristoff Guanzon, Connor Rafferty, Brandon Schultz (TV)

Horizontal Jumps: Trai Kaufmann (E), Nazir Lopez (F), Shawn Coles, Chase Racette (L), Enderson Abraham, Christian Corces, Jamar Jackson, Quenten Liciaga (M), William Nearing, Danny Shami (SW), Noah Jucha (TV)

Throws: Edwin Morales, Oliver Norminton, Mateo Scanna, Allie Wiener (F), Chase Racette (L), Jesse Corces (M), Dillon Hanslmaier, Danny Shami (SW), Armaan Butler, Robert Denman, Mark Klein, Dylan Poley (TV) 

Relays: Eldred, Fallsburg, Livingston Manor/Roscoe, Sullivan West

Pentathlon: Raphael Liciaga (M), Collin Mentnech (TV)

Girls 1st Team All Sullivan County

Taina DeJesus (M) 100m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles

Kendall McGregor (TV) 100m, 200m, Pentathlon

Gisella King (F) 400m, Long Jump, High Jump

Amelia Mickelson (TV) 800m

Grace Boyd (SW) 1500m, 2000m S.C., 3000m

Zeniyah Gholson (M) Triple Jump

Kaitlyn Potter (E) Pole Vault

Kathryn Widmann (SW) Shot Put, Discus

Ksenia Sosnowski (E) Javelin

Brooke Mulholland (TV) Hammer Throw

Monticello 4x100

Monticello 4x400

Monticello 4x800

Girls 2nd Team All Sullivan County

Kendall McGregor (TV) 100m Hurdles, Long Jump

Grace Boyd (SW) 400m Hurdles

Alyssa Kavleski (L) 100m, 200m

Chelsea Reynolds (M) 400m

Diya Patel (M) 800m

Amelia Mickelson (TV) 1500m, 3000m

Ella Herbert (SW) 2000m S.C.

Viola Shami (SW) Triple Jump

Paige Parucki (SW) High Jump

Keely Schock (SW) Pole Vault

Lindsay Zgrodek (E) Shot Put, Javelin

Mackenzie Closs (TV) Discus

Kathryn Widmann (SW) Hammer Throw

Chrissy Wachter (TV) Pentathlon

Liberty 4x100

Sullivan West 4x400

Sullivan West 4x800

Girls Honorable Mentions

Hurdles: Katrina Blais, Sydania Foster (L), Peyton Darling (LM/R), Brooke Nunnari, Abby Parucki (SW), Joyce Brooks, Mackenzie Closs (TV)

Sprints: Zeniyah Gholson, Anna Payton (L), Meg Cruz, Chelsea Reynolds (M), Grace Boyd (SW)

Mid Distance: Sheyla Llanos, Anna Payton (L), Peyton Darling (LM/R), Taina DeJesus (M), Grace Boyd, Sam Everett, Jamie Hendrickson (SW), Brynn Poley (TV)

Distance: Meredith Anderman, Gisella King (F), Abby Morse, Kaitlyn Morse, Diya Patel (M), Jamie Hendrickson, Brooke Nunnari, Rosalyn Tanner (SW), Brynn Poley (TV)

Horizontal Jumps: Marie Hererra, Ashley Ingrassia (F), Alyssa Kavleski (L), Ayana Banks, Yami Escobar (M), Paige Parucki (SW), Mackenzie Closs, Grace Gozza (TV)

Vertical Jumps: Regan Kizer (E), Hannah Johnson (F), Chelsea Reynolds (M), Charlotte Cooper, Abby Parucki, Rosalyn Tanner (SW), Grace Gozza, Emily Hornbeck, Kendall McGregor (TV)

Throws: Alexis Williams (E), Arslyn Cantave, Emily Collura, Anna Dell’Aquila, Cici Mancia, Cyriah Russell (F), Viola Shami (SW), Katelyn Sauer (TV)

Pentathlon: Katelynn Smith, Madison Eisma (SW) 


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