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2024 All Sullivan County Track and Field Teams

Compiled by Frank Schorling
Posted 7/9/24

SULLIVAN COUNTY — The Sun has finally set on the 2023-24 school year. Seniors will be moving on from high school and underclassmen will be resting for the summer to return for another strong …

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2024 All Sullivan County Track and Field Teams


SULLIVAN COUNTY — The Sun has finally set on the 2023-24 school year. Seniors will be moving on from high school and underclassmen will be resting for the summer to return for another strong year of athletics in the fall.

Track and Field has consistently pumped out some incredible athletes, and this year was a record-breaking year for multiple schools in the county.

From school records being broken, and re-broken, to competitors reaching top-10 rankings in both the state and national rankings, this season displayed a ton of talent.

That said, there were plenty of standout athletes to recognize across the various events that they competed in. Here they are:

2024 Girls

All Sullivan County

First Team

100m Hurdles: Kendall McGregor (TV)

400m Hurdles: Sydania Foster (Lib)

100m: Zoey Ketcham (Falls)

200m: Zoey Ketcham (Falls)

400m: Chelsea Reynolds (Monti)

800m: Gracyn Halloran (SW)

1500m: Anna Furman (TV)

2000m Steeple: Anna Furman (TV)

3000m: Anna Furman (TV)

4x100m: Fallsburg

4x400m: Monticello

4x800m: Tri-Valley

Long Jump: Jordyn Wall-Carty (Falls)

Triple Jump: Hannah Johnson (Falls)

High Jump: Molly Van Etten (TV)

Pole Vault: Keely Schock (SW)

Shot Put: Adira-Virginia Greer-Padilla (Fallsburg)

Discus: Adira-Virginia Greer-Padilla (Falls)

Javelin: Aylah Bowers (Eldred)

Pentathlon: Tabitha Smith (Eldred)

Second Team

100m Hurdles: Hannah Johnson (Falls)

400m Hurdles: Katelynn Smith (SW)

100m: Jordyn Wall-Carty (Falls)

200m: Tiara Harris (Monti)

400m: Sydania Foster (Lib)

800m: Allyson Chevalier (TV)

1500m: Allyson Chevalier (TV)

2000m Steeple: Allyson Chevalier (TV)

3000m: Allyson Chevalier (TV)

4x100m: Liberty

4x400m: Sullivan West

4x800m: Monticello

Long Jump: Chole Brown (Monti)

Triple Jump: Molly Van Etten (TV)

High Jump: Hannah Johnson (Falls)

Pole Vault: Hanna Cavello (Monti)

Shot Put: Jazarah Ulu-McKune (SW)

Discus: Dakota Evans (TV)

Javelin: Marilyn Santos (Falls)

Pentathlon: Regan Kizer (Eld)

Honorable Mention

Sprints and Hurdles: Eldred: Tabitha Smith, Madison Daw; Fallsburg: Kaddyjatou Darboe; Liberty: Starriah Harris, Naima Canady Byam; Monticello: Tiara Harris, Ivelisse Rubert; Sullivan West: Brooke Nunnari, Emerson Mall, Violet Adams, Jamie Hendrickson; Tri-Valley: Molly Van Etten, Sophia Richardson

Middle Distance: Liberty: Adriana Ponce-Agredano; Monticello: Kalene Harris, Mariala Saint Eloi, Baya Titus, Reagan Zangla, Adisyn Somers; Sullivan West: Jasmine Green, Jamie Hendrickson; Tri-Valley: Sophia Richardson, Em Richardson, Amelia Mickelson

Distance: Eldred: Lillian Fisher; Fallsburg: Joslyn Odell-Schreier; Liberty: Audrey Krum; Monticello: Diya Patel, Adisyn Somers, Gabriella Brumbaugh

Relays: Eldred

Horizontal Jumps: Fallsburg: Hayden-Marie Herrera, Zoey Ketcham; Liberty: Rayanna Cottman, Jill Baumander; Monticello: Hanna Cavello, Kalene Harris; Sullivan West: Violet Adams, Jasmine Green; Tri-Valley: Sophia Richardson, Sami Mentnech

Vertical Jumps: Eldred: Tabitha Smith, Regan Kizer, Madison Daw, Angie Kehrley, Hailey Gochenour; Fallsburg: Zoey Ketcham; Monticello: Brielle DiCio; Sullivan West: Emerson Mall

Throws: Eldred: Alyena Galvin-Bliefernich, Regan Kizer, Chelsea Potter, Gabriella Wong; Fallsburg: Arslyn Cantave, Sanaya Aquil; Liberty: Valeria Cruz; Livingston Manor: Elizabeth Hermann; Monticello: Celeste D’Andrea, Ella Werbalowsky; Sullivan West: Rahmat Gambari; Tri-Valley: Ariana Small, Meilyn Jimenez

Pentathlon: Tri-Valley: Caelynn Babcock

2024 Boys

All Sullivan County

First Team

110m Hurdles: Tahir Denton (Monti)

400m Hurdles: Peter March (SW)

100m: Isaiah Young (Falls)

200m: Tyrese Shaw (Monti)

400m: Isaiah Young (Falls)

800m: Eduardo Salinas (Monti)

1600m: Van Furman (TV)

3000m Steeple: Van Furman (TV)

3200m: Van Furman (TV)

4x100m: Monticello

4x400m: Fallsburg

4x800m: Liberty

Long Jump: Quenten Liciaga (Monti)

Triple Jump: Jon Morabito (Eld)

High Jump: Tyiese Mack (Falls), Quenten Liciaga (Monti)

Pole Vault: Owen Messenger (Monti)

Shot Put: Kane Poje (TV)

Discus: Kane Poje (TV)

Javelin: Dylan Lockwood (SW)

Pentathlon: Treyvon Hayden (Falls)

Second Team

110m Hurdles: Peter March (SW)

400m Hurdles: Tahir Denton (Monti)

100m: Tyrese Shaw (Monti)

200m: Nazir Lopez (Falls)

400m: DeAndre Armour (Monti)

800m: Van Furman (TV)

1600m: Craig Costa (TV)

3000m Steeple: Landon Volpe (SW)

3200m: Craig Costa (TV)

4x100m: Fallsburg

4x400m: Liberty

4x800m: Sullivan West

Long Jump: David Williams (Monti)

Triple Jump: Esteban Ramos (SW)

High Jump: Tahill Brown (Eld)

Pole Vault: Logan Weyant (TV)

Shot Put: Grant Gorr (SW)

Discus: Sencere Wall-Thomas (Monti)

Javelin: Joshua Kratz (Lib)

Pentathlon: Noah Edwards (TV)

Honorable Mentions

Sprints and Hurdles: Eldred: Davion Collins, Cooper Stutz, Jon Morabito; Fallsburg: Treyvon Hayden, Jefferson Banegas Gallo, Donovan Hart, Tyiese Mack; Liberty: Anthony Lemus, Christopher Rodgers, Joseph Sarney; Monticello: George Gachechiladze, Dominick Knight; Sullivan West: Calvin Powell; Tri-Valley: Logan Weyant, Noah Edwards, Connor Weyant

Middle Distance: Eldred: Davion Collins, Cooper Stutz; Fallsburg: William Martinez, Isaiah Kirk; Liberty: Carlos Campos-Castro, Konnar Williams, Manuel Torres; Monticello: Omaury Salinas, Tobias Brown; Sullivan West: Peter March, Landon Volpe, Bryce Bressler; Tri-Valley: Nick Bender, Matthew Ortiz Jimenez, Connor Weyant, Wyatt Morton, Craig Costa

Distance: Eldred: Rory Brady; Fallsburg: Isaiah Kirk; Liberty: Alan Cruz; Monticello: Eduardo Salinas, Omaury Salinas, Tobias Brown; Sullivan West: Bryce Bressler, Landon Boyd, Ethan Kavarnos; Tri-Valley: Aaron Edwards, Wyatt Morton

Relays: Eldred, Tri-Valley

Horizontal Jumps: Fallsburg: Kairo Junior, Bryce Junior; Liberty: Zachariah Bickham, Christopher Rodgers; Sullivan West: Hunter Ebeling, Dylan Lockwood; Tri-Valley: Logan Weyant

Vertical Jumps: Fallsburg: Bryce Junior; Monticello: William Cooper; Sullivan West: Dylan Lockwood, Hunter Ebeling, Tyler Stevenson; Tri-Valley: Noah Edwards, Nick Bender, Lorenzo Haffner

Throws: Liberty: Nate Desrochers; Monticello: Dion Knight, William Burns; Sullivan West: Marcello Wasner; Tri-Valley: Adam Olsen, Lorenzo Haffner, Yan Zheliazouski

Pentathlon: Sullivan West: William Saul, Paul Nunnari; Tri-Valley: Hiram Roman, Spencer Scanna


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