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Letter to the Editor

Another stab

Don Dittmer
Posted 2/1/22

Lake Huntington

To the editor:

Politicians always have good speeches but it’s the end product that counts, in this case it shows only to have gotten worse. They have to stop the …

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Letter to the Editor

Another stab


Lake Huntington

To the editor:

Politicians always have good speeches but it’s the end product that counts, in this case it shows only to have gotten worse. They have to stop the flow!

Now it’s New York Attorney General Letitia James taking another political stab at the same old problem - drug abuse - as seen in the front page article on January 25 edition of the Democrat.

It’s not just corporate greed to blame but greed by some crooked doctors, patients abusing the product and all the money that goes around as ‘it’s always about the money’!

If you take medication/opioids and go by the directions of a real doctor then you probably won't become addicted, but if you start taking more than you're told to that creates the addiction. If the medication is not working get back to your doctor. They may change it, don’t add yourself.

Addiction is also fueled by 'Black market' greed. Attorney General James has had three years and the problem got worse!

$1.7 million is not a lot of money to go around, around her speech maybe, but not a lot to do much when spread out like she says.

Back in the late 1960s and 70s there were a lot of drugstore break-ins with the theft of many kinds of 'illegally used' drugs though they are legal.

Nothing will change until the 'illegal' trade is stopped and they re-examine how doctors operate.

No one says they want to grow up to be a drug addict, but it keeps happening. Stop the flow! The point is that they've been trying to do that since the 1960s and just let it keep coming! Over 60 years and they can’t stop it? Maybe government doesn’t want to stop it!

All I hear and see here is a cloud of smoke making itself look like a white cloud but it's still smoke.


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  • mrubin.rubin8

    Don Dittmer may have a point when he says that the unending flow of readily available drugs may be part of the problem regarding substance abuse. Perhaps the same reasoning could be applied to the huge problem of murders committed with guns. Stop the flow of easily obtained, both legal and illegal guns, via strict gun control, and expect a precipitous drop in firearms violence. I'm so glad that Don and I can see eye-to-eye.

    Marshall Rubin

    Thursday, February 3 Report this

  • lhfc1563

    Marshal, you have Denise rolling in her grave.

    Try to stay focused, I know it's hard but please do.

    So you want to get rid of both illegal and legal guns except there are no illegal guns to stop!

    All the guns are made legally thus it is the person that has a gun that isn't supposed to have it that is the illegality of it all but the gun is still a legal item.

    Now one way to stop the violence with using guns is that the law-abiding should be allowed to carry everywhere a 'criminal type' would carry. You know the saying, 'A good guy with a gun .....' but from you is like saying anyone with a gun shouldn't have it or maybe you at least shouldn't have one.

    Another part you miss is that where the illegal use of guns are rampant are where the law-abiding aren't allowed to carry showing their is no fear from reprisal to the criminal-type. Criminals don't want to be shot period!

    You also miss the political aspect of it all.

    You miss the Gun-Free-Zones are actually Free-Killing-Zones, a place where the illegal use runs rampant and the law-abiding are held hostage.

    You will never see the 'good side' since you are full in the 'bad side'.

    Funny you never mentioned 'GREED' since ther isn't any with guns than there is with Drugs.

    So much more to cover but we should get back to the drug problem here, but thanks for letting me inform you on your subject.

    Friday, February 11 Report this