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Bowling Highlights

Bowling season starts with two perfect 300 games

Ed Townsend
Posted 9/24/21

Wow, what a great way to start the 2021-22 bowling season! We already have two 300 games to report on, and we are awaiting the arrival of league scores this week from the popular Fox Bowling Center …

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Bowling Highlights

Bowling season starts with two perfect 300 games


Wow, what a great way to start the 2021-22 bowling season! We already have two 300 games to report on, and we are awaiting the arrival of league scores this week from the popular Fox Bowling Center in Hancock.

Gregg Skiff has an emotional 300 game

Thirty-three year old Gregg Skiff, formerly of Liberty, now residing in Limerick, PA, recorded his first natural 300 game on August 26. It was a very emotional achievement for him, as it was bowled the night before the birthday of his late father, Tom Skiff.

Tom was a well known Sullivan County bowler, who bowled in leagues at Liberty Lanes, Kiamesha Lanes and Callicoon Lanes.

Tom loved using the Hammer Black Widow bowling balls, and Gregg used his dad’s Black Widow until he purchased a new Black Widow 2.0 this past summer and used it in recording this 300.

Gregg, in an email message to his mother, Joan Redington, wrote, “So last night I did a thing during the no tap league I bowl in for fun during the summer. I bowled my first natural 300 game ever. It is an unsanctioned summer league, but I finally did it.”

Gregg started bowling at the age of four at Liberty Lanes, and competed in the Kiamesha Lanes Saturday teenage league until graduation from Liberty Central School in 2007.

He bowled in one parent-child summer fun league at Callicoon Lanes and then took a few years away from bowling while attending automotive technical school and getting settled in Pennsylvania.

Gregg bowls in two leagues the past three years at the 48-lane Limerick Bowl, now owned and managed by Bowlero Corp. The leagues, in which he maintains a 210 average in both, are the Tuesday Bykota and the Wednesday Limerick Social league.

Gregg is employed at an auto dealership in Limerick as an auto technician. He is engaged to Eleni Quinones who has one son, Sebastian.

Gregg is part of a well known Sullivan County bowling family, as both his mother and father were active league bowlers, and Joan Redington’s parents were the owners and operators of the four-lane George’s Colonial Inn Lanes in Jeffersonville for many years.

Keith Smith Scores 11th Perfect Game

Thirty-seven year old White Sulphur Springs bowler Keith Smith knows a little bit about 300 games, as he recorded his 11th perfect game on September 14th, in the Kiamesha Lanes’ Tuesday Mixed Firefighter League on lanes 5 and 6 using a Brunswick Rhino bowling ball.

Keith noted, “all shots were in the pocket.”

Smith bowls on the Rock Ridge Kennel team with teammates Anne Kaplan, Nate Goldsmith and Kevin Stackhouse. His book average is 212.

The 300 game was recorded in the first game of the three game match. He also scored 210 and 238 for a 748 series.

Smith is engaged and has two children. He is employed by Troon at the Monster Golf Course at Kiamesha Lake.

Ed’s Outlook

Bohn III Wins Back To Back PBA50 Titles

To say that Parker Bohn III is on a hot streak would be an understatement.

He has won two PBA Regional titles and back-to-back PBA 50 Tour titles in just 10 days, but that’s not all folks. His latest win was just recorded at the PBA50 Dave Small’s Championship Lanes Open in Anderson, Indiana.

This legendary lefty, who we have gotten to know personally over the years of covering PBA bowling tournaments, defeated Tom Hess, Norm Duke and Tom Adcock to earn his sixth career PBA50 title.

The win earned him $7,500.

Bowling Tip

By Mike Luongo

Bowlers: This week’s tip is for any bowler who ends up out of balance at the foul line when delivering a bowling ball.

If you find yourself unable to finish your delivery in a strong balanced position, it may be a result of your follow through.

It is important that when you follow through on your delivery, you do not reach out with your arm, but up with your follow through. The reason?

If you reach out, the weight of the ball will pull your upper body forward and may cause you to lose your balance. If you reach up, you can stay planted in a strong, solid position to deliver your bowling ball with accuracy and leverage.

Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, email him at mikel@stormbowling.com

The 700 Scoreboard

In the Kiamesha Lanes Monday Men’s league, Pedro Agapito showed he didn’t lose his golden touch during the summer, as he pounded out a nice 759 series off single games of 279, 220, 260. J.J. Wilhelm lit the lanes up for the season opener with a 748 in the Monday Men’s league off single games of 265, 258, 225. Pedro kept his torrid scoring pace up in the Friday Mixed league as he clipped the maples for a 746 series off single games of 259, 235, 252. Philip Norris, in the Friday Mixed scored a nice 708 series off single games of 184, 268, 256.



Monday Men’s

Paul Minton is league president and the new league secretary-treasurer is Serafin Rodriguez III.

Robert Feeney Jr. 236, 642, John Jashembowski 223, 631, Serafin Rodriguez III 288, 618, Jaryl Scott 245, 683, Chris Parken 218, 606, Wences Acevedo 258, 615, Tom Belgiovene 215, 613, Kevin Stackhouse 278, 684, NIck Daroci 226, 604, Rich Bradford 255, 610, Michael Calazzo 255, 686, Paul Minton 266, 677.

Tuesday Mixed Firefighter

Shane Cunningham is league president and Trasey Barres is league secretary.

Tom Belgiovene 234, 615, Jonathan Wilhelm 258, 683, Jon Wilhelm 226, 631, Keith Smith 258, 687, Kevin Stackhouse 221, 616, Mary Lee Williams 202, 509, Karen Martin 180, Carena Collura 211, 527, Jack Rustic 221, 635.

Friday Mixed

Shane Cunningham is president of this league and the new secretary is Michele Macedonio.

Serafin Rodriguez Jr. 221, 601, Serafin Rodriguez III 267, 611, Michele Macedonio 188, 503, Jason Rogers 211, 608, Tabatha Smith 190, 542, William Schubert 235, 662, Keith Smith 214, 608, Kevin Stackhouse 236, 604.


Thursday Ladies

Erin McDonagh 194, 185, 211, 590, Carol Flynn 181, 169, 138, 488, Carmela Montaperto 142, 178, 135, 455, Kiara Donley 133, 163, 154, 450, Jeanne Steuhl 165, 142, 142.

Ed Townsend is a Public Relations Consultant to the Sport of Bowling and brings over 65 years of sports journalism experience writing and compiling the information for this column. If you have league scores, bowl a 300 game or 800 series, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, or email at bghtnews@aol.com.


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