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Bradford scores 300

Ed Townsend - Columnist
Posted 3/18/21

Sixty-two year-old Ellenville bowler Richard Bradford recorded his second career 300 January 25 in the Kiamesha Lanes Monday Men's league.

His first 300 was rolled in the New York State Elks …

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Bradford scores 300


Sixty-two year-old Ellenville bowler Richard Bradford recorded his second career 300 January 25 in the Kiamesha Lanes Monday Men's league.

His first 300 was rolled in the New York State Elks Tournament seven years ago at Herkimer, NY.

This 300 was bowled on lanes 9 and 10 using a Storm Sure Lock bowling ball with the team Ellenville Gang consisting of team members Nick Daroci, Joe Smith and Michael Caiazzo.

Bradford currently has a 207 average in this the only league he bowls in.

Rich indicated that all the strikes were in the pocket.

Bowling for some 46 years this 300 score was bowled in the third game of the night which combined with single games of 237 and 212 gave him a 749 series.

Bradford is a retired (34 years) New York State Corrections officer and is married with two children.

Giordano Scores

A Big 809 Series

Kyle Giordano recorded an 809 series off single games of 256, 279, 274 in the Kiamesha Lanes Tuesday Mixed Firefighter league. Kyle presently maintains a 233 average and bowls for the Rock Hill Fire Dept. # 2 team.

The 700 Club

Pedro Agapito III and Kevin Stackhouse took top honors this past week in the 700 club with Pedro scoring a 773 in the Friday Mixed league at Kiamesha Lanes off single games of 259, 216, 298 and Kevin recording a 742 in the Monday Men's league off single games of 299, 232, 211. Bill Schubert added a 701 in the Friday Mixed league off single games of 236, 197, 268. Pedro clicked in for a 748 in the Monday Men's league with single games of 280, 243, 225. Stackhouse added a 772 in the Friday Mixed with single games of 279, 278, 215 and in the Tuesday Mixed Firefighter league he smashed the maples for a 730 off single games of 279, 223, 228. In the Tuesday Mixed Firefighter league Bobby Patel scored a 704 off single games of 268, 212, 224.

Up the road at the Hancock Fox Bowling Center Dan Keesler recorded a 716 off single games of 226, 234, 256 and Dan Wormuth scored a 785 in the Friday Couples league with single games of 269, 300, 216.

Ed's Outlook


Win Doubles Title

Andrew Anderson and Kris Prather defeated No. 1 seeds Tom Daugherty and BJ Moore to win the PBA Roth/Holman Doubles Championship, 245-203. The win is the fourth career PBA Tour title for Prather and third for Anderson, whose first two titles came during the 2018 season, when Anderson was named PBA Player of the Year.

Seeded third, Anderson and Prather first had to contend with the defending champions, Jesper Svensson and Kyle Troup, who had just bowled a 278 game to eliminate Matt Ogle and Sean Rash. Svensson and Troup led through eight frames. Prather struck in the ninth frame while Troup left the 2-4-5 and failed to convert. In the 10th, Svensson spared and struck for a total of 202. Anderson needed two strikes and nine pins to win.

“I always love that moment,” said Anderson, who rolled the first two strikes. “Those were two of my best shots. The third one kind of got away from me, but I was happy to get nine and we moved on.”

From there, Anderson and Prather took control.

“Momentum is everything,” said Anderson. “We just got comfortable. This is the most comfortable you can be on a show. You're bowling next to your buddy and you trust each other. If we make an errant shot, we'll make up for it. That's how we did it all week during qualifying.”

“I've been bowling very confidently on the lanes,” added Prather, “and a big part of that is Andrew. He got me on the lanes a couple months earlier than I would normally start practicing for the PBA Tour. We're bowling and working together at home, so we're communicating all the time.”

In the semifinal match, Anderson and Prather defeated No. 2 seeds Marshall Kent and EJ Tackett, who have finished second in this event twice, including last season.

At 43 pins, the margin of victory in the championship match was the largest of the day for Anderson and Prather, defeating Daugherty and Moore.

Anderson and Prather first bowled the PBA Roth/Holman Doubles Championship together last season, finishing fourth.

“I'm glad Kris kept me around,” said Anderson, “I always said, if he'll give me four or five years as his partner, we'll win. It only took two.”

The Bowling Tip

By Mike Luongo

Do you find yourself unable to finish your delivery in a strong balanced position?

We offer this week's tip for any bowler who ends up out of balance at the foul line while delivering your bowling ball.

Out of balance may be a result of your follow through.

It is very important that when you follow through on your delivery you do not reach out with your arm but reach up with your follow through.

Bowlers who reach out find that the weight of the ball will pull their upper body forward and may cause them to lose their balance.

If you reach up you stay planted in a strong solid position and are able to deliver your bowling ball with accuracy and leverage.

Mike Luongo is a Certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events Assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, email him at mikel@stormbowling.com.

Local Scores

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

Rich Bradford 206, 612, Michael Caiazzo 266, 649, Jason Jones Sr. 231, 614, Kyle Mattnews 229, 609, Paul Minton 227, 610, Bpb Feeney Sr. 246, 642, Dan Ricco 234, 685, William Schubert 222, 632, Russell Bivins 215, 633, Charlie Tuttle 225, 605, Vinny Collura 208, 614, Jim VanAken 226, 644, Bill VanAken 247, 647, Dan VanAken 254, 656, Tom Belgiovene 234, 622, Jonathan Wilhelm 267, 671.

Tuesday Mixed Firefighter

Carena Collura 191, 202, 212, 605, Jonathan Wilhelm 225, 607, Wendy Swan 220, Pedro Agapito III a 257, 663, Charlie Tuttle 248, 648, Connie Beach 172, Trasey Barres 185, 186, 517, Neil Bell 227, Shane Cunningham 244, 686, Jack Rustic 216, 614, Loretta VanAken 162, Keith Smith 246, 653.

Friday Mixed

Shane Cunningham 245, 603, Greg Kuchar 249, 260, 663, Philip Norris 247, 602, Serafin Rodriguez III a 260, 237, 688, Keith Smith 255, 680, Charlie Tuttle 212, 617, Esther Barber 191, Lisa Cartwright 188, Nicole Feller 244, 514, Anne Kaplan 172, Valerie Mott 179, Wendy Swan 172.

Fox Bowling Center

Wed. Independent

Bill Gleim 241, 643, Pete Green 225, 639, Rob Johnson 263, 664, Dick Layton 236, Scott Wahl 236, Zuke Wormuth 236, 683.

Thursday Night 3

Dale Conklin 245, 666, Ray Cornwell 234, 667, Shane Dirig 215, 617, Dan Keesler 247, 648, Dennis Leonard 212, 609, Natasha Tuttle 183, Dan Wormuth 230, 655.

Friday Couples

Jalene Allen 180, Shawn Card 215, 616, Dale Conklin 236, 619, Melinda Conklin 248, 180, 599, Shane Dirig 241, 657, Janel Ellis 183, 507, Scott Ellis 267, 670, Linda Ferris 197, 181, 521, Dan Koch 260, 651, Mindy McElroy 183, Brianna Meres 201, 206, 211, 618, Rick Mills 222, 650, Dean Price 233, 247, 696, Carmella Seely 183, Kathy Smith 185, Tim Smith 213, 222, 645, Scott Wahl 242, 225, 625.

Sat. Youth Mixed

Landon Fuller 142, 116, 113, Olivia Johnston 125, 90, 99, Carter Wormuth 147, 156, 124, 427, Cooper Wormuth 142, 130, 151, 423.

Sunday Mixed Fun

Landyn Fuller (youth) 108, 122, 153, Don Marino 224, 600, Rick Mills 247, 604, Gabe Rynearson (youth) 186, 192, 217, 595, Fred Shakelton 246, 212, 644.



Sherri Laird 168, 215, 156, 539, Carmela Monterperto 169, 181, 168, 518, Carol Flynn 187, 150, 146, 483, Maureen Decker 178, 139, 165, 482, Rachel Rivera 188, 150, 141, 479.

Ed Townsend is a Public Relations Consultant to the sport of bowling and brings over 60-years of sports journalism experience in writing and compiling the information for this column. If you have league or tournament information, bowl a 300 game or 800 series, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email to bght75@gmail.com or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and Ed's photos at http://bght.blogspot.com We are also on Facebook and Twitter.


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