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Legislature wrap-up

COVID cases declining

By Joseph Abraham
Posted 1/25/22

SULLIVAN COUNTY –– Giving her report to legislators at Thursday’s Health and Family Services Committee meeting, Public Health Director Nancy McGraw said COVID cases were going down …

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Legislature wrap-up

COVID cases declining


SULLIVAN COUNTY –– Giving her report to legislators at Thursday’s Health and Family Services Committee meeting, Public Health Director Nancy McGraw said COVID cases were going down just as fast as they were going up.

For example the County recently had around 4,000 people in quarantine and that was down to just over 1,000 as of Thursday’s meeting. Active cases were at 572.

“That’s a lot less than we had a week or so ago,” said McGraw. “Part of the equation will be for us to flush out how many self-reported over-the-counter tests are in that mix, because we'll have to separate the data in terms of the lab reports versus the over-the-counter test kit reports. People don't have to report those. They can, so we do have that data, but it's not going to be perfect. It'll give us some sense of the positivity out there.”

McGraw added that they have seen a higher number of people who are fully vaccinated in the hospital.

“However, the common underlying theme is consistent in that they all have underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk,” said McGraw. “So it's a really good thing that they got vaccinated.”

She noted that breakthrough infections are also increasing, but a statewide report released last Wednesday with data on breakthrough and new infections, shows that fully vaccinated individuals only represent about 3.6 percent of that population.

“It's still a very small number,” said McGraw. “Vaccination does provide very good protection. A booster with the Omicron variant is providing some additional protection. So the message is still to please get vaccinated and then get boosted.”

Sunset Lake Consulting LLC
Legislators approved a resolution during Health and Family Services Committee authorizing the County Manager to enter into an agreement with Sunset Lake Consulting LLC to provide comprehensive medical and dental services to the residents/clients at the Care Center at Sunset Lake.

More specifically, the annual $800,700 contract is for medical director/physician services, a pharmacy consultant, pharmacy services, dental services, portable radiological/cardiological SV, laboratory services, rehabilitations services (speech, OT, PT), respiratory services and medical oxygen, ambulance/transport services, dietician services and wound care.

Sunset Lake Consulting LLC has agreed to provide these services for the Care Center for a two-year term, with the option to extend for three additional one-year terms.

According to Health and Family Services Commissioner John Liddle, those services as procured by the County in the past, would have cost them $1.161 million this year. Through this new agreement, the County will save at least $300,000 per year. Those services are paid back through Medicare, Medicaid and insurance revenues.

The Care Center’s Certificate of Need still rests with the County, which means they are responsible for providing the aforementioned services.

County Attorney Michael McGuire explained that the way the consulting agreement is set up with Infinite Care, all revenues that are generated at the Care Center come to the County. Furthermore, all expenses are paid by the County.

Every three months (quarterly), the two sides reconcile all revenues and expenses. If there's a shortfall, Infinite Care pays the County, if there’s a plus (revenue made), the County pays Infinite Care. Therefore, after each reconciliation the County will be at net zero.


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