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December 15, 2020 Edition

Compiled by Lee Hermann, Muse, & Ruth Huggler
Posted 12/14/20

110 Years Ago - 1910

Narrowsburg — Supervisor J.S. Anderson wears a broad smile. “It's a girl” born November 30; a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gorr Sunday, December 4, in North …

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December 15, 2020 Edition


110 Years Ago - 1910

Narrowsburg — Supervisor J.S. Anderson wears a broad smile. “It's a girl” born November 30; a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gorr Sunday, December 4, in North Branch.

Paul Hartig, aged 16 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Hartig of Livingston Manor, lost the index finger of his right hand Tuesday evening in a corn cutter. In reaching for the crank, his glove caught in the cogs and the finger was drawn into the fast moving machine, crushing the bone. He ran to the office of Dr. Harold Lathrop where the member was amputated at the hand.

The interior of the Galloway store in Hankins caught on fire one day last week but was extinguished before any serious damage was done.

Sunday morning, while Rev. George E.W. Bryant, pastor of the M.E. Church in Callicoon was driving a spirited horse out of the parsonage yard to go to Fremont Center, where he was to hold services, the sleigh in some unforeseen manner tipped over and Mr. Bryant was thrown out. The horse became frightened because of the accident and started down the sidewalk toward John F. Anderson's residence, and in going between the fence and trees the sleigh was completely demolished. When the horse made the turn at the watering trough, all that was left of the sleigh was the thills and runners. Mr. Bryant was also uninjured in his fall, and after securing another rig, continued on his way to Fremont Center.

100 Years Ago - 1920

While George Molusky and A.B. Hunt, Erie signalmen of Callicoon, were running along at Smith Switch on a gasoline speeder this morning, an axle broke and the men were precipitated to the roadbed. At first it was thought they were injured seriously, but Dr. Appley of Cochecton was called and found no bones broken, although Mr. Molusky suffered painful bruises. He was brought home on a special train… John J. Kenney, in alighting from the Mountain Express while it was in motion last Friday evening, in Long Eddy, received severe bruises of the shoulder and face.

Born November 21 to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tyler, a son, Russell Merton.

Christmas gift suggestions from Bennett Bros., Callicoon, lists Kodak Brownie No. 2 cameras at $3.33; Vest Pocket Kodak Autographic Folding No. 2 Brownie, $10.18; Hot water bottles (for the aged to keep them warm nights), $1.50 to $3; Duplex razor in gold, $2; Dresser Sets - in pink silk-lined hinged box, 9 pieces of French ivory comprising of mirror, cold cream jar, powder jar, hair brush, nail file, cuticle knife, nail clipper, comb and corn knife, $16; cut glass vases in four handsome gift boxes, $1 per vase.

Lake Huntington — Lester Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Miller, has opened a blacksmith and wagon repairing shop in the barn formerly owned by the Meyer estate, but which he has altered to suit the purposes for which it is now being used.

Wirt N. Moulthrop has a clock that was brought to Kenoza Lake by his grandfather, Capt. N. Moulthrop, in 1820 — almost 101 years ago. This is a tall grandfather's clock with brass works, and apparently is as good as ever. It has never needed repairing, with the exception of a new cord that supports the ten pound stone weight. Curiously enough, this cord broke, letting the weight fall to the floor, just as Capt. Moulthrop was being placed in his coffin about 65 years ago. This clock was in the family years before they moved here. Mr. Moulthrop has a Bible printed in 1810 and presented to his maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Newbry, by one of their sons in 1813. — Kenoza Lake Corresp.

90 Years Ago - 1930

William K. Bergner of Callicoon has been appointed a salesman for Endwell Hatcheries of Callicoon and Endwell, NY, selling baby chicks. This concern is opening a hatchery at Callicoon now and the plant will be in full operation by spring.

Principal Charles E. Lewis received a check for $77 this morning for awards made to pupils and classes of the Callicoon High School at the Sullivan County Fair last August. Several scrapbooks were also awarded prizes.

Miss Catherine Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bayer of Callicoon, and Alfred L. Mootz of Callicoon Center, were united in marriage last Sunday afternoon, December 7, at 1 pm. by Rev. J.E. Straub at the Callicoon Center parsonage. They were attended by John Bayer and Margaret Mootz.

The annual oratorical contest at Tusculum College, Greenville, Tenn., was won by Ray Lewis of Cochecton, son of Rev. and Mrs. A.G. Lewis.

In other school doings, the eighth grade had a spelling match conducted by Mr. Mitchell. Bertha Long and Alma Miller were captains and the result was a victory for Bertha's side. When all of the class had been spelled down, Frances Persbacker was the last one standing. She missed on “pollination.”

A number of White Sulphur Springs residents attended the 30th wedding anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Everett at their home on Revonah Hill, Liberty, Thursday evening. A buffet luncheon was served.

Orth Bros., garagemen of Callicoon, have received from the Goodyear Rubber Co., a trophy awarded them for winning the second annual Goodyear Zeppelin race. They sold more Goodyear tires than any other firm in the United States in a town of 1,000 population.

William Francis Dillon, native of White Lake, part owner of the Rural Publishing Co., died Monday morning, December 8, in the New Rochelle hospital of acute kidney infection. Mr. Dillon was born on a farm at Mongaup Valley and upon leaving the farm he devoted himself to agricultural journalism.

Philip Gorr wishes to announce the engagement of his daughter, Miss Irene, to Ralph Mootz of Callicoon Center on December 5.

80 Years Ago - 1940

At the Callicoon Hospital, it was a boy for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Doetsch of Jeffersonville, weighing 9 lbs. 11 oz.

Mae Haeling and George Eiffert, both of Hortonville, were united in marriage on December 11 at the home of Justice Hembdt in Hortonville. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Robisch were the witnesses.

William F. Henry, 83, died on December 14 at the Callicoon Hospital. In 1895 he purchased a farm on the shore of Lake Huntington. He developed the property, sold lots and erected buildings of his own until virtually the entire farm was covered with buildings.

Among these were the West Shore House, which he conducted as a summer resort for many years. Always progressive and active, in 1911 he purchased the first automobile which came into the vicinity. He was an auto enthusiast and continued to drive until about ten years ago when failing eyesight made that impossible.

Oscar Robisch returned to Hortonville last Friday. He and his family had been in Canada since last Spring. The oldest child, a daughter, accompanied Mr. Robisch home. Mrs. Robisch and their infant son will return here soon.

Ira Ray is confined to a hospital in Catskill with a smashed foot. Mr. Ray, with several others, was cutting logs near Tannersville, when a falling tree caught his foot.

The “mouths” of Honesdale's newly installed parking meters on Main St. are closed Chief Spencer, having pasted adhesive tape across the coin slots. This, however, is not a guarantee to keep them silent forever, for according to those who know, it is going to take more than a tape to finally quiet them. It is stated upon good authority that the parking meters will not be placed in operation until after January 1.

Work was started on the Engert garage station structure this week. The foundation had been completed some time ago but cold weather interfered with further progress.

At the Victory Chain, Inc.: Pork Loins, 3 lb. rib end, 15¢ a lb.; Durr's Flavorized Picnics, 17¢ a lb.; Spam-Hormel's 12 oz. tin, 25¢.

Colonial Beauty Shoppe, Candace Brey Schweiger, proprietor, advertised a Christmas holiday special — 3 items for $1.

A fire, which caused quite some damage in the ice cream parlor of William Brockner Monday, was discovered by Richard Schrumpf Jr., and put out with a hand extinguisher from the Schrumpf store. It is believed the fire was caused by an overheated stove. — Callicoon Center Corresp.

70 Years Ago - 1950

At the Callicoon Hospital, it was a son to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hess of Hortonville, on Friday, December 6; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Holper of Shohola, PA., on December 7; Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Turner of Damascus are the parents of a son, born Tuesday; Mr. and Mrs. George Glassel of Callicoon are the parents of a daughter, born Thursday morning.

Mary Ella Ross, daughter of Love Calkins and Royal Ross, died on December 7, at the Callicoon Hospital. She was born in Callicoon on the farm now owned by Howard Hermann, in 1863. Miss Ross was the great-great-granddaughter of Capt. Joseph Ross, the first white settler of Callicoon. He settled on the lands now owned by Joseph Freda in about 1756.

While digging to install a new sluiceway in Old Town near the Drake Homestead, Cochecton, members of the County Highway Department unearthed a half dozen ox shoes. They are reminiscent of early methods of travel on the old turnpike.

Friends and neighbors got together and had a roofing bee at Walter Neer's farm last Saturday. The big wind had blown the roof off his barn.

Forty-six young men of Sullivan County went to Binghamton this morning for their physical examinations including Chapell Peake of Hankins, an employee of the A&P Supermarket in Callicoon.

60 Years Ago - 1960

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Engert of Callicoon announce the engagement of their daughter, Judith, to Ronald Highhouse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Delvin Highhouse, Hortonville. No date has been set for the wedding.

Announcement of the engagement of Barbara, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kratz, to Gerald Griffin of Truxton, NY, has been announced. A summer 1961 wedding is planned.

Governor Nelson B. Rockefeller was present for the ribbon cutting of the official opening of the Liberty-Monticello segment of the Route 17 Quickway, on Wednesday of last week. Also present were Assemblyman Hyman E. Mintz, State Senator E. Ogden Bush and State Superintendent of Public Works J. Burch McMorran.

A son was born Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brush of Cochecton; a son Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mueller of Lake Huntington; a daughter Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hopkins of Honesdale, PA. RD #3; and a son Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bodner of Narrowsburg, all at the Callicoon Hospital.

Arthur Hillriegel, local dealer for Clay Equipment Corp., serving the Callicoon area, has been named as a member of the Clay “400 Club,” an organization of outstanding dealers throughout the country who have distinguished themselves in the sales, installation and service of Clay farm equipment.

The steel shaft at Shaft Six in DeBruce has been taken down and work at the site will be completed by February, a spokesman at Livingston Manor said Friday. This is the last job to be done on the 45 mile West Branch tunnel from Cannonsville in Delaware County to Low's Corners near Grahamsville.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hubbert of Kenoza Lake, a son on December 7.

50 years ago - 1970

Mrs. Helen Milk has been reappointed as Sullivan jury commissioner for a four year term.

The new home of the Delaware Free Library has been completely remodeled, made possible through a generous donation of Mrs. Charles P. Kautz of Callicoon. Moving day was the 6th with grand opening on the 10th.

The three sons of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Christoff were baptized at church services on December 6 at the Community Reformed Church in Youngsville.

40 Years Ago - 1980

Hospital administrator Martin Rosenblum called the assembly of 125 striking hospital workers of Local #1199 of the National Hospital and Health Care Union “unlawful” as they assembled Monday outside the main entrance to Community General Hospital. The striking workers were present at the entrance to the Harris facility in protest of the notification they had received that their jobs had been filled by permanent replacements. Eventually, following a mass public burning of the letters which they had received from the hospital, the striking workers left the grounds.

The Sullivan County Board of Supervisors, after a delay of one hour Monday afternoon, during which many members attended the funeral services for Irvin Oestrich of Kauneonga Lake, had a great deal of difficulty in reaching a recess at 4:15. During the hour and fifteen minutes when it was in session on Monday afternoon, the proceedings were interrupted by two five minute recesses called by Republican members of the Board for purposes unfathomable to both Democrats and the public in attendance. Upon adjourning at 4:15, members of the Finance Committee immediately went into a marathon session which they vowed would last throughout the night if necessary in order to insure action on the budget for 1981 can be taken by the board on Thursday, December 11, at 10:15 a.m.

The Town of Fallsburg hamlet of Mountaindale will be 100 years old December 24. On Sunday, December 21, the Mountaindale Chamber of Commerce is staging a big birthday party to which all are invited.

The noted falsetto singer, Tiny Tim, was among those who entertained at the Monticello High School auditorium to benefit the Monticello Police Benevolent Association Friday night.

30 Years Ago - 1990

Members of the Daytop Village Choral Group kicked off the 11th annual Holiday Music Program at the Sullivan County Government Center in Monticello with a concert of seasonal songs in the main lobby of the building. At the same time, the county's Christmas tree in the lobby was lit.

The Democrat's Big Buck Contest wraps up with the end of gunning season this coming Tuesday and the current leaders in the Big Rack title are John Barnes of Barryville who took a 9-pointer with a rack of 82 1/2 inches. Manny Anastasis of Liberty is running second with a 10-pointer he took that measured an even 80.

Harold and Florence Norris of Fosterdale celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on October 14 with about 450 friends and relatives feting them at TJ's Catering House in Jeffersonville. Mr. Norris is retired from the Callicoon Co-operative Insurance Company. In lieu of gifts, contributions were made to various charities and organizations in the area.

Tri-Valley's Chip Furman became the best prep harrier in the county history with a sixth place finish at the prestigious Kinney National Cross-Country championships held in San Diego, Calif. He had been named the Democrat's County Athlete of the Year earlier this month.

Rose and Harry Levner of South Fallsburg celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary … Ed and Mary (Muir) Goepel of Tyler Hill celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary December 5 at the home of their daughter, Marie and Jim Laurie.

Lack of interest on the part of residents of the Town of Bethel has apparently killed an attempt to survey them concerning their feelings on what to do (or not do) at the site of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival of 1969. Earlier this year, Town of Bethel officials had organized a committee to solicit donations and draw up a questionnaire to poll residents on the controversial issue, which continues to generate ill will and fond memories more than 21 years after it happened.

Herbert Alvarado has been declared #1 senior swimmer in New York State and ranks 10th nationally.

20 Years Ago - 2000

Despite impassioned pleas from Narrowsburg students and teachers alike, the Sullivan West Central School Board OK'd a proposal to send Narrowsburg high schoolers to the Jeff-Youngsville campus in the fall of this year so that a $5.9 million renovation project can begin in Narrowsburg.

The Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library has run out of room. Library Director Alan Barrish said the library is now serving about 17,000 people, whereas the library's 4,000-square-foot was designed at a time when the village had a population of about 2,500 people.

Town of Lumberland Supervisor Paul Brennan is resigning due to the growth of his own personal land surveying business and personal commitments. Brennan has served the town for the past 15 years, beginning as a constable two years prior to becoming a councilman.

For the last 13 years, the HOGS, short for Harley Owners Group, has held a ride to help Santa deliver presents to needy children, the beneficiaries of which have been the children of Sullivan County Head Start and their siblings.

The Monticello School of Gymnastics Level 7 girls' team competed in Syracuse at the Pinky Stone Memorial Meet on December 2. Cecelia Pompeii, 13, of Neversink, Maria Karkos, 13, of Jeffersonville, and Sarah Lander, 10, of Narrowsburg, all competed in their first Level 7 gymnastics meet. Pompeii qualified for sectionals with an overall score of 31.50.

10 Years Ago - 2010

Tri-Valley graduate, Noah Mullette-Gillman, wrote his first novel in the space of six weeks on a rickety table outside his Boston bedroom. He recently self-published the 120-page book entitled “The White Hairs” through lulu.com. Mullette-Gillman is just “building the foundation” and is working on two brand new novels and may be publishing one of them online.

Tennanah Lake resident Andy Hillfiger may be best known as clothing designer Tommy Hillfiger's brother, but he's made a name for himself in the fashion world, and he brought that charisma and business acumen to the kickoff of the Home and Business Expo at the new Liberty Mall.

Miss Teen Callicoon, 17-year old Kayla Rivera, is the new 2011 Miss Teen New York International and will compete for the International title held in Chicago.

Simply called ‘Monticello,' a new book debut's Monticello's history. The newest addition to Arcadia Publishing's popular “Images of America” series - a paperback treasure boasting more than 200 images tells the story of Monticello's founding in 1804 and incorporation in 1830. Author Tom Rue was the historian for the Village of Monticello and remains so for the county's Freemasons.


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