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Dream on the Farm Tour “The Scientists” at Seminary Hill Cidery


Dream on the Farm is a decalogue of original climate change plays that Farm Arts Collective is creating and performing from 2020-2030 in response to the call from scientists to mitigate a global climate change crisis. The collective is touring the performance subtitled “ The Scientists” in 2022. The performance, directed by Tannis Kowalchuk follows the journey of two scientists, Carl Sagan and Lynn Margulis --deceased American scientists who compete in a sport that challenges them to “help save life on the planet.” The performance is filled with spectacular characters (some on stilts), with original music played live, drawing on themes that explore the world through two lenses: the microscope and the telescope. The competition concludes with the scientists presenting their findings in a climatic dance of ecology, delivering an urgent climate change message. For more info visit farmartscollective.org. Seminary Hill Cidery, Callicoon.


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