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Down the Decades

Feb. 20, 2024 Edition

Compiled by Lee Hermann, Muse, & Ruth Huggler
Posted 2/20/24

140 Years Ago - 1884

Last Thursday the rapidly rising stream created quite some excitement in Jeffersonville. The abutment of John Beck’s footbridge was knocked down by the ice, leaving it …

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Down the Decades

Feb. 20, 2024 Edition


140 Years Ago - 1884

Last Thursday the rapidly rising stream created quite some excitement in Jeffersonville. The abutment of John Beck’s footbridge was knocked down by the ice, leaving it in an impassable condition.

The Jeffersonville Band Ball will be held on the 22nd. The ladies and gentlemen of this village are doing their utmost to make this ball the most enjoyable ever held in Jeffersonville.

The Indians who sell hay to the government out west have been detected placing large rocks in the bales. That’s what comes from teaching them to read so that they can study the dailies and become posted in the tricks of the whites.

Every man who can shave hoops has employment now and everything that can be worked into hoops is being cut.

 A grand ball and oyster supper will be held at Centennial Hall, North Branch, on Friday evening. A general invitation is extended to all.

130 Years Ago - 1894

Peter Wegman left Sunday for Philadelphia to take charge of the machinery in a sugar house.

Notice was filed in the town clerk’s office to the effect that the place for holding town meetings would be voted upon in the coming election. The town house, at present, is at Callicoon and strong effort will be made to bring it to Jeffersonville. [Ed. Note: Callicoon Center is referred to as the location of the town offices here. When this was published, what we know today as Callicoon was called Callicoon Depot.] 

The Narrowsburg News has been purchased by the Honesdale Independent.

The Rockland and Roscoe Call is the name of the newspaper which will be launched from the twin villages about March 1.

While visiting the World’s Fair last fall, J.C. Young of Liberty had a mink stolen from the depot in Chicago. He received a check for his losses last week.

Frank B. Ward died shortly after 10 o’clock Wednesday morning. His death cast a deep gloom over the community and although life hung by a thread for several days, the thoughts of his friends were only of his ultimate recovery.

Stereopticon exhibitions tonight at Eagle Hall, accompanied by lectures on the subjects the Johnstown Flood and the World’s Fair. Admission 10 and 15 cents.

It is stated that Rev. C.W. Miller of Kenoza Lake will leave his charge at the M.E. Conference in the spring.

Philip Knack has sold his farm three miles west of Hortonville to his father. Last summer, Mrs. Knack received a bad fall from which she has never recovered and consequently Mr. Knack has decided to quit farming.

Martin Hermann’s new mill on Jefferson Street in Callicoon, is all enclosed and will soon be ready to receive the necessary equipment for business.

120 Years Ago - 1904

Swiss Hill — At Louis Rose’s Auction Tuesday cows sold at from 25 to 30 dollars.

A daughter was born recently to Edward Hardenburgh and wife of Youngsville.

John Spielmann, eldest son of Jacob Spielmann, is a partner of F.J. Formanek of New York in the purchase of Ezra Calkins’ meat market.

White Sulphur Springs — Edith  Broadhead, who has been working in Brooklyn for sometime, was married Thursday to a Mr. Vogt, a wealthy tobacco dealer in New York.

Mrs. Michael Scott held a quilting party last Thursday. Cake and wine were served during the quilting operations, and afterward a nice supper was dished up. All those present were highly entertained.

John Meyer, cigar journeyman of Cochecton Center, is rolling up the weeds for our local manufacturer, L.P. Faubel.

A kerosene famine is on in Jeffersonville this week and the people are getting their tallow dips around. Martin Hermann of Callicoon Depot, who supplies the dealers here, has been unable to make his usual trips since his assignments of oil are stalled on the railroad.

Dr. MacDonald found a pocketbook on Main Street Thursday, containing $250. He immediately reported his find to the Record office and the owner was located the next day. It belonged to a Mr. Kelley of Corning, who was stopping at Youngsville.

Mrs. Kate Taylor, the Sullivan County alleged murderess, will be removed from Dannemora prison in a  few days to the jail in Monticello. A new trial has been granted Mrs. Taylor.

110 Years Ago - 1914

Supervisor James Kenney of Fremont is arranging for the benefit of farmers a free demonstration of the use of dynamite for the removal of rocks and stumps.

Jay E. Segar, formerly of Briscoe, and Miss Grace Stuart were married in Binghamton February 12.

Jeffersonville’s new bank building stands on the corner of East Main Street and Maple Avenue adjoining the Mansion House.

Raymond Anderson, who was called home by the death of his father, E.J. Anderson, a couple of weeks ago, returns this week to St. Lawrence University.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Huebsch of New York announce the marriage of their daughter, Jenine, to Frank Hemmer of Jeffersonville on February 2.

Mrs. Nettie Lowe, 65, mother of George Lowe of Jeffersonville, died at her home in Jersey City this past week.

Joseph O. Layman has sold his farm and boarding house in the Beechwoods, the old Anderson homestead, to his sons, Louis and Harry and has rented the farm of the late E.J. Anderson.

Charles F. Jacobs, who has leased and conducted the Scheidell blacksmith shop on Center Street the last few years, has bought the blacksmithing business of Bert Stoddard at Youngsville.

A pretty wedding joined in wedlock Miss Helen E. Hofer of Jeffersonville and Fred J. Sauerwein of Brooklyn.

A state inspector visited the Katche Dairy Co. at Youngsville and condemned the boiler as unsafe and as a result there is no milk separating and butter making there until a new boiler is installed.

Custom grinding at Segar’s Mill, Briscoe.

100 Years Ago - 1924

While drawing ice last Thursday Fred Scheibe unwittingly drove his team of horses onto thin ice on Wierner’s pond, White Sulphur Springs, and the team and empty sleighs went into the water up to the horses’ heads.

Miss Lavina Kohler, a native of Kenoza Lake, died in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last Thursday.

Warner M. Cable of Roscoe has opened a restaurant in the Rudolf building and is being assisted by Lucius Brown of Roscoe.

Dr. VanKeuren drove his Packard coupe to New York Monday, returning Tuesday. He was accompanied by Fred Seibert who remained in the city for a few days.

Henry Chellius has been ill the past week. Dr. Gain is in attendance.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. William Schaefer on February 5. This is their fourteenth child.

If it wasn’t for the churches what would we do for entertainment and eats? A feed is on for every night this week.

The snowplow came through from Liberty Monday, clearing the road. This is a sure sign of a blizzard.

Dr. VanKeuren of Jeffersonville took Harry Knack of White Sulphur Springs to Deerpark Sanitarium in Port Jervis Saturday where he was operated on for appendicitis. Although the case was not considered a serious one, they found after the operation that his appendix had been ruptured.

90 Years Ago - 1934

An inspection of the Jeffersonville water supply, by a sanitary engineer of the Department of Health, has indicated that the untreated water contained unpurified pollution of human or animal origin and could not be considered safe for human consumption without effective treatment.

Thursday and Friday morning were busy times for the plumbers and their wives, or whoever answered their telephones. Very few in town escaped frozen pipes. Thursday the temperature was 9 below and Friday from 28 to 33 according to the location.

Mrs. Bonsel of North Branch returned home after spending some time with her daughter in Brooklyn, who recently became the mother of twins.

William Sprague, Orrin Steele, John Gorton, J. Chandler Edwards and Stanley Lawrence of White Sulphur Springs represented the Dairymen’s League at the milk rally held in Lincoln Hall in Syracuse.

North Branch — The firemen were called out two nights in succession the past week. On Friday evening, they were called to the home of Ed Wagner to extinguish a chimney fire and on Saturday night they were called to the Silverling home below this village. The latter place was destroyed by fire.

Lake Huntington — A number of people from here attended the skating races at the Hotel Grossinger Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fuhrer and daughter, Bernice, attended the birthday celebration of Mrs. Edwin F. Kelley at Callicoon last Thursday evening.

Edwin J. Schmidt of Lake Huntington left for Paterson Sunday afternoon where he will spend some time with his wife, who is staying with her sister, Mrs. Wm. Hughes.

Mrs. William Schveizer of New York came to attend the Hasenflue-Layman wedding here Sunday.

80 Years Ago - 1944

Sullivan County is the first county in New York State to exceed its quota in the Fourth War Loan Drive. This is tremendously impressive when one considers a quota of $1,000,000 in a county practically devoid of industrial activity and having a normal population of less than 40,000 people.

A daughter, Mary Alice, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Knack of Chapel Street, Jeffersonville. They have three other children.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller Jr., have a daughter, Shirley Fay, born on February 6.

S/Sgt. Bernard L. Levine of Hurleyville and Miss Jean Ott of New York were wed on Wednesday at the Bookman Avenue Synagogue in the Bronx. Attorney H.C. Levine attended the wedding of his brother.

Mrs. Barbara Knise celebrated her 93rd birthday on Tuesday and many friends visited her for the occasion and others sent cards.

Glenn H. Abplanalp, with the Seabees at Camp Perry, Va., is home on a furlough.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard VanKeuren of Liberty announce the engagement of their daughter, Regina, to Pvt. Winard Redding of Port Jefferson, S.I.

70 Years Ago - 1954

Richard H. Balch, Dem. State Chairman, said that he had requested the Democratic leaders in both the State Senate and Assembly to introduce bills appropriating $250,000 to advertise milk and the vital role it plays.

Judith Gute of Jeffersonville won the 220 yard skate in the senior division of the 2nd annual Winter Carnival of the Catholic Youth Organization held at St. Joseph’s Camp in Monticello.

Janet Rosenberger of Hortonville has been selected after tryouts as a member of the Ithaca College Glee Club of 33 voices.

Leon Weiss, superintendent of Fallsburg Schools, died in the convention hall at Atlantic City February 18th. Mr. Weiss was attending a convention of the American Association of School Administrators. Erwin L. Baker, principal of the Jeffersonville Central School, Mrs. Charles Hick and Millard Bury, school members, were also at the convention.

Louis E. Schutt, Town of Wallkill, Orange County, farmer and a former resident of North Branch, has won a determined fight for restoration of his driver’s license, revoked last August 17 when he refused to submit to a blood test after his arrest on a drunken driving charge.

Funeral services were held in Liberty for John Henry Ernhout, 64, owner of the Livingston Manor Lumber Co. who died suddenly of a stroke.

Miss Ann Baker is business manager for the Geneseo State Teachers College 1954 yearbook. Ann was also on the refreshments committee for the big Dawn Dance last Saturday.

Jerry B. Rose, Milton Lindsley of Jeffersonville and Felix Hoffman of Beechwoods attended a dinner of the Republican Club at Greeley, Pa., last Thursday night.

60 Years Ago - 1964

Miss Arlene Peters, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Peters of Callicoon RD, graduated from Grace Down Secretarial Air Career and Modeling School in New York.

State Troopers from the Ferndale Barracks said they did not think there was any connection between the robberies from near South Fallsburg and the robberies that have been committed in Jeffersonville. In December alone, robberies included the Richfield Station of $170, the Doetsch and Wilcox Service Station and an unsuccessful attempt on Malls’ Hardware Store.

Beechwoods — We are very glad to see that one of our deserving local girls, Miss Rita P. Rasmussen, has made the front page and has gone to Antwerp, Belgium, to live and study.

The Round and Square Dance, planned by the PTA of Jeffersonville next Thursday night, sounds like fun. Particularly the “boxed snack” so reminiscent of the “good ole days.” (Minimum bid of 25¢.)

Beatles or beetles — it is all the same to us. We have the desire to do to the Beatles what we do to beetles — flick them into a jar of kerosene.

Many from the area attended the recent wedding of Miss Nancy Poley and Warren Earl at the Liberty Presbyterian Church.

50 Years Ago - 1974

Randall C. Mills has been named DVCS’s 1974 Betty Crocker Family Leader of Tomorrow, won by scoring high in a written knowledge and attitude examination.

Mrs. Elaine Grossinger Etess of Liberty, now serving her sixth term as president of the Liberty Board of Education, has been named to the Board of Trustees of Russell Sage College in Troy. She is an alumnus and class president (1970) at the Troy educational institution for women.

St. James Episcopal Church of Callicoon celebrates its 100th year in 1974 and the congregation is planning a week of centennial activities this spring.

John Gillow of Long Eddy and Penny Rosenberger of the Beechwoods were named winners of two bikes given away at the opening of the Peter Pumpkin Store in Callicoon last week. Mrs. Elsie M. Kelley won the hair dryer and Carolyn Reed of Hankins won the typewriter.

Community General Hospital of Sullivan County will advertise for bids February 11 for the construction of the new 297 bed hospital at Harris.

Jack Williams of the Rutledge Road in West Damascus, Pa., found a piece of rock near his barn following the flash floods of last June. He chipped off a piece and sent it to the Natural History division of the Smithsonian Institute for analysis. He was told that the astonishingly heavy rock was a metamorphic specimen of hornblende gneiss which is not native to our area but was deposited here some 2,000 years ago by the last glacier. Mr. Williams thought it might be a piece of a meteor because one struck his farm some 45 years ago.

At the Liberty-Loomis Hospital, February 2, it was a baby boy, Charles A., to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Roth of White Sulphur Springs; on February 7, a baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne LaBagh, also of White Sulphur Springs.

40 Years Ago - 1984

A rock, hurled over 2,000 feet by the explosion of blasting on an overhang on Route 17 near Bridgeville, broke through the garage ceiling of the Holiday Mountain ski area and was shattered into smaller fragments by the steel I-beam. In addition, a chain link fence between the highway and the ski center was knocked down by the blast. Although more than 300 skiers were at the ski center at the time of the blast, and more than 600 skiers used the facility during the day, the incident caused no personal damage.

Five Sullivan County men were killed in an explosion at the Revere Smelting and Refining Corporation in Silver Lake where they worked. The dead included two sets of brothers, John Jones, 34, of Wurtsboro, and James Jones, 32, of the Town of Thompson, and Wilfredo Torres, 29, and Luis Torres, 31, both of Monticello, and a half-brother of the Torres brothers, Miguel Palav, 32, of Kinnebrook Trailer Park. The blast, which was reportedly heard for miles, was caused by propane gas exploding in an underground truck scale at the company. Police believe the accident, which occurred at 7:05 a.m., was caused when one of the blast victims attempted to relight two heaters in the scale pit, which had been placed there about seven hours earlier in an attempt to defrost ice which had accumulated in the six-foot deep well.

Bill Weiss was feted on the occasion of his 90th birthday at the Kauneonga Lake Firehouse. On hand were his three sons, Norman, Roland and Marvin. All four have served their country and are members of the American Legion.

The theft of almost 700 cartons of cigarettes, valued at $5,735, was discovered by employees of Peck’s Market in Callicoon Friday morning. According to investigators, the robbers apparently gained entry to the store by sawing out a   20”x20” pane in a large wooden door at a loading dock in the rear of the store.

William Krum celebrated his 90th birthday recently at the old homestead in Hurd Settlement.

The Monticello boys and girls indoor track teams shocked Orange County League champion Warwick by winning the Section 9, Class B, championship Saturday at West Point. The Monticello boys team, which had finished third in the OCL meet the previous week, scored 117 points to Warwick’s 105 while the girls, who had also finished third in the OCL meet, far-outdistanced Warwick, 112 to 66.

30 Years Ago - 1994

The Sullivan County Bethel ‘94 Committee is asking for a $100,000 fee from Sid Bernstein, Ltd., to expeditiously process the company’s application for a mass gathering permit. Bernstein Ltd., the successful promoters in the bid to host a 25th anniversary Woodstock concert on August 13 and 14 in Bethel, must complete a separate application to comply with the county’s 1970 Mass Gatherings Law which was revised 20 years later to address any assembly of more than 20,000 persons  (Ed. Note: A week later, the amount was lowered to $25,000 for the permit.)

John Roberts of Woodstock ventures, promoters of the 1969 Woodstock Music & Arts Festival in Bethel, who are planning to host a 25th anniversary concert in Saugerties on August 13 and 14, for 250,000 people, attended Monday’s meeting of the Bethel town board to hear more about local plans for Bethel ‘94.

Retired New York State Police major, Carl Colberg of Mongaup Valley, has been appointed local project coordinator for Bethel ‘94. He will act as a representative of the town and county in overseeing the preparation for mounting the festival for 80,000 to be spread across 228 acres centered at the original Hurd-West Shore Road site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival. Colberg was involved in a similar function at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.

Voters in the Town of Bethel approved, by a vote of 143 to 33, the formation of Bethel Ambulance District #2.

As snow continues to blanket Sullivan County, (six inches more fell on Friday) dozens of dog sled teams are in training for the First Annual Mongaup Classic. The two-day races are scheduled for February 19 and 20 at the Mongaup State Park Campgrounds in the Town of Rockland.

Maria Conjura of Tri-Valley Central School won both the 600 and the 1000 runs at the Sullivan County Indoor Track Championships.

20 Years Ago - 2004

Brave troops in the Middle East will soon be receiving over 150 valentines created by SullivanArc Consumers, as part of the Sullivan County Democrat’s Project Valentine. Charlotte White, Program Coordinator at White Lake said, “These guys are really proud of our soldiers, and it shows in each and every valentine they created.”

Kirk Harris of Monticello is chairing this year’s WSUL Heart-a-thon at Kutsher’s Country Club in Monticello this coming Saturday. The event was started 26 years ago by the original owners of the radio station, Dan and Lynne Dayton, and has continued yearly under the direction of the current station owner, William Reynolds.

Sullivan County has a new non-commercial Christian radio station on the air. The Bridge FM officially took over the Liberty-based WJUX radio station and its call letters on November 13 of last year. WJUX can be heard at 99.7 FM.

Steve Brechner of White Lake was crowned the 2004 King of the Ice on Sunday afternoon at the Sullivan County Conservation Club’s 19th annual ice fishing contest.

Al O’Keefe and Cory Wolcott, both of Livingston Manor, are the recipients of the 2003 Heart of the Manor Award, to be presented at an annual dinner and award ceremony. They are both very community-minded individuals involved in Livingston Manor’s Renaissance from the beginning.

Several area cheerleading squads competed at the Catskill All-Star Championship at SCCC on Sunday. The first place award for high school varsity cheerleading squads went to Highland. Tri-Valley came in second and Sullivan West placed third.

 10 Years Ago - 2014

Tara Berescik, agricultural educator and FFA chapter advisor at Tri-Valley Central School, received an Agriscience Teacher of the Year Award last December at the National Association of Agricultural Educators annual convention in Las Vegas. Berescik has been teaching agriculture for 13 years. She currently teaches floral design, small animal care, anatomy and physiology, food science, domesticated and wildlife science, environmental science, youth leadership development, international agriculture and introduction to agriculture. Her curriculum is designed to teach her students agriscience skills in those industries, so they are prepared to enter the local workforce.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, Eldred Central School District Clerk Bonnie Robertson challenged the students and staff of the High School and the Mackenzie Elementary School to bring in one can of soup – making it Souper Bowl Week at ECSD. There was an overwhelming response to the challenge with a total collection of 677  cans.  The soup will be divided equally between the District Backpack Program, and the food pantries at the Pond Eddy UMC and St. Anthony’s in Yulan. 

Catskill Regional Medical Center in Harris has announced the following recent births: A daughter, Arysta Lynn Murphy, on Jan. 29, 2014 to Alexa L. Morris and Matthew T. Murphy of Parksville; a daughter, Mackenzie Mae Latimer, on Jan. 29, 2014  to Amanda and Charles Latimer, of Liberty; a daughter, Emily Ann King, on Jan. 31, 2014 to Brittany Stickle and Michael King of Ferndale; a son, Ayden Reily Kern, on Feb. 7, 2014 to Megan Young and James Kern, of Youngsville.


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