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Down the Decades

Feb. 6, 2024 Edition

Compiled by Lee Herman, Muse, & Ruth Huggler
Posted 2/6/24

140 Years Ago - 1884

Eggs are 40 cents a dozen at North Branch.

G. Barkmeyer of North Branch purchased a cow of William Huff for $40.

Last Monday evening our “Band Boys” …

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Down the Decades

Feb. 6, 2024 Edition


140 Years Ago - 1884

Eggs are 40 cents a dozen at North Branch.

G. Barkmeyer of North Branch purchased a cow of William Huff for $40.

Last Monday evening our “Band Boys” gave us another open air concert. They are improving wonderfully.

It is reported that the Jeffersonville House will change hands – too bad to lose a good-hearted landlord.

J. Shanly and family, accompanied by Miss Satie Lawless of Hancock, were in town last week.

Last Saturday evening John Ebert and Charles Kautz became members of the I.O.O.F. Lodge in Hortonville.

B. Joyner of State Line Mills, McKean Co., Pa., has been visiting relatives in this vicinity.

George Riemenschneider, who has been employed in Pennsylvania, came to his home at Birch Ridge last week. Mr. Riemenschneider recently broke his leg.

130 Years Ago - 1894

Andrew Sutter, an aged resident of Bethel, while eating, choked on a piece of meat. Dr. Paine was called and opened the windpipe and with a small instrument pushed the meat up into his mouth; patient is doing nicely.

When the young blizzard struck here Monday our local weather prophets, who have been giving us to understand that the winter was over, must have realized the folly of their ways.

The wind blew and the snow flew, but the roads have not been blocked yet. We have good sleighing again.

George Metzger is at his post in H.A. Meyer’s store after an attack of the grippe.

John Becker, brother of Mrs. W.F. Grishaber of this place, was in town this week.

Miss Louise Lober went to Kingston Saturday to attend the wedding of a friend.

Rev. C.W. Miller of Kenoza Lake has become a Master Mason.

The tax list to raise money for an engine house has been placed in Treasurer Ludwig’s hands. Hurry and pay up; the engine is nearly snowed under now.

A shrewd Philadelphia hardware dealer is making a big fuss over ladies skates that require twenty minutes to put on. We know some in this section who occasionally carry around “skates” that require from two to six hours to get on.

The first annual ball of the Liberty Shooting Club will be held at Music Hall, Liberty, Monday evening, February 5th.

120 Years Ago - 1904

Through the efforts of School Commissioner H.J. Knoll of this district, a state examination for teachers’ certificates will be held in the high school building at Liberty, August 22-26. The following teachers from Jeffersonville have signified their intentions to take the examination: Ralph P. Bird, E.V. McDermott, Bertha Glassel, Franklin H. Neuberger, H.L. Goubelman and Mary Brown.

Ezra Calkins, the Youngsville butcher, this week sold his business and outfit to Frank J. Formanek, who has been employed by Mr. Calkins since he started the business a couple of years ago.

Arnold Fischer of New York, formerly of Fosterdale, and Miss Lillian Moore of Scranton were married at the bride’s home January 27. Both have relatives in this place.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew von Bergen on Tuesday.

Dr. Charles E. MacDonald of this place received an offer by telegram yesterday from the Surgeon General in Washington to return to the armed service in the Philippines for a term of two years, and he immediately wired his acceptance. Dr. MacDonald located here two years ago, shortly after his discharge from the Army. He will leave his large practice here in charge of Dr. J.J. Donovan of New York, who assisted him last summer.

If you are going to get sick better do it now and save money. H.A. Meyer is clearing out his entire stock of patent medicines at prices that promise to put the physicians out of business for some time to come.

110 Years Ago - 1914

North Branch – Henry Schaefer traded horses this week with Conrad Gorr. F.C. Dorrer has purchased the William Inderlied farm. He offers building lots for sale. J. Hust has bought a building of F. Dorrer on which he will build a house and store this spring.

Youngsville – Mrs. M. Heidt is spending several weeks in New York with her daughter. Mike Hopkins has returned from Pennsylvania where he was employed at cutting wood. David Tremper of Binghamton is paying a visit to his mother and brothers at this place and Liberty. R.J. Curran has returned to Brooklyn. Mrs. D. B. Edwards is still nursing a poisoned hand caused by pricking it with a pin.

The time for the departure and arrivals of mails from the Jeffersonville office is as follows: Morning mail to Callicoon Depot leaves 7:30 a.m., returning, arrives at 6:45 p.m. Frank Dillemuth, carrier.

Morning mail to Liberty - leaves 7:30 a.m., returning arrives at 6:45 p.m. Peter Hubert, carrier.

Morning mail to Liberty - leaves 7:00 a.m., returning, arrives at 7:00 p.m. D. Bartolomew, carrier.

Afternoon mail from Callicoon Depot - arrives 1:00 p.m.; leaves 3:15 p.m. John Gorr, carrier.

The Merry Matrons took their annual sleigh ride on bare ground Monday night, to Kenoza Lake. Mrs. Wm. Knell kindly furnished the conveyance, with Will Menges as chauffeur. The M.M.s, as usual, had their own band with them and they were in new uniforms.

 Wednesday night last week was Mrs. Wm. J. Durr’s night to entertain the Clover Club, and she took those who could go to Kenoza Lake for a sleigh ride.

George W. Wolf, a former Callicoon boy, has been appointed a deputy appraiser in the custom service in New York City.

The freezing rain of Saturday made an ice storm that was very intense in some localities here about. Every drop of rain froze as it fell, and by evening the roads were very slippery.

Electric lights have been installed in the Reformed Church, which was illuminated by electricity for the first time Sunday evening.

Andrew Abplanalp of Youngsville died January 28 in his 60th year.

Liberty is to have horse racing on Main Street today for a purse of $100.

Five dollar counterfeit bills are in circulation. On investigation it is seen that the makers of the fake money took genuine $1 bills and after bleaching them reprinted the paper to represent $5 certificates.

Wilbur J. Wagner has been appointed postmaster at Parksville. Wilbur is a son of L.J. Wagner of North Branch.

Game Protector Eugene C. Cross of Liberty reports that during the year 1913 he secured 62 convictions for game law violations.

The annual banquet of the Delaware Valley Society will be held at Hotel Manhattan, New York, Saturday night, February 14.

100 Years Ago - 1924

The 10-room three story frame building of Julius Eisenberg at White Sulphur Springs, burned to the ground last night.

Bert G. Gabel of Roscoe is getting ready to open a restaurant in Jeffersonville next month, with his brother, Warner, in charge. He has leased rooms in the Rudolf building, formerly occupied by Hoffman’s store.

Rev. A. Casper of Northville, Fulton County, the new pastor engaged for the Presbyterian Church, is expected to begin his services here next Sunday.

Mrs. Lillian Gertrude Archibald died at her home on Maple Avenue after a five year illness. She was born on a farm between Jeff and North Branch and was the youngest child of the late Louis Hemmer and Eva Hiltz.

Ten residents of Monticello have filed their petitions with the post office department to succeed James M. Kelly as postmaster at Monticello.

Fred H. Duttweiler, the Jeffersonville-Liberty mail bus express and freight line operator, has bought the house and lot of V. P. Scheidell on Center Street.

Supt. Charles S. Hick has distributed to the teachers of his schools a brochure on flag etiquette.

90 Years Ago - 1934

William Driscoll has been appointed postmaster at Kauneonga Lake. He is the son of  Timothy Driscoll of Hotel Rita.

The Civilian Works Administration is desirous of locating an airport in Sullivan County, and different locations are being considered for the port. Supervisor Schadt of this town has suggested the 48 acre lot, a part of the Charles Scheidell farm just north of this village, and it will be considered by those who have the selection of the place for the airport. It is said that $50,000 will be spent for labor and $5,000 for materials for the airport and about 100 men will be employed.

In accordance with instructions from the State Education Department School Superintendent Charles S. Hick has ordered the boundary line between the Jeffersonville and Callicoon Center School Districts changed so as to take the families of M.F. Ernst, John Wehner and others in the Jeffersonville Districts.

80 Years Ago - 1944

Mrs. Peter Hubbert, aged 51, of Fremont Center, died Thursday, January 25th.

Meat prices in a local store: Calla Hams, 10¢ lb.; Swift’s Smoked Hams, 13¢ lb.; Roast Beef, 10¢ lb., 13¢ and 16¢ a pound for better cuts; Rib Ends of Pork Loins, 10¢ lb.

Homer V. Allington passed away at his home in Liberty, January 21, at 87 years of age.

Mrs. Barbara Eickhoff, widow of Alfred W. Eickhoff, both former residents of this town, died January 20th at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Margaret Cronk in Lodi, N.J. Mrs. Eickhoff was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Homer of Jeff.

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Brinkham of Brooklyn, who bought the Frederica Miller place below this village last year, have sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Forsbach, who bought the Joseph Layman farm in Beechwoods some time ago.

Contractor Joseph Beiling now has quite a force of men at work on the job of remodeling the Maple Theatre.

Volunteer Firemen Wanted: Protection Hose Co. requires a number of auxiliary firemen for active service to take the places of firemen who have gone to war.

70 Years Ago - 1954

A new Jewish congregation was formed recently at a meeting in the Jewish Community Center in Monticello. The congregation will be the first in Sullivan County to follow a liberal interpretation of Judaism.

About 32,000 baby chicks died in a fire which destroyed a large two story cinder block chicken house at Cornell Farms in Glen Wild, Saturday. Leon Goldfarm, one of the three partners, estimated the damage at $65,000.

A humorous stage play in three acts will be presented by Youngsville Scouters. The play entitled “No Bride For The Groom” will have in its cast Aldona Harder, Elwood Ruth, Winnie Boxberger, Muriel Kutger, Val Ernst, Arleen Bryan, Irwin Boxberger, Eleanor Klumpp, Helen Baker and Agnes Spielmann, all of Youngsville.

There have been eight Sullivan County servicemen killed since the start of the Korean War. Of the eight men killed, five died in combat on the Korean Peninsula. They were Christian Weiland and William Meyer, both of Narrowsburg, Stephen J. Smallbone of Jeffersonville, David Sarine of Wurtsboro and Corp. Norman J. Furman of Lake Huntington. 

Three others killed were Lt. Commander Carl Molusky of Callicoon, a pilot lost in a plane crash in the North Atlantic; Robert DeWitt of Livingston Manor, fatally injured in an accident; and Matthew J. Elbert of Youngsville who was fatally injured when a truck he was riding in overturned in Korea.

60 Years Ago - 1964

Dr. Edmund T. Rumble of Callicoon was installed president of the Sullivan County Medical Society at a meeting at Liberty Maimonides Hospital. Dr. Harry Golembe of Liberty, acting in place of Dr. Jacob Rubin, retiring president, presented Dr. Rumble with the gavel of his office.

The population of Callicoon was increased by two this past week with the birth of baby girls born to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Foland on January 22 and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gabel on January 23.

Mrs Lillian Mall was installed Worthy Matron of Lincoln Chapter, OES, Jeffersonville, and Osmer Van Schoick will serve as Worthy Patron.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Ketcham were at the New Hilton Hotel in New York City January 18th and 19th together with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Starck of the Hermann Lumber Co., Callicoon, to attend the Northeastern Lumbermen’s  Convention.

50 Years Ago - 1974

A Sullivan County Grand Jury will be formed starting next Monday to probe every aspect of the disastrous fire last Thursday in Liberty which gutted the Vogel Building at the corner of South Main and Lake Streets, leaving ten dead in its wake. Second only to the worst fire in Liberty, which occurred on Friday, January 13, 1913, in which half of Liberty’s business section was wiped out by fire, the January 24 fire has drawn statewide attention. The fire broke out on the third story of the building about 5:15 in the morning. Fourteen people were saved. Because the building is situated in a steep hill, with a wooden stairway leading to Lake Street, it was not necessary to have fire escapes on the building (required on three story buildings). This factor is considered the root cause of the tragedy. Mrs. Angelina Rivenburg, 24, slipped from a high ledge and fell forty feet to the sidewalk along South Main Street. Eight months pregnant, she gave successful birth to a premature son on Saturday. Her 5-year-old son, Mitchell Rivenburg, was among the ten victims.

Theresa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Fors-blom of Hankins, and Ralph Duffy of Cameron, Texas, exchanged wedding vows at the Armed Forces Southern Europe Chapel in Naples, Italy. Mrs. Edwin Forsblom and Mrs. Judith Duffy were able to attend the wedding of their children.

40 Years Ago - 1984

The number of fires in Sullivan County in 1983 shows nearly a 50 percent decrease compared to 1981, and nearly 10 percent less than in 1982, according to Fire Coordinator Harold Kronenberg. He said the Arson Control Plan and Fire Prevention programs carried on by the Bureau of Fire, the Sullivan County Fire Chief’s Association and the Arson Awareness program, sponsored by the Office of Public Information, were attributed to the decrease in fires. In 1983, there were 852 calls in the county by firemen who had a total of 296 students in fire training courses. There were 14 males and two females injured in fires in the past year. Civilian deaths were three males and one female. Firemen were involved in drowning and rescue work in which two males died of drowning. Twenty-nine firemen were injured in the line of duty.

State Supreme Court Justice Robert C. Williams ruled that ousted Sullivan County Veteran’s Service Director Lloyd Shimer not be dismissed or replaced, pending further legal answer. Shimer, a Republican, who said he held his department leadership the longest time (18 years) and received the lowest pay ($20,766 a year) claims he was ousted by politics, when Democratic supervisors banded together to dismiss Shimer while the Republicans voted to keep him in office. His attorney, Marvin Newberg, predicted that Mr. Shimer will be reinstated and would be “permanently put back to work” at his usual job. After Mr. Shimer was temporarily reinstated, Mr. Newberg said, “Thank God, because the veterans of this county really need him.”

All that remained of the Robert Guinan family’s residence along Route 17B was a waterlogged first floor after fire raced through the upstairs portion of the new house early Saturday morning. “Rob” was burned in an attempt to extinguish the fire before firemen from Hortonville, Jeffersonville and Callicoon responded. According to Hortonville Fire Chief Daniel Buddenhagen, the fire apparently started in a second floor bedroom and quickly spread through the entire upstairs. Other members of the family escaped unharmed.

Maria Osterhout of Liberty and Ira Fleischer of Woodbourne were married January 7, 1984, at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Liberty.

Solomon Katzoff and Lloyd Barriger have recently opened new offices in the Abel Building in Jeffersonville. Mr. Katzoff is a real estate agent and Mr. Barriger is in the investment business.

30 Years Ago - 1994

A metal roof on a 54’x121’ storage shed in Fosterdale Equipment on Route 17B in Fosterdale ripped in half Wednesday morning, causing the building to collapse and resulting in more than $20,000 damage to equipment stored inside the building, as well as the loss of the building itself. Fortunately the collapse occurred between 7:45 and 8:15 a.m. when the building was unoccupied.

Melissa Mirch, a kindergarten teacher at the Jeff-Youngsville Central School, was the recipient of a $250 scholarship from Tau Chapter of Delta Kappa. She will apply it toward earning her Master’s degree in Elementary Education at SUNY Oneonta.

One of the mind traps confronting 7th and 8th grade students in the Sullivan County Interscholastic League (SCIL) was putting a 1,000 piece puzzle together with no idea what the picture would be. .

With temperatures registering 28° below zero, firemen from the Lookout station of the Equinunk Fire Department, Callicoon and Hortonville fought a four hour blaze at the garage of Claude Neer & Sons, located in the old Welsh Farms Creamery just across the street from the Lookout firehouse. There were no injuries reported but Fire Chief Harold Wood sported a full beard of icicles.

Laura Lee Reed and Jeffrey Wayne Carman, both of Liberty were married December 4 at the Liberty United Methodist Church.

Mrs. June Roosa and Harold Sniffen, former residents of Wurtsboro, were married December 5 in  Springfield, Mass., where they will make their home.

Robert Pointer celebrated his 75th birthday with a family dinner at Lisa’s in Callicoon. Mr. Pointer is an artist and advocate of senior paintings, 700 of which are on display at the Sullivan County Government Center.

Sid Bernstein has won the endorsement for his “Bethel ‘94” celebration of the 25th anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. An audience of 80,000 is expected for the August 13 and 14 event. In all, 228 acres of proximal land will accommodate the main stage show, vending, food, parking, administration and limited on-site camping. The world will be watching to see if he will be able to control it.

William Weiss of Kauneonga Lake was presented with Certificates of Recognition from the county, U.S. Congress and the veterans community in observance of his 100th birthday this past weekend. He is the oldest living World War I veteran in Sullivan County.  He is a 73-year member of the Kauneonga Lake Fire Department and remains an active volunteer.

George Davidson of Jeffersonville assumed the duties of deputy fire coordinator on January 1, replacing David Buddenhagen of Hortonville who served in that position for nine years.

20 Years Ago - 2004

As the reigning matriarch of the Ellmauer family, Alice Ellmauer celebrated her 100th birthday in grand style. She was born January 29, 1904. On Saturday afternoon, an estimated 150 to 200 members of her family, friends and folks from around town turned out to wish her a Happy Birthday at the Youngsville Firehouse. She was surrounded by her six children, Mary Ardizzone, Alice Elberth, Lee Ellmauer, Leo Ellmauer, Sally Eronimous and Lillian Hanslmaier. She also has 12 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and one great-great-granddaughter.

Maria Elizabeth Conjura and Urban S. Reininger IV, both of East Hampton, were united in marriage on November 22, 2003, at the First Presbyterian Church of East Hampton. 

Timothy and Christina O’Sullivan of Callicoon announce the arrival of a son, Tyler Kenneth, on January 14, 2004. He has an older sister, Chanlyn Jo, at home.

Gloria Trinidad and Hector Herrera of Monticello announce the birth of a daughter, Cayshla Evett Herrera, who was born October 21, 2003 at Catskill Regional Medical Center in Harris, NY.

10 Years Ago - 2014

George E. Hahn, 81, of North Branford, CT, formerly of Jeffersonville, NY, died peacefully at Yale New Haven Hospital on February 1, 2014 with his children by his side. George was born April 5th, 1932, in Callicoon Center, NY, on the family homestead his great-grandparents built after immigrating from Germany in the 1850s. He was the son of Edward and Elizabeth Hahn. As a child, he rode his horse Mickey to the one-room Weissmann district schoolhouse until the regionalization of Jeffersonville Central School. He graduated from the Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1956 and established the Jeffersonville Animal Hospital.

Bethel Local Development Corporation (BLDC) Chairman Leon Smith handed the reins to Chris Cunningham earlier this month, as he’s moving out of the area. Except for a brief period in 2008, he has been the BLDC’s guiding force for the past decade. Leon also was a member of the Bethel Planning Board, serving as chairman there in 2005, 2006 and 2007. 

Fourteen Sullivan County varsity and jayvee basketball teams as well as the SUNY Sullivan men’s and women’s basketball teams will participate Friday and Saturday at SUNY Sullivan’s Paul Gerry Fieldhouse in the BCANY vs Cancer Classic. This year’s all-day, basketball fest will honor David “Wayne” DePew, father of SUNY Sullivan athletic director Chris DePew, who lost a year-long battle to cancer a year ago. All proceeds from ticket and concession sales will be donated to the Oncology unit at CRMC in DePew’s memory. 


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