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Section 9 Class D Track & Field Championships


Bears win 5th consecutive Section 9 title; SW girls streak ends

By Richard A. Ross
Posted 6/15/21

Tri-Valley Bears add another track title, while the SW girls streak ends.

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Section 9 Class D Track & Field Championships


Bears win 5th consecutive Section 9 title; SW girls streak ends


JEFFERSONVILLE –– “If you’re persistent, you will get it. But if you are consistent, you will keep it.”
That bit of sage advice comes from Hisham Sarwar, a self-made millionaire digital marketer whose advice about achieving success centers on relentless persistence and a continuity of efforts. While his wisdom is particularly germane to those with ambitious financial goals, it is equally relevant to a host of other arenas of life, especially sports.
For the Tri-Valley boys track team, being persistent and remaining consistent helped them to their fifth consecutive Section 9 track championship. Winning a track championship requires great effort from the entire team to garner the points needed to outpace the competition.
Despite the constant turnover of personnel due to graduation and the further complication from last year’s pandemic-related hiatus, the Bears under the savvy mentorship of Coaches Chip Furman and Tyler Eckhoff kept to the highest standards that brought them the four prior consecutive titles. Once again, they have become a dynasty, rekindling the glory of the past wherein they were known nationally for their excellence.
Their story is central to deciphering this meet, the last one of the season. The results from the meet hosted by Sullivan West which also featured T-V, Eldred and Chapel Field were merged with the meet in Pine Plains attended by Millbrook, Rhinebeck and Webutuck.
The Bears’ boys team victory is not the only thread of this day’s colorful tapestry. For the Sullivan West girls that already had achieved a five-peat two years ago, the string finally ran out in a close loss to Pine Plains. It was not through a lack of persistent nor consistent effort. They simply did not have enough depth.
For Coach Joe Seidl whose glorious reign came to an end with this meet, having only 14 girls meant winning was a long shot at best. “We wanted to keep it close and we did,” he noted.
Only 14 points separated them from the victorious Pine Plains Bombers, a team they have consistently beaten for half a decade. Track and Field is a numbers game and the more athletes you have to place in events, the better your chances of picking up needed points. It’s hard to do with so few in the fold. That said, there were great individual performances throughout the day.
The Sullivan West boys also finished second to T-V and the Eldred boys and girls showed their mettle in a number of key events taking first place besting the larger schools at times in the process. A look at the results below will attest to those superb efforts in the list of medalists. Space prevents referencing them for there were so many on the day.
T-V Coach Furman summed things up thusly: “I was a bit nervous going into the meet for a few reasons. We did not have current marks from some of the other teams which created some unknowns for us. We had been dealing with some late season injuries and with the Class D Championship split in two different locations that also created an unknown. Coach Eckhoff, Coach Cutler and I reassured the athletes that they had worked hard all season long and they should go into this meet with confidence.
“The kids were motivated, nervous and excited, with all of them performing exceptionally well. They really put it together and our coaches are very proud,” Furman continued. “It is reassuring to me that so many young athletes competed well and the future looks bright for Tri-Valley Track and Field.”
With a bevy of youth going forward, Tri-Valley will be very hard to unseat as they look to make it six in a row next spring.
For Sullivan West Coach Joe Seidl, this was a bittersweet day as it was his last meet since taking over indoor track in the 2006-07 season.
“The SW girls have achieved a level of excellence during this time that I am certainly proud of. They truly represent the best of SW athletics and have gained respect both at the local and state level. For anyone who questions this claim, this success is documented in 18 division Indoor/Outdoor division titles, 5 Section 9 Class D Outdoor titles, 5 Sullivan County Indoor titles, and 3 Section 9 Class B Indoor Titles. The numerous girls who have been crowned individual section 9 champions as well as state medal winners is too expansive for me to recount here, but I am so proud of each one of them,” said Seidl.
“Apart from winning, looking back it seems to me that the greatest success by far has been individual achievement. As all the medals and trophies won become old and dusty, they pale in comparison with every young athlete who has gained confidence in her own abilities and found that she is much stronger than she ever thought,” Seidl added. “That is the true definition and measure of success in coaching high school athletes.”
Seidl framed the meet outcome this way: “In the end the result was different than what we are accustomed to, as we finished a respectable second out of 8 teams in class D to a very deserving Pine Plains team. However, the effort, determination, dedication, and willingness to give all exhibited by the girls was no different. They competed with the same grace in defeat as they have all these many years in victory. They gave their all and we can never expect more than that. I can honestly say, that at the end of the meet, I was as proud of my team as I have ever been.”

Merged Results: Boys
1. Tri-Valley 173; 2. Sullivan West 99; 3.Pine Plains 90; 4. Millbrook 82; 5. Eldred 39; 6. Rhinebeck 35; 7. Webutuck 1.
110 hurdles: 1. Nicholas Jucha (TV) 19.23; 2. Michael Squires (TV) 19.88;; 4. Peter March (SW) 21.16; 5. Carsen Terwilliger (TV) 21.17. 100-meters:; 2. Lance Gibson (TV) 11.77; 3. Keegan Streimer (TV) 11.97; 6. John Darby (E) 12.69.. 200: 3. Keegan Streimer (TV) 24.02; 4. Lance Gibson (TV) 24.13.
400: 6. Caleb Edwards (TV) 58.29. 800: 3. Caleb Edwards (TV) 2:08.21; 4. Dylan Sager (SW) 2:10.60; 5. Craig Costa (TV) 2:15.81; 6. Reece Maopolski (SW) 2:18.74. 1,600: 2. Craig Costa (TV) 5:01.99; 3. Reece Maopolski (SW) 5:07.13; 5. Van Furman (TV) 5:10.00. 3,200: 1. Craig Costa (TV) 10:30.70; 2. Van Furman (TV) 10:31.56; 3. Reece Maopolski (SW) 10:50.53; 6. Vincent Mingo (TV) 11:24.76. 400 hurdles: 1. Nicholas Jucha (TV) 1:09.03; 2. Michael Squires (TV) 1:09.89; 3. Brandon Schultz (TV) 1:10.3; 5. Peter March (SW) 1:11.76. 100: 400 relay: 3. Tri-Valley 52.58; 4. Sullivan West 53.94; 5. Eldred 54.60. 1,600 relay: 3. Tri-Valley 4:17.82; 4. Sullivan West 4:43.01; 5. Eldred 5:00.27. 3,200 relay: 1. Sullivan West 9:21.04; 2. Tri-Valley 9:30.39. High jump: 2. Ryan Mace (SW) 5-4; 3. Noah Jucha (TV) 4-10; 4. William Nearing (SW) 4-10; 5. Trai Kaufmann (E) 4-10. Long jump: 1. Tarrell Spencer (SW) 18-7.75; 2. Keegan Streimer (TV) 18-3.5; 3. John Darby (E) 17-5.75; 4. Lance Gibson (TV) 16-11.75. Triple jump: 1. Keegan Streimer (TV) 38-11.75; 2. Tarrell Spencer (SW) 37-10.75; 3. Lance Gibson (TV) 34-9.75; 5. William Nearing (SW) 33-4.75; 6. Nicholas Jucha (TV) 32-4.25. Shot put: 1. Matt Dutcher (E) 44-3.25; 2. Chris Campanelli (SW) 40-10.25; 3. Ryan Mace (SW) 37-0.5; 4. Brandon Kaplan (TV) 35-5.5. Discus: 1. Matt Dutcher (E) 125-0; 2. Brandon Kaplan (TV) 106-3; 3. Bodin Stutz (E) 104-10; 4. Chris Campanelli (SW) 96-3. Pole vault: 2. Ryan Mace (SW) 7-0;

Merged Results Girls
1. Pine Plains (PP) 142 points; 2. Sullivan West (SW) 128; 3. Millbrook (M) 63; 4. Rhinebeck (R) 60; 5. Eldred (E) 50; 6. Tri-Valley (TV) 45; 7. Chapel Field (CF) 26; 8. Webutuck (W) 6.
100-meters: 5. Amanda Dirig (SW) 14.62. 200: 4. Paige Parucki (SW) 30.53. 400: 3. Emily Bair (SW) 1:08.29; 6. Sam Everett (SW) 1:11.00. 800: 1. Grace Boyd (SW) 2:38.52; 2. Emily Bair (SW) 2:39.22; 6. Amelia Mickelson (TV) 2:55.52. 1,500: 2. Grace Boyd (SW) 5:52.37; 5. Amelia Mickelson (TV) 6:11.56.
3,000: 1. Grace Boyd (SW) 11:59.43; 2. Amelia Mickelson (TV) 13:05.10; 3. Rose Murphy (SW) 14:06.26; 4. Regan Kizer (E) 14:06.33;; 6. Laura Smith (SW) 15:41.63. 100 hurdles: 3. Dakota Finck (E) 19.38; 4. Mackenzie Closs (TV) 20.89; 5. Sabrina Cardona (SW) 21.70; 6. Keely Schock (SW) 22.12. 400 hurdles: 2. Dakota Finck (E) 1:14.26; 3. Grace Gozza (TV) 1:18.55; 4. Mackenzie Closs (TV) 1:19.76. 400 relay: 3. Sullivan West 59.48; 4. Eldred 1:04.94.1,600 relay: 2. Sullivan West 4:46.76;; 4. Eldred 5:37.84. 3,200 relay: 2. Eldred 13:05.21; 3. Sullivan West 13:11.46; 5. Tri-Valley 14:04.01. High jump: 2. Grace Gozza (TV) 4-6. Long jump: 2. Sabrina Cardona (SW) 12-8.75; 3. Mackenzie Closs (TV) 12-7.75; 4. Paige Parucki (SW) 12-7.5. Triple jump: 1. Paige Parucki (SW) 28-11; 4. Mackenzie Closs (TV) 25-5.25; 6. Dakota Finck (E) 25-1.25. Shot put: 1. Kathryn Widman (SW) 34-2; 2. Lindsay Zygrodek (E) 27-3; 6. Kaitlyn McBride (SW) 20-5. Discus: 1. Kathryn Widman (SW) 93-3; 5. Katylin McBride (SW) 59-8.
Pole vault: 3. Kaitlyn Potter (E) 6-6; 4. Keely Schock (SW) 6-0; 6. Regan Kizer (E) 4-0.


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