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Hope for the Day

God’s favor

Diane Houghtaling
Posted 1/6/23

What does the term “God’s favor” mean to you? Does it evoke positive feelings of ease, comfort, peace, provision, protection, God’s leading? Most of us think of God’s …

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Hope for the Day

God’s favor


What does the term “God’s favor” mean to you? Does it evoke positive feelings of ease, comfort, peace, provision, protection, God’s leading? Most of us think of God’s favor as His blessings upon us and possibly even a wonderful, carefree life. But this perception of God’s favor does not necessarily match up with the biblical perspective.

The first time we see a reference in the Bible to God’s favor is in Genesis 4:4. Adam and Eve’s sons, Cain and Abel, had brought an offering to the Lord. God accepted and looked with favor upon Abel’s offering, but not upon Cain’s. Cain became jealous and killed his brother.

We see God’s favor upon Noah in Genesis 6:8-9. By this time the wickedness on earth had become so great that God was sorry He ever created humans and decided to destroy all living things. But Noah had found favor with God because he lived righteously and walked in close communion with God. So when God told Noah to build an ark to save his family and pairs of all the animals and birds, Noah obeyed everything the Lord commanded. In spite of having God’s favor, Noah was mocked and ridiculed for the many years it took him to build the ark.

We see God’s favor upon many others in the Bible, including Moses, Joseph, King David, and Esther. But perhaps the most well-known reference to God’s favor is found in Luke 1:28 and 30, where the angel of the Lord came to tell Mary that she was highly favored by God and He had chosen her to bear His Son Jesus, the Messiah. Mary’s immediate obedience showed her faith, humility, devotion and desire to serve God. However, this was the beginning of much suffering for her.

Joseph, her betrothed, upon hearing of her pregnancy, was ready to divorce her until the angel of the Lord also told him the truth. Mary could have been stoned to death because of her situation. They had to make a very difficult trip to Bethlehem as Mary was near her time to give birth, and ended up in a cave-like stable where Jesus was actually born. Because Herod wanted to kill her son, they had to run for their lives, escaping to Egypt. And after 33 years of walking with Him, Mary had to watch Jesus die a very cruel death on a cross for the sin of the world. 

So if God’s favor is not what we thought, then what is it and how do we get it? Leviticus 26:9 tells us that if God’s people would be obedient, His favor would be upon them and He would keep His covenant with them. They would be His people and He would walk among them as their God. It’s more about a heart attitude. When we are obedient and devoted to the Lord to live righteously and have a close, intimate relationship with Him, His favor is upon us.

What are some of the benefits of God’s favor? As God was with those in the Bible who had His favor, so He will be with us. He will lead, direct, and guide us. We will have His wisdom, peace, mercy, grace, strength, salvation and redemption. Yes, there will be times of sorrow and suffering, but we are assured that the Lord will walk with us through difficult times, to strengthen and comfort and help us. God’s favor may not be what we thought, but oh, how we need it.


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