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Kenoza Lake

May 17, 2024

Susan Brown Otto
Posted 5/17/24

Greetings faithful readers!   Fawn watch is upon us. I have yet to see a fawn and I have heard no fawn sighting reports.   Please be alert and please do not touch a fawn without a doe. I …

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Kenoza Lake

May 17, 2024


Greetings faithful readers!  Fawn watch is upon us. I have yet to see a fawn and I have heard no fawn sighting reports.  Please be alert and please do not touch a fawn without a doe. I have not seen a turtle this year.  I was discussing this issue with some folks at the Town of Bethel, Town Hall.  Dan Gettel, Town of Bethel Assessor agreed with me, he hadn’t seen any turtles yet. I have now put my “I Brake for Turtles” car magnet on my car and I have my miniature shovel in my car.  That way I can escort a snapper across the road. If you choose to help turtles across the road, please be careful where you park your car and have your flashers going. Safety first! May 23rd is World Turtle Day.  May 20th is World Bee Day.  I saw the Baltimore Orioles one day earlier this month and not since then.  Same thing last year.  Prior to last year I had the Baltimore Orioles for a few weeks.  I am delighted to have some Wood Thrush birds living near my house. They are the most melodic birds that we have gracing our area.  

So, there are some new acronyms that are now in our daily lexicon. BOGO (Buy One Get One free), FOMO - Fear of Missing Out. There was a lot of hype about the solar eclipse. There was some publicity about the Northern Lights. I thought you had to go outside at 2:00 in the morning to see last week’s Northern Lights show. Alas, I missed the Northern Lights. Drats. The photos I saw on Facebook are awesome. I checked Saturday and Sunday night a few times. FOMO. Drats! I missed the Northern Lights. I wish I had read or heard that you could see them at 10:00 at night. Maybe I would have seen them Friday night.

In case you are not aware, there is a Sullivan County Assembly District 100 primary on Tuesday, June 25th. Early voting starts June 15th.  Two locations for early voting, Liberty, and Monticello. Camille O’Brien and Lou Ingrassia are the two candidates on the June ballot. Only registered Republicans can vote. Voters in the towns of Freemont, Rockland and Neversink are not in the 100th Assembly District, so they cannot vote in the primary. The winner of the race will run against the Democrat candidate.

The Town of Bethel Lions Club will have their annual Memorial Day pancake breakfast at the Kauneonga Lake Firehouse on Sunday, May 26th.

Have you noticed how it seems appropriate for folks to swear in front of other people?  In particuliar, that it now seems to be acceptable to use the “f” word.  I personally find it totally inappropriate.  I love the Kevin Costner show Yellowstone except for one thing, the language that they use.  Way over the top.  Remember that excellent movie, The Godfather? There was limited profanity in The Godfather. The “f” word was used twice but was spoken in Italian. I have said that I am going to get a little card printed up saying, “In the future, I would appreciate it if you do not use the “f” word in my presence”.  I will keep a supply of these cards in my pocketbook and hand them out to folks who think it is acceptable to speak that way.


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