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Kenoza Lake

July 2, 2021

Posted 7/2/21

July 2 - Greetings faithful readers.

I start this column on a couple of sad notes, the recent passing of Art Hassis and Bill Korwan. I attended then Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central School with …

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Kenoza Lake

July 2, 2021


July 2 - Greetings faithful readers.

I start this column on a couple of sad notes, the recent passing of Art Hassis and Bill Korwan. I attended then Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central School with Debbie Hassis, one of the three Hassis girls. Mr. Hassis was an avid hunter.

Tom Puerschner shared a story with me about how Mr. Hassis would train for hunting season by dragging a 150-pound log up a hill, practicing for hauling a back deer out of the woods. Mr. Hassis also loved turkey hunting. He was a mainstay at the Jeffersonville Roast Beef Dinner every October, selling tickets and sporting that beautiful smile.

Bill Korwan of Swiss Hill was a master woodworker and gardener. Several of the trees and shrubs on the front lawn of the Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church lawn came from Korwan’s nursery.

Mr. Korwan probably had more rhododendron plants in his nursery and gardens, than anyone in New York State. I thoroughly enjoyed going to his nursery and walking through his gardens with him, as he shared his vast gardening knowledge with me.

Last week, my sister Ginny Davis and her family, were in town. On Friday evening June 25th, a memorial service was held at Sorella’s in Kauneonga Lake, honoring the life of Ginny’s late husband Mike Davis, who passed away in April. Also, my cousins, the Erlweins were in attendance as was my Aunt Del. My Uncle Mike Erlwein’s life was also honored as he passed away in January and COVID restrictions were in place at the time of his funeral service.

URGENT – AND VERY IMPORTANT – MISSING COW. Dave Slater just called to tell me that there is a missing cow in the Kenoza Lake neighborhood. The two-year old White Park Beef Cow (a black and white cow, NOTE: NOT a Holstein) was seen on Wednesday on Burr Road, near Krantz’s pond. The cow got as far as Ackermann’s farm on Muller Road. The cow has an orange tag in its ear. It is believed that the number is 15. Please call Dave at (845) 798-6784 if you see this cow.

I recently received a letter from a Sheila Taylor Hupalo of Florence, Oregon. Sheila subscribes to the Sullivan County Democrat and reads the Kenoza Lake news and tells me that one of the stained-glass windows at the Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church is in memory of her late great-grandfather Thomas Taylor.

Also, that there are several Taylor family gravestones in the Kenoza Lake cemetery. I grew up on Old Taylor Road. Thank you for contacting me, Sheila. It is great to hear from readers of the Kenoza Lake news column who live outside of Sullivan County.

Save the date, Kenoza Lake Volunteer Fire Company’s Annual Chicken Barbeque, Saturday, July 24th.

Nature Notes: Happy to report that the Otto residence has nine turkey poults and two hen mothers. Fortunately, the poults can fly. This is especially good as we have two red fox kits (pups) that reside nearby.

One has gotten so tame that she will climb the 14 steps leading up to our back deck. The fox will sit on the deck and look into the living room, through the screen door, waiting for me to toss them some old bread or bologna.

Mother Nature can be cruel. Two weeks ago, I received a phone call about a fisher attacking a fawn, on Perry Road. By the time I got there, the fawn and the mother doe were gone, as was the fisher. Fishers are members of the weasel family and are super nasty. They are mistaken to be mountain lions and are the only animal that can take out a porcupine and have no natural enemies, save man.

Jack Danchak told me that he recently watched an eagle snatch up a baby Canada Goose (gosling) off the Danchak Hunter Pond. Everyone has to eat. Ray and I have not seen one single bear this year, although a bear did visit our bird feeder one night and there was bear scat on our lawn, another day.

No Kenoza Lake news column next week, July 9th.


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