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Kenoza Lake

June 24, 2022

Susan Brown Otto
Posted 6/24/22

Greetings to all! So far, we are having a cool, wet summer. The weather report looks great for this weekend. Summer has arrived. Although many folks love summer, it is really the start of the …

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Kenoza Lake

June 24, 2022


Greetings to all! So far, we are having a cool, wet summer. The weather report looks great for this weekend. Summer has arrived. Although many folks love summer, it is really the start of the countdown to shorter days, culminating with the first day of winter.

Today, June 23rd, marks the 50 year anniversary of Title IX. I was a freshman in high school, attending the (then) Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central School. When I was a freshman, boys sports ruled the world. The next year, 1973, some fellow female classmates and I wanted to have a track team. My late father, Robert Brown was the President of the School Board and we wanted funding for a girls track team.

There was talk of a boycott/protest discussed, however that was averted and a girls track team was organized and funded. Mary Fischer, Debbie Ardizonne, the Ohlman girls and others, were coached under Gary Wootan. I remember running the one-mile race in Liberty, coming in fifth place with a one-mile time of seven minutes, thirty seconds. (I would love to run a 12-minute mile time these days). Title IX was patterned after the Civil Rights Act. As you probably know, Title IX is facing some daunting challenges these days.

Last week I learned a new acronym. FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. There was a recent article in the New York Times about the FOMO. The article discussed people who piled into cryptocurrencies and celebrities who bought NFTs (Nonfungible Tokens.) Truth be told, I do not fully understand cryptocurrency. I don’t understand the need to use it unless one is trying to hide something. I don’t understand why some types use so much electricity. I can’t understand the attraction of buying NFTS, other than, the FOMO. Baffling.

Last week I had a nice chat with Errol Flynn. He was at his parents’ Kenoza Lake home. Errol and his wife Sarah and three children, now live in Germany. They had the Bradenburg bakery in Jeffersonville and Livingston Manor, but then sold the bakery building and moved back to Sarah’s home country of Germany.

Last Saturday I attended the Town of Bethel bench dedication for Denise Connolly and then went to the Literacy Volunteers open house, that was held at the Dr. Duggan School. The Literacy Volunteer program offers several opportunities for folks who want to improve their reading skills, study for their GED, buy or donate books and DVDs.

I saw an “advertisement” on a Sullivan County Facebook page where a woman from Monticello wanted to find a farmer who needed help making hay. She had three sons and she didn’t want them to spend the summer watching video games. (Great idea!). Folks replied and gave names of farmers looking for help with their hay, including George Slater. I spoke with George about this, and he said the youngest was only six years old, so too young to help with the hay. However, a great idea! Kudos to this mother. Many of the recent mass shooters were people who isolated and spent hours watching video games that, in my opinion, desensitize people from killing.

On July 2, there will be a chicken barbeque at the Reformed Presbyterian Church in White Lake from 4:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Call 845-583-7082 for advance tickets. Save the date, Kenoza Lake Firemen’s annual chicken barbeque will be held on July 23.

Tuesday, June 28, is Primary Day for registered Democrats and Republicans. Please note that there is only one polling location, per township. (There will be NO voting at the Kenoza Lake Firehouse for the Town of Delaware voters on Tuesday. Rather you vote in Callicoon at the Delaware Community Center.) You must be a registered member of either the Democrat or Republican party to vote on Tuesday. There is NO primary for registered conservatives and “blanks”. I watched all three Republican primaries and haven’t decided yet who I am going to vote for.

No Kenoza Lake news next week.


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