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Kenoza Lake - December 4

Susan Brown Otto - Community Correspondent
Posted 12/3/20

Greetings to all! Did you catch that super full Beaver moon this past weekend? Wow!

Whitetail rifle season seemed to be very active this year due to the favorable weather conditions (warm, no …

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Kenoza Lake - December 4


Greetings to all! Did you catch that super full Beaver moon this past weekend? Wow!

Whitetail rifle season seemed to be very active this year due to the favorable weather conditions (warm, no rain) for the hunters combined with the Thanksgiving week where some hunters took off the entire week for deer hunting.

The hunting activity has seemed to slow down a bit and the deer have gotten wiser, venturing out after the sunrise, and getting tucked into the thick brush, before the sun rises.

Did you catch the “bit” in this past Tuesday's, (December 1st) Sullivan County Democrat Down the Decades, 80 years ago, about the 16-point doe? I contacted my go to nature question person, Carl Lindsley, retired DEC Wildlife Biologist who confirmed that indeed, you can have an antlered doe. Kind of like a bearded gobbler turkey, however, even rarer.

Please note that the Kenoza Lake United Methodist Church remains open on for Sunday service at 9:30 a.m. The White Sulphur Springs United Methodist Church just changed their start of worship time to10:30 am.

I am an early bird. I love getting up early, making a pot of hot coffee (Good Morning Brew by Java Lave of White Lake) and listen to my favorite radio show, the Bernie and Sid radio show on 77 WABC. Yesterday, Bernie and Sid were discussing Christmas songs. Bernie is Christian and Sid is Jewish. Bernie started singing O Holy Night and stated that this was his favorite Christmas song. I would have to say that of all the wonderful Christmas songs there are, that is my favorite. Unfortunately, this year, it appears that we will NOT have a Christmas Eve candlelight service at the Kenoza Lake United Methodist church nor a poinsettia sale. There will be something special for Christmas Eve, however I don't have details yet. Sunday, November 29th was the first Sunday of Advent, the official start of Christmas.

For the first time in years, my darling husband Ray got the Otto Christmas lights up and running on the first day of Advent. If you are Christian, remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. Each of us can keep the “happy holidays” out of the Christmas season by wishing people Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays.

If you wracking your brains for a Christmas present for a loved one or a special friend or neighbor, why not buy the person a subscription to the Sullivan County Democrat? The perfect gift!

Check out the Bethel Woods light show! Wow! I drive on Perry Road every day and can see some of the lights from Perry Road. Great job Bethel Woods! Great family fun, especially during the COVID-19 Christmas season!

I watched the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting last night. There was no mention of the Northern Saw owl who hitched a ride to NYC.

Please note that my Kenoza Lake news column will soon be slowing down during the upcoming months, between January 1st and April 15th. I was appointed the Town of Bethel Tax Collector as of December 3, 2020.

Tax collection activities will start at the new year. Every hour of the waking day will be precious. So, I am sorry to say, that I have decided to suspend my Kenoza Lake news column for the months of January to April 15, 2021. Thank you for your understanding.

If something super important comes up regarding Kenoza Lake, I may make an exception, but for now, I will be on a hiatus for the beginning part of 2021.

Thank you for your understanding. No column next week, December 11th, however there will be a column for December 18th.


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