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Kyle Troup Wins PBA Players Championship

Ed Townsend - Columnist
Posted 2/25/21

Top seed Kyle Troup bowled a 257 game to win the PBA Players Championship for his first career major title, Sunday February 21, at Jupiter, Fla. defeating third seed Dick Allen in the championship …

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Kyle Troup Wins PBA Players Championship


Top seed Kyle Troup bowled a 257 game to win the PBA Players Championship for his first career major title, Sunday February 21, at Jupiter, Fla. defeating third seed Dick Allen in the championship match. Troup's seventh overall PBA Tour title earned him a PBA record-tying $250,000 first-place prize.

“It's an unbelievable feeling,” said Troup. “Hard work pays off. I felt very confident in my ball reaction and the angle I was playing. I didn't really feel nervous at all. I stayed focused and the pressure and the nerves kind of went away.”

Like Troup, Allen was also seeking his first career major title. Allen defeated Tom Smallwood and François Lavoie to get to the championship match, then took an early lead over Troup.

“I had two misses in the first four frames,” said Troup. “There can be some thoughts going through my head like, oh no, what's going on here? But I just told myself to keep my mind forward and my eyes forward. Keep working, keep pushing, believe in yourself.”

When Allen left a 10-pin in the seventh frame, giving Troup a one-pin advantage, Troup knew the outcome was in his hands.

“I try not to pay attention to the score and just make the best shot I can make,” said Troup. “But I knew once I had that advantage and I could strike out to win, the only thing I was thinking was you don't hope to win, you expect to win. I expected Dick Allen to strike out and force me to strike out, so I was expecting to have to throw all of them.”

In the ninth frame, Allen left a 7-10 split, easing the burden on Troup. Troup struck in his half of the ninth, then clinched the title with a strike in the 10th frame.

Troup was the top seed throughout every round of the PBA Players Championship. He led all East Region qualifiers through 28 games of qualifying to earn the top seed in the East Region Finals, in which he defeated Michael Davidson to advance to the PBA Players Championship Finals. Then, he led the three-game, total-pinfall seeding round held last night, rolling a 741 series to clinch a spot in the title match.

“After I won the region, I went home and relaxed for a couple days,” said Troup. “Then it was time to buckle down. Keep competing. Keep practicing. A lot of self-talk and self-belief. I knew I had to go to work to take this next step in my career.”

By earning his seventh career title and first major, Troup also qualifies for the first spot in the PBA Super Slam, which will feature all five 2021 major winners and airs April 18 on FOX Broadcast Channel.

PBA Players Championship Final Standings

Bowlero Jupiter - Jupiter, Fla.. Kyle Troup, earns $250,000, Dick Allen, $130,000, François Lavoie, $80,000, Tom Smallwood, $60,000, Anthony Simonsen, $50,000.

Match Scores,Match 1 - No. 4 Smallwood def. No. 5 Simonsen, 278-225, Match 2 - No. 3 Allen def. No. 4 Smallwood, 216-195, Match 3 - No. 3 Allen def. No. 2 Lavoie, 244-227, Match 4 - No. 1 Troup def. No. 3 Allen, 257-212

The KIA PBA Tournament of Champions, the second major championship of the 2021 PBA Tour season is underway this week at Bowlero Jupiter, Jupiter, Fla. The qualifying and match play rounds were streamed live on FloBowling, and the stepladder finals willl air live Sunday, Feb. 28, at 1 p.m. ET on the Fox Broadcast channel.

Ed's Outlook

Fox Tournament

Gets A Green Light

Bill Gleim up at the Hancock Fox Bowling Center is pleased to announce their annual tournament will be held this year.

Gleim said they will be modifying their format and squad schedule to allow for social distancing and to keep their facility safe and clean.

The tournament will still be doing three events: team competition, doubles and singles.

The team event this year will be four-person teams instead of five, and they will be limiting each squad to 10 teams. They will have specific squads for doubles and singles.

Gleim noted that the tournament will also be spacing out the squad times to allow for more time between, making the changeover less crowded and enabling the staff to clean and sanitize more efficiently.

The tournament will start the last weekend in March and run every weekend through April. Gleim noted no prize money guarantees are made at this time as they wait and see what the entry numbers are like.

Flyers with full tournament details will be in the mail soon.

Bowling Tip

By Mike Luongo

The tip this week is for all bowlers but will be especially beneficial to youth and beginning bowlers.

Many bowlers worry too much about their steps and footwork, giving little thought to their upper body position.

In the past, most new bowlers were told that you must use a four step approach and push the ball away on the first step. This advice was generally imparted by someone with the word "coach" lettered on their shirt........unfortunately, this advice is pure rubbish.

First of all, all bowlers have different body types, different flexibility and different lengths to their arms and legs. So how is it possible that everyone can effectively use the exact same four step approach? They can't.

If you look back at the legends of the game, did any two bowlers have exactly the same style? No.

The most important thing is to get the bowler's body in the correct position.....head over the ball with the bowling shoulder tilted to the ball side. In this way, the feet will go where they must so that you do not fall down.

The bottom line is if you are someone who works with new or youth bowlers, you must understand that everyone has different physiology so you need to help them get their body into the correct position and not focus on how many steps they take (or how these steps are taken) to get to the foul line.

Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, email at mikel@stormbowling.com.

Local Scores

The 700 Scoreboard

In the Kiamesha Lanes Monday Men's league William Schubert shot a 736 off single games of 257, 259, 220, in the same league Jaryl Scott scored 705 off single games of 268, 199, 238. In the Tuesday Mixed Firefighter league Shane Cunningham scored a 712 of single games of 256, 244, 212 and William VanAken hit a 720 off single games of 193, 279, 248 and Keith Smith scored a 720 off single games of 226, 268, 226. In the Friday Mixed league Pedro Agapito III scored a 729 off single games of 247, 237, 245 while Nate Goldsmith hit a 701 off single games of 172, 232, 297.

Up at Hancock Fox Bowling Center Dan Keesler scored a 703 in the Thursday Night 3 league off single games of 248, 223, 234.

Kiamesha Lanes


Kyle Matthews 216, 600, Paul Minton 241, 233, 688, Rich Feeney 219, Frank Scuderi 221, 214, 627, Russell Bivins 238, Charlie Tuttle 236, 650, Pedro Agapito III a 290, 686, Jordan Balzano 255, 623, Kevin Stackhouse 228, 267, 654, Bill VanAken 258, 627, Allan Jones 235, 615, Jim VanAken 266, 694, Jon Wilhelm 258, 611.


Jon Wilhelm 259, 638, Charlie Tuttle 257, 223, 655, Bobby Patel 235, 608, Jacklyn Kimmes 185, Trasey Barres 180, 503, Carena Collura 190, 512, Loretta VanAken 167, Nate Goldsmith 239, 220, 659, Kevin Stackhouse 248, 236, 698, David Doty 244, 635.


Shane Cunningham 229, 629, David Graham 212, 225, 625, Christopher Meyer 236, Philip Norris 244, 634, Serafin Rodriguez III a 228, 225, 672, Jason Rogers 264, 246, 673, Kevin Stackhouse 239, 217, 668, Lauren Blume 213, 200, 540, Nicole Feller 182, Susette Goldsmith 190, Anne Kaplan 182, Michele Macedonio 190.

Fox Bowling Center

Wednesday Independent

Doc Bolduc 214, 225, 205, 645, Andrew Bullis 235, 258, 659, Shane Dirig 213, 619, Brian Drumm 234, 614, Randy Evanitsky Jr. 232, 625, Bill Gleim 233, 609, Ben Green 245, 635, Rob Johnson 236, Dan Kessler 224, 629, Scott Lacy 213, 626, Aaron Phillips 244, 645, Doug Phillips 212, 629, Dick Price 212, 604, Brian Tiffany 244, Zuke Wormuth 277, 650, Scott Wormuth 237.

Thursday Night 3

Dale Conklin 244, Ray Cornwell 223, Shane Dirig 256, 669, Gino Jones 234, Dick Price 215, 610, Natasha Tuttle 204, 190, 551, Dan Wormuth 222, 226, 640.

Friday Couples

Jalene Allien 194, Andy Bullis 227, 614, Samantha Card 182, Shawn Card 233, 650, Dale Conklin 232, 630, Shane Dirig 237, 629, Kristina Dufton 201, 521, Janet Ellis 189, 190, 195, 574, Scott Ellis 232, Gino Jones 223, Dan Koch 225, Dennis Leonard 245, Julie Martin 188, 184, 529, Brianna Meres 212, 554, Dean Price 256, 653, Tia Robinson 509, Dan Wormuth 220, 601, Jay Wormuth 253, 658, Jeremy Wormuth 219, 625.

Saturday Youth Mixed

Landon Fuller 102, 125, 158, 385, Olivia Johnston 100, 125, 105, 330, Landyn Robinson 123, Cooper Wormuth 125, 113, 88, 326.

Sunday Mixed

Landon Fuller (youth) 120, 126, 124, Don Marino 227, 212, 604, Garry Mills 200, 570, Rick Mills 204, 202, 582, Gabe Rynearson (youth) 188, 197, 524.

Ed Townsend is a Public Relations Consultant to the sport of bowling and brings over 60-years of sports journalism experience in writing and compiling the information for this column. If you have league or tournament information, bowl a 300 game or 800 series, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email to bght75@gmail.com or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and Ed's photos at http://bght.blogspot.com We are also on Facebook and Twitter.


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