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Lake Huntington

December 14, 2021

Eileen Hennessy
Posted 12/14/21

Hello, I had a great trip down to Queens with my brother Teddy, no traffic either way. Saturday night we met up with my older sister and brother and one of my brother’s friends for …

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Lake Huntington

December 14, 2021


Hello, I had a great trip down to Queens with my brother Teddy, no traffic either way. Saturday night we met up with my older sister and brother and one of my brother’s friends for dinner.

Saturday morning I got woken up with a phone call to come down and open the front door and let my Teddy in as he got locked out. I took a shower and went into the room I was sleeping in, I closed the door behind me. I got dressed and could not open the door, I was locked in. I now have to call Teddy and tell him to come unlock the door to let me out.

Thank God I did not have to go to the bathroom. My sister told me to climb out on the the roof and come in the bathroom window. I had a few choice words for her. My nephew came to help, they got the door knob off and it fell into the bedroom. It took them about 20 minutes to get it open.

Maryanne, Johnny, Eileen, Teddy and Christopher are the 5 of us, my cousin Kathleen also came with us to the graves. We visited 4 graves in all. We are at my parent’s grave and saying an Our Father and a Hail Mary and Christopher says they are with us it’s snowing. I am thinking to myself what is that nasty smell, Johnny says there’s a big fire over there. Teddy says it’s not snow it’s the ash. We all had a good laugh.

The 6 of us went out to lunch and we were talking on how we are a rare breed that likes to go visit the graves. We were raised going to the graves to visit the dead people (we said that as kids) on Sunday afternoon and we all got hotdogs. I think they were 3 for $1.00 back then.

I have heartbreaking news- the neighborhood diner where I grew up is going out of business. The Bellerose Diner and then it became The Triple Crown Diner. They owned the Diner but not the land and the owners of the land sold it. I have so many memories, when I go to Queens. I have at least 1 or 2 meals there.

As a kid I could go through my neighbor’s yard, cut through the broken fence and be at the diner for a hot chocolate with extra whip cream. As a teenager and adult many of drunken nights, scramble eggs, link sausage and extra crispy French fries at 5am.

Dr. Paul Salzberg and his wife Greta had a great time at the production of “The Gift of the Magi” at the new Delaware Valley Opera in the old Nut Shell. He said it was based on a short story by O’ Henry. It was about love and sacrifice. The production was very professional. I enjoyed it. It was in the true holiday spirit of the season. This opera house will be a breath of fresh air for our town of Lake Huntington. Supervisor Gary Maas also attended and he said he really enjoyed it and the performers were very talented.

The Cochecton Youth Group had to cancel their Holiday pizza party with Santa. The board felt it was the right thing to do to keep the kids safe. It was going to be at Lakeview Pizzeria, thank you George and staff for offering to do the hosting. Remember all events are free for Cochecton Youth. There will be an opening on The Youth Commission board if you are interested; it is the first Tuesday of the month. You can give Sue a call (845) 866-0853.

If you have any news to get out there, please email me before Friday night.

Keep smiling and have a great week. You can e-mail me at leeniebeans@citlink.net or call (845) 252-3568 if you have any news. My new deadline is Friday.


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